Vest Bag Making Machine China best super high speed HDPE LDPE LLDPE Film

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Product Description:

Vest Bag Making Machine China best super high speed HDPE LDPE LLDPE Film Blowing Machine

Performance and Characteristics:

The cylinders and the screw stems of the extruder are made of high quality alloy steel with optimum hardness ans strong corrosion resistance after nitrogen treatment and precision finishing.The auxiliary machine has a pattorm working stable for making operation easy and is equipped with bubble stabilizing ring. Double rolling and double cutting coilling unit adopts torque motor to keep proper tension and make even and roll changing easy.

It is used for blowing various plastic film of low density polyethylene, high density polythylene and liner low density polyethylene, ect, which are widely used for packing liquid, industrial products garments and textile, etc.

Main Technical Parameter:

Type/ItemSJ-55/FM800    SJ-6-/FM1000   SJ-65/FM1200 SJ-80/FM1500 SJ-100/FM2000
Dia. of screw55mm60mm65mm80mm100mm
L/D Ratio of screw28:128:128:128:128:1
Ratio speed of Screw10-100r/min10-100r/min10-100r/min10-100r/min10-100r/min
Max. Output50kg/h65kg/h70kg/h86kg/h140kg/h
Power of main motor15kw18.5kw22kw30kw37kw
Specifiction of Die. headΦ100-150mmΦ100-180mmΦ120-220mmΦ150-300mmΦ500mm
Rotational mode of machine headcontnuous ratationcontnuous ratationcontnuous ratationcontnuous ratationcontnuous ratation
Single side thickness of film0.01-0.10mm0.01-0.10mm0.01-0.10mm0.01-0.10mm0.01-0.10mm
Max.folding width of film800mm1000mm1200mm1500mm2000mm
Gross power26kw30kw42kw56kw88kw
Weight of machine2300kg3000kg3800kg4600kg6000kg
Installing Dimension6.0*2.0*4.0m6.5*2.2*4.5m6.8*2.4*4.8m7.0*2.7*5.5m8.0*3.2*7.6m

Our Service

1.Installation Services

       Installation Services are available with all new machine purchases. We will provide the technical know-how for your operation smooth transition and support for installing, debugging, operation of the machine, it will indicate you how to use this machine well.

2.Clients Traning Services

       We can train your staff to use your film blowing equipment systems properly. It means that we offer Customers Training, teaching how to use the systems most efficiently and safely as well as how to maintain optimal operational productivity.

3.After Sales Service

        We offer the Preventative Maintenance and After Sales Service. For we strongly feels about the importance of supporting our customers and the product solutions we provide. Consequently we offer comprehensive maintenance options to prevent equipment issues before they become problems. Also we offer one year guarantee period.

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Q:What is the selection of the oil filter for the turbine?
If you only request to filter one or two tons a day, the general TYAXD-50 type turbine oil filter is enough, if you request 5 tons per day and above, must not be less than 100 liters per minute. Incidentally, such as TAXD-50 oil filter, digital generally refers to 50 liters per minute, for every hour is 3000 liters per hour, about 3 tons, but taking into account the many oil filter machines need recycling several times, so traffic can be considered slightly larger
Q:I would like to ask the following prawns, oil filters to do the sale, which customers should be running or units?
Don't tell me can vacuum oil filter with high precision deimpurity ah, the wire net can be useful not pull, and now the electrostatic oil filter, high precision oil filter, membrane filtration, centrifugal oil filter, too much, which each have a lot of technology, too much,
Q:The oil filtered by a vacuum oil filter is then placed in a centrifugal oil filter and filtered without salt water
No, vacuum filtration only filters the sludge in the oil and does not filter out the phospholipids in the oil
Q:Why does the vacuum oil filter tank foam?
Free gas bubble, general steam turbine lubricating system is generally open or forced circulation type, in a certain degree of exposure in the air, oil churning, mixed with a lot of air, and partly dissolved gas, oil soluble liquid, volume of about 10%. When the vacuum oil filter, vacuum flash tower is vacuum, gas solubility decreased, gas free bubble, but there are some small bubbles exist in the form of oil, with the oil flows in the vacuum oil filter machine, in each link may join the new gas. Finally with the oil movement and arrived in the tank, in the oil phase precipitation, causing bubbles.
Q:How often is the filter element of the turbine oil vacuum oil filter changed?
1, this depends on your own oil content of impurities, as well as vacuum filter oil filter itself quality and function. For example, your higher oil turbine impurity content, so it is easy to clog the filter clogging, need to clean or replace (note that some of the filter can be cleaned, and some can not be bought, when the oil filter need to ask, and generally can clean the filter than cleaning the filter element to the high price); and if the purchase of oil filter machine as well as filter quality, low intensity, filtering accuracy is not good, the assimilative capacity is small, the filter is easy to jam.
Q:Points for attention of vacuum oil filter
Inspection and inspection of vacuum oil filter1.1 check the vacuum filter oil machine electrical equipment (all kinds of meter) should be tested by units of regular inspection and testing, qualified before they can be put into use.1.2 whether the machine is stable or not, test and check, there should be no shaking or vibration.1.3, check the inlet and outlet pipe is installed correctly, the external pipe is firmly installed, hose and metal pipe joints are applied monkey hoop tight, as a way to prevent the pipeline run off measures.
Q:What is the advantage of a centrifugal oil filter?
Advantage:1, centrifugal head rotation speed, oil, water and impurities separation effect is good.2, with heating and temperature control device, proper increase of oil temperature can reduce oil viscosity and oil-water bonding force, is conducive to improve oil-water separation effect.3 、 small size, large flow capacity, easy to operate and can flow.
Q:Disadvantages of centrifugal oil filter
Hello, centrifugal oil filters are produced by high speed motors to generate centrifugal force
Q:What is the trouble with the vacuum pump used in the oil filter? How can it be removed so that the oil filter works properly?
The vacuum pumps used in oil filters usually do this:1. the exhaust of the vacuum pump is smoke;2. vacuum pumps, oil spills, oil spills;3. vacuum pump noise exceeds standard;4. vacuum decrease;5. vacuum pump, hot and so on;
Q:How to separate the rapeseed oil with centrifugal oil filter, how to use in the separation, how to use the water.
The force is about 2000 times more than the gravity, centrifugal force principle to direct driven oil and automatic separation of pollutants. The metal impurities wear hard and sharp, and the parts wear or make the oil deterioration of the oxide, even 1um the size of impurities can also be cleared.

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