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  • Insulation Material: PVC

  • Type: High Voltage

  • Application: Overhead

  • Conductor Material: Copper





GHCABLE is a cable manufactorer with more than 20 yrs history locates in Danyang City of CHINA(near Shanghai)

Type                Description                                     Application standard
LJ          Aluminium stranded wire (A.A.C)                      GB 1179-1983
LGJ       Aluminium conductor steel-reinforeed (ACSR)     GB 1179-1983
LHA1J   Aluminium alloy stranded wire (AAAC or AASC)  GB 9329
LHA2J   Aluminium alloy stranded wire (AAAC or AASC)  GB 9329
JL         Aluminium stranded wire (A.A.C)                        GB 9329
JL/G1A  Aluminium conductor steel-reinforeed (ACSR)      GB 9329
JLHA1   Aluminium alloy stranded wire (AAAC or AASC)   GB 1179-1999
JLHA2   Aluminium alloy stranded wire (AAAC or AASC)   GB 1179-1999
TJ         Bare copper stranded wire                                   GB 1179-1999

      GHCABLE (Danyang Ganghong Electric Wire & Power Cable Co., Ltd.) is a well-known and historic cable manufacturer which has existed for more than 20 years. GHCABLE occupies 12,000m2 land-areas and 8,000m2 construction-areas in Jangshu Huangtang Town, Danyang City, Jiangsu Province, China;There are about 300 workers in GHCABLE manufactory and also has an oversea faced office in Shanghai City.
      As a long-term cooperator, GHCABLE is an appointed original equipment manufacturer of China Import & Export General Co., and also has a close cooperation with Shanghai Cable Research Institute. GHCABLE can supply most kinds of high-quality wire & cable. These products can match international, national and enterprises standards, and customers special demands can be satisfied too.
      Mr. Anderson, the President of GHCABLE, sends invitation to every friends all over the world, Welcome to China! Welcome to GHCABLE! GHCABLE is your perpetually friend!
      High quality, Reasonable Price and No.1 service is GHCABLE's core value. GHCABLE's management and sales teams are committed to our customers' utmost satisfaction. Our experienced team of wire and cable experts strives to service every inquiry, quote, and order quickly and efficiently, meeting and often exceeding customers' expectations. If you have any questions, please email us at TELEPHONE:+86-21-62252999, FAX: +86-21-62125290


SHANGHAI OFFICE:Room 1902 NO.223, Dongzhu'anbang Rd., Shanghai City, China 200050
MANUFACTORER:Jiangshu Town, Danyang City, Jiangsu Province, China 212364



1 Stranded Bare Conductor
1.1 Aluminium stranded wire (AAC)
1.2 Aluminium Conductor Steel-Reinforced (ACSR)
1.3 Aluminium Alloy Stranded Wire (AAAC, AASC)
1.4 Bare Copper Stranded Wire
2 Aerial Insulated Cable (ABC)
2.1 Insulated aerial cable with rated voltage up to and including 1kV
2.2 Insulated aerial cable with rated voltage up to and inculding 10kV
2.3 Insulated aerial cable with rated voltage up to and inculding 30kV
2.4 Parallel multiple insulated overhead cable with rated voltage up to and including 1kV
3 Rubber sheathed Cable
3.1 Welding Cable
3.2 General Purpose Rubber sheathed Cable
4 Wires & Cables for Electric Equipment
4.1 PVC Insulated cable with rated voltage up to and including 450/750V (H07V-U, H07V-R, H07V-K, H07V-U, H07V-R, NYY, NYM, H03VV-F, H03VV2-F,H05VV-F,H05VV2-F)
4.2 PVC insulated cable,wire,and cord with the rated voltage up to and including 450V/750V (H07V-U, H07V-R, NYY, NYM)
4.3 PVC insulated and Nylon sheathed wire(THHN,THWN,THNN,T90)
4.4 Thermocouple extension wire
4.5 Radio-Frequency Cable (CATV, Coaxial Cable)
4.5.1 Solid conductor PE insulated radion-frequency cable
4.6 Strain Gauge Cable
4.7 Signal Cable for Periphery Equipments of Computer
4.8 PVC Insulated Shielding Cable for Radio
5 Speaker Wire
5.1 Speaker Wire
5.2 Hi-FI Equipment Power Supply Wire
6 Power Cable
6.1 XLPE Insulated Power Cable
6.1.1 XLPE insulated power cable with rated voltage 1kV(Um=1.2kV) & 35kv(Um=40.5kV)
6.1.2 XLPE insulated pwoer cable with rated voltage from 3.6/6kv to 26/35kv
6.2 PVC Insulated Power Cable
6.2.1 XLPE insulated power cable with rated voltage 1kV(Um=1.2kV) & 3kV(Um=3.6kV)
6.3 Fire-Retarding Power cable
6.4 Low Zero Halogen Fire-retarding Power Cable
6.5 High-Temperature Resistant Power Cable
6.6 Converter used connecting Power Cable
6.7 rat & termite proof XPLE Insulated Power Cable
7 Control Cable
7.1 PVC Insulated and Sheathed Control Cable
7.1.1 KVV450/750V Copper Conductor PVC Insulated and Sheathed Control Cable
 7.1.2 KVV22 450/750V Copper Conductor PVC Insulated and Sheathed Control Cable With Steel Type Armour
7.1.3 KVVP 450/750V Copper Conductor PVC Insulated and Sheathed Control Cable With Braid Screen
7.1.4 KVVP2 450/750V Copper Conductor PVC Insulated and Sheathed Control Cable With Copper Tape Screen
7.1.5 KVVR 450/750V Copper Conductor PVC Insulated and Sheathed Flexible Control Cable
7.1.6 KVVR 450/750V Copper Conductor PVC Insulated and Sheathed Flexible Control Cable With Braid Screen
7.2 XLPE Insulated Control Cable
7.2.1 KYJV 600/1000V copper core XLPE insulated and PVC sheathed control cable
7.2.2 KYJVP2 600/1000V copper core XLPE insulated and PVC sheathed control cable
7.3 Plastic Insulated and Sereened control cable for Converter Station and Power Station
7.4 Flame retardant Plastic Insulated Control Cable
7.5 Fire-resistant Control Cable
7.6 Low Smoke Zero Halogen Fire-retarding Control Cable
7.7 High-Temperature Resistant Control Cable
7.7.1 Copper core FEP insulated FEP sheathed Control cable (KFF)
7.7.2 Copper core FEP insulated FEP sheathed screen Control cable with copper wire braid (KFFP)
7.8 Screened Control Cable for Computer
8 Communication Cable
8.1 Copper Core Polyolefin Insulated Aluminum-Plastic Composite Sheathed Communication Cable
8.2 PVC Insulated and Sheath Cable for Low Frequency Communication LAN &?Terminal Cable
8.2.1 PVC Insulated and Sheath Cable for Low Frequency Communication LAn Cable
8.2.2 PVC Insulated and Sheath Cable for Low Frequency Communication Terminal Cable
8.3 Category 5 Unscreened and Twisted Cable for Digital Communication Cable
8.4 Twisted PE Insulated and PVC Sheathed Local Telephone Cable
8.5 PVC Insulated and PVC Sheathed Mining Telephone Cable





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Q:What's the difference between stainless steel wire and steel wire?
Stainless steel wire and stainless steel wire, various specifications and models of silk production as raw materials of stainless steel, the origin of the United States, Holland, Japan, the general section is round or flat. Common stainless steel wire with good corrosion resistance and high performance price ratio is 304 and 316 stainless steel wire.Stainless steel wire drawing (stainless, steel, wire, drawing) pull out the wire rod or wire billet from the die hole of the drawing die under drawing force to produce the plastic processing of the small section steel wire or the non-ferrous metal line. Metal wires of different shapes and sizes of various metals and alloys can be drawn by drawing. The drawn wires are precise in size and smooth in surface, and the drawing equipment and die used are simple and easy to manufacture.
Q:What are the basic characteristics of wire resistance strain gages?
The resistance value of the components size and temperature, material, length and cross-sectional area, the measure of the size of the resistance is affected by temperature is the temperature coefficient of resistance value, which is defined as the percentage change in temperature rise every 1 degrees. The main physical characteristic of resistance is that the electric energy is heat, and it is also a component of energy dissipation. Resistance usually acts as a divider and shunt in a circuit. For signals, AC and DC signals can be passed through resistors.
Q:Will you please remove any of the wires? The edge of the body, which is made of wire or what? Is it copper or iron?
General electric wire wire is copper, copper. High temperature is not enough to ignite it lighter. Generally, the electricity is neutral and will not produce electricity. Friction with wood will not produce electricity or sparks, but the temperature will rise
Q:What method can be used to detect residual impurities and metal particles on the wire surface?
Therefore, the removal of metal surface impurities and removal of metal surface oxides, the two are different.
Q:Are two wires of the same material but different in thickness and length? Are their young's modulus of elasticity the same?
According to Hooke's law, in the elastic limit of an object, the stress is proportional to the strain, and the coefficient of proportionality is called the young's modulus (Y). Express as a formula:Y= (F - L) / (S - L)Y is numerically equal to the stress produced by unit strain. Its units are the same as those of the force. Young's modulus is the property of a material, independent of force and shape of an object.Young's modulus (Young's, modulus) is a noun in mechanics of materials. When the elastic material is subjected to the positive stress, it will produce a positive strain, defined as the ratio of the forward stress to the positive strain. The formula is denoted as E = sigma / epsilonAmong them, E represents Young's modulus, sigma represents positive stress, and epsilon represents positive strain.Young's modulus is large, indicating that in compression or tensile material, the deformation of the material is small.
Q:Why is the current limiting circuit used to measure the resistance of wire by voltammetry?
Because the resistance of wire is very small, almost zero. According to the current, equal to the voltage divided by the resistor, it is known that the resistance is almost an hour and the current is close to infinity. This will burn out the power supply, so the current limiting method must be used
Q:What's the metal wire fabric?Such as title
Metal wire fabric not only has metal luster, and wear to trim visible, noble, gorgeous, and the fabric has the function of conductive shielding, which is widely used in scientific research, military and medical industries such as electronics, high-tech, high added value.Currently do men and women's windbreaker, jacket, jacket and jacket.
Q:How can you make the fabric with silk fabric wrinkle free after washing?
Used in clothes last rinse, after use without water; (i.e. when the clothes have used laundry detergent and rinse clean, to the water softener is dissolved, and then soak the clothes can no longer need cleaning and water
Q:What silk is fine as hair, soft as wool, strong as steel?
Characteristics of molybdenum wire:Ultra high tensile strength;It has high surface finish, good stability and high cutting accuracy;Elongation rate is small, tight silk is small;The winding rate is large, the wire diameter is uniform, it is difficult to break the wire, and the service life is long;Increase the high frequency power and improve the rough machining efficiency;The accurate measurement, vacuum packaging, prevent oxidation mildew, can be stored for a long time.Remember, the smallest one is only half a millimeter. It's very, very thin. One second you can cut down 1 trees. Of course, it depends on whether the equipment supports it!
Q:What is the difference between carbon fiber and wire heating?
Long life: because of the characteristics of carbon fiber made its corrosion resistance, durable characteristics, and metal heating wire aging, corrosion, and short service life

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