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1. Specifications for Aluminum Window and Door

aluminum window 
1.Experienced R&D Department 
2.Provide Customized Solutions 


1. Material

Aluminium ingot; 6063, 6061, 6082, 6005, T5, T6, 
2. Section ShapesI, U, T, C, Z, L, H, square, round, flat, hollow, t-slot and other complicated shapes by custom design.
3. Surface treatingMill/Anodized(oxidation)/Sand blast/Powder coating/Electrophoresis/Wood grain.
4. Application1) - for Window and door frames
2) - for Wardrobe cabinet sliding doors, kitchen.
3) - for Building curtain glass walls
4) - for Solar panel frames, Solar mounting / roofing brackets
5) - for Industry assembly lines equipment.
6) - for Heatsinks
7) - for LED lighting
8)- other by custom design size and dimension
5. Production lines1) 5 melting and casting production lines
2) 25 extruding production lines
3) 6 anodizing and electrophresis production lines
4) 2 powder coating production lines
5) 4 wooden grain production lines
6) 2 heat insulation broken bridge production lines
7) 2 wiredrawing and polishing production lines
6. Characteristic Services1). OEM Service.
2). Design according to the customers' requirements.
3). more years' professional experience in research, manufacturing
4). Our modern deep processing center can provide machining such as Cutting, punching, drilling, etc.
7. Quality ControlWe operate the most strict quality control system, the detection is from the material, production process,
 to final product, and ensure the product quality and traceability.
8.ProcessDie designDie makingSmelting&alloyingQCExtrudingCuttingHeat Treatment
QCSurface treatmentQCWeldingPackingQCShippingAfter Sale Service
9.StandardGB5237-2008 equal to EN12020-1.2(2001)
10.PaymentT/T: 30% for deposit, the balance will be paid before delivery
11.Delivery Time1. 15-35 days production.
2. If making a mould, plus 7~10 days.
12.Packaging Detail:Inside : packed with plastic film to protect each piece
Outside: Wrap to be bundles by waterproof craft paper or EPE film. Customized request available
13.Lead TimeDie Developing and Sample testing: 12-18 days .
Mass Production: 20-30days.


 2. Packing and Shipping Photo for Window and Door






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Q:Which brand is good?
My neighbor next door is equipped with Odick doors and windows, listen to him that the quality is good, the price is moderate, I also intend to change this brand.
Q:The roof of the roof
Yes, only to the side of the shear wall is on the line.
Q:What kind of protective measures should be taken when designing windowsill below 0.8 m?
Plus railings, ah, as to how to add the various periods of the provisions of the period do not think, some windowsill 500 or more, you can add railings on the windowsill, the total height of not less than 1000; window height below 500 is the railing must land.
Q:What is the cantilevered windowsill and the unopened windowsill
Cantilever windows are commonly used in residential windows, that is, the window parts with reinforced concrete as a component (cantilever plate), so that the windowsill cantilevered out of the wall a certain scale; no hanging windowsill is usually common, the width of the outer wall is the windowsill (Sometimes slightly protruding walls).
Q:What is the airtight window
The outer side of the outer frame guide groove is fixed with a elastic block, the two screens are located outside the sliding window, the left and right frame outer and upper part are provided with left and right corresponding tenon and groove, From the upper part of its extension to the lower part of the ribs with ribs, the left and right frame of the outer frame is divided into inner and outer tank, sliding window door left and right frame embedded in the ribs embedded in the groove The resilient sealing strip extends outwardly and is folded against the inner side wall of the outer frame and secured to the inner side wall
Q:What is the insulation of the bridge aluminum windows and doors?
This window will be aluminum, plastic two kinds of advantages of the window in one, to remove their own shortcomings, so as to become the ideal choice for users. This window is currently priced at 360-400 yuan / square meters, although slightly higher than the current market, ordinary aluminum, plastic sliding window, but the comprehensive use of this window is much better than ordinary aluminum, plastic composite windows, and even Than the double-layer aluminum sliding window effect is good, with a high price, from this sense, spend more than thirty-five yuan is worth it, and the use of this window can save heating costs and air conditioning electricity up to 50% Of the energy costs enough to make up for the previous investment.
Q:Is the concrete sill plate sloping?
Concrete main structure sill plate does not need to be made of slopes, interior decoration without the need to stay inside the slope, the windowsill leakage part made oblique, if the design drawings are not specific slope requirements can be appropriate slope
Q:Window beam and the difference between the beam, there is not every layer should ring beam?
The general sill beam is provided in the lower part of the window, not continuously closed; and the ring beam is arranged on the upper part of the window and is continuously closed. As for the ring beam is not every layer are set, according to the building in which the seismic intensity of the building, the building's seismic design level and other factors determined by the design department.
Q:How to decorate the windowsill at home?
the balcony can do some flower rack, both planting flowers, but also placed bonsai, or birds, fish. Generally install a water bucket for watering and cleaning.
Q:What is the height of the windowsill in public works in construction?
Outside the window window from the floor, the height of the ground below 0.90m, there should be protective equipment, the window outside the balcony or platform can not be subject to this restrictions.

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