Sliding Aluminium Door with High Quality Exterior

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1.Description for Aluminium Sliding Door


2)top grade accessory 
3)various of patterns 

DESCRIPTIONaluminum slding door
GLASS PATTERNtransparent+lattice
Surface Treatmentimitative wood grain/black walnut
Wall thickness(MM)1.2/2.0
Standard Size (W*H)4500mm*2000mm
Profile width80mm
Accessorieshandles, lock and ect (Chinese top grade accessories)
PackagePlastic foam+strong carton or wooden crate

2. Detailed information of Aluminum Sliding Door






Aluminum Alloy Door

Durable, Light-weighted, Rust-free, Waterproofing,Corrosion Resistant,Easy toclean/maintain,Unflameable,Non-magnestic;clean/maintain,Unflameable,Non-magnestic.



Balcony, kitchen, dining room, garage ect.



Double Tempered Glass;


Glass Pattern

Transparent glass with lattice bar , ice-sculpture, ampair ,coloured sculpture, ice slush, dull polish



aluminum alloy



Zinc alloy lock with 304 Stainless Steel Lock Cylinder



We can do the size according the customers' requests



Stainless steel hinge


Ground Rack

Rack and Non-rack (National Patened Products)


Door Leaves

We can do 13 leaves at most


Surface treatment

Silvery White Anodizing, Electrophoresis Coating, Powder Ccoating, PVDF Coating, Wooden Texture Coating.

Can be processed in multiple or different color based on our clients.



3. Our Services

One-Stop Solution


1, Own factory : We have our own factory. Products would not go through any dealer.

                          Better quality control & lower price .

2, High Quanlity & Reasonable Price

3, Customizable - meet your any requirements

4, Easy to Install as the good system design !!!

5, We can send engineers to help you do the measurement & installation


 4. Photo for Aluminun Door














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Q:How to decorate the windowsill both waterproof and beautiful
In the design of the balcony, the main consideration of the following four points: 1, the best choice of window plate for stone table, because compared with the wooden windowsill plate, stone with waterproof, sunscreen, no cracking characteristics. 2, the balcony floor laying and the room floor can be consistent with the laying of the expansion of the effect of space. 3, balcony ceiling has a variety of practices. Grapevine ceiling, painted glass ceiling, decorative false beams and so on. When the balcony area is small, you can not use the ceiling, so as to avoid downward pressure. 4, in the closed balcony, the window of the mouth of the most likely to seepage, usually practice the window is extended to stay 2cm gap, and then fill with cement, it is best sealed with a special blowing agent to avoid seepage phenomenon.
Q:What is the window bag material?
Now the window is not a lot of cases with wooden materials, because the windows will be exposed to the sun's rays, as well as the impact of rain, wood materials, window sets of time is not long will be a problem, so many direct brush Latex paint, only on the windowsill with a piece of stone tile.
Q:Plastic doors and windows and aluminum doors and windows in the installation of what is the difference
Finished window: The installation is not much difference, are fixed by the size of the hole, the use of long nail connection, and then fill the gap between the elastic blowing agent, hardened after the repair Qi Qi call plastic.
Q:How to choose the bridge aluminum doors and windows? All need to pay attention to what?
Usually do home improvement market doors and windows manufacturers, the majority of the use of high yield products is thin wall thickness of the product to reduce the cost, and some small manufacturers produced 1.2mm-1.3Mm thick lower than the national standard, but the national standard thickness Should be greater than or equal to 1.4mm; Broken bridge aluminum is usually divided into 60 series (6 cm), 70 series (7 cm), and broken steel doors and windows of the quality of good or bad is not to see what series of profiles, mainly depends on the broken aluminum doors and windows of the material, wall thickness , The insulation section, processing technology; district is relatively quiet, the window is not great, choose 60 series of profiles is enough, if the district street, floor windows, sealing insulation requirements, you can choose 70 series profiles.
Q:Aluminum plastic doors and windows and broken bridge aluminum doors and windows What is the difference, is not the same?
The appearance of steel doors and windows can be adapted to the requirements of the domestic decorative effect, and the human body feels more comfortable than metal. As the steel doors and windows have some outstanding advantages above, in our country is being a lot of applications, a new trend in the construction field.
Q:The general design width of stone window sill board
General decoration when the windowsill marble to square pricing mostly, some very narrow windowsill also by the meter price.
Q:What are the widgets of the tarpaulins?
The windowside plate is prefabricated and now cast, and now are generally cast, the purpose is to play the windowsill against leakage. The name is: sporadic components, all windowsill must be set.
Q:The windowsill to the house leaking, there is no fear of sun drying waterproof material
The water seepage points are at both ends of the window - generally by the sides of the window and the edges of the wall or the aluminum alloy window.        Solution: clean the window and the wall with the site, with 995 structural adhesive closed; clean the side seal and the decline of the binding site, with silicone glass adhesive closure point;
Q:Whether the windowsill is made of natural marble or artificial marble
At present, home improvement in the kitchen countertops, windowsill table with mostly artificial stone. With natural marble is relatively small. The main difference is that natural marble is generally cheaper than artificial stone, but imports are also expensive. Although the natural marble color, but not more artificial stone. Natural marble due to natural characteristics, high hardness but relatively brittle, easy to break. Artificial stone is not easy to break, but the hardness is not as good as it. A lot of color, especially imitation crystal is very beautiful.
Q:Is this window suitable for how high curtains? The following windowsill than the above curtain box wide, curtain length is lower than the windowsill or higher than the windowsill it
If the table below with the window wide, it is done on the table, from the 1 cm on it

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