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This film blowing machine is suitable for blowing the plastic film as high density Polyethylene (HDPE), low density Polyethylene (LDPE) and linear low density Polyethylene (LLDPE), which is widely used for packing foodstuff, garment, textile, daily-use articles and industrial products etc. It can produce pearl film and degradation film via making up a prescription. This kind of machine is the widest use in the market at present and it's the preferred machine for building a film-blowing factory.

1. The screw and cylinder are made of 38CrMoAl high quality alloy steel after fine finishing and nitrided treatment, which has high hsrdness, srrong resistance to corrosion, durable service.
2. The die head is plated with hard chrome, of screw mandrel type structure with even and smooth discharging, the blown plastic film has fine finishing; The blower is of labyrinth structure with even air output.
3. The coiling unit adopts pressure friction rewinding or center rewinding, which is driven by torque motor, with even and smooth rewinding and easy roll changing.

Technical Parameters:
Diameter of Screw(mm)Φ45Φ50Φ55Φ60Φ70Φ80Φ85Φ90Φ110Φ110
L/D ration of screw30:1
Specification of Die HeadΦ40 -100Φ60 -130Φ70 -160Φ90 -200Φ110 -250Φ200 -300 350Φ200 -350Φ400 -500Φ400 -600Φ400 -900
Thickness of Products(mm)0.004-0.08/0.025-0.15
Folding width of Products(mm)100 -600100- 800100- 1100100- 1200200- 1500200- 1600200- 1800200- 2000200- 2500200- 4000
Main power(kw)121822222230-3737-4537-4555-7575× 2
Max. Output(kg/h)303550608070-100100-130180280450
Overall Dimensions(L× W×H) )(m )3.6× 1.5 × 3.54×1.9×3.84.1×2×4.34.2×2.2×4.55× 2.7× 5.55.3× 2.9× 66× 3.1 × 77× 3.3× 7.58× 3.8 × 99× 3.5× 15

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