Aluminum Air Grille 600×300 (mm) / 600×600 (mm)

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500 m²
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50000 m²/month

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Aluminum Air Grille

Dimension: 600×300 (mm) / 600×600 (mm)



The aluminium air grille is designed to deliver a large constant rate of air-flow to a computer/equipment room.The rate of air-flow to the room is dependent upon the pressure within the underfloor plenum,and can be easily adjusted when the air grille is fitted with a damper.The air grille has a natural anodized aluminium finish,which blends well with high pressure laminate panel finish.

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Q:What is the anti-static floor edge material
The edge of the edge of the plant with the material is not sturdy shield box Yong Valley fall Yan Kai Kai, there are all steel, there are alloys, PVC, etc., as long as the conductive, are in use, the price is low to the provincial cost of the principle, Good quality to use good materials, there are no side of the floor.
Q:The difference between plastic floors
The difference between plastic floors...
Q:What shoes do not have static electricity
Anti-static shoes, you Google anti-static shoes to know, that is, the general electronic factory to wear the kind of shoes
Q:The use of anti-static board
Generally used for the production of anti-static floor, electronics and semiconductor industry used a lot, is the most cost-effective anti-static floor materials.
Q:Is the beige flooring nice? A long time will not change color?
Yes, as long as the quality of qualified, generally will not change the color. Floor, ie the surface of the building floor or floor. Made of wood or other material. There are many types of flooring, according to the structure classification: solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, solid wood flooring, bamboo flooring, cork flooring and the most popular multi-layer parquet, etc .; by use classification: home, commercial , Anti-static floor, outdoor flooring, stage dance dedicated floor, sports hall floor dedicated floor, track and field floor, etc .; according to environmental protection classification: E0 floor, JAS star standard F4 star floor and so on.
Q:Ordinary anti-static flooring is only the surface anti-static, in the floor surface damage
Anti-static floor is insulated floor, insulated floor is not necessarily anti-static
Q:Ceramic surface anti-static floor What are the characteristics
Ceramic surface anti-static floor is widely used in all kinds of high-end machine room. Is the use of anti-static tiles as a surface layer, paste in the steel floor board or composite board base (particleboard, cement particle board, calcium sulfate plate, etc.) processed from an overhead floor. Its advantages are: anti-static, no radiation, anti-aging, no dust, pollution, bearing capacity, strong decorative. And the wiring is convenient, the most important is the economic and durable. Ceramic surface anti-static floor is divided into ceramic all-steel anti-static floor, composite ceramic flooring. Two kinds of flooring belong to the ceramic surface anti-static floor, with the time when there are different options. Ceramic Antistatic Flooring Features: 1. Anti-static: The porcelain anti-static floor system resistance is stable and lasting. 2. Resistance to pollution: the porcelain brick surface by improving the product raw material formula, reduce the pores and reduce the small pores and the surface of the brick coated with a layer of special paint, so that the juice is difficult to penetrate the internal, thus solving the "dirty" Old problem. 3. No radiation: tested, without radiation elements 4. Decorative strong: more varieties of brick color, relative to the ordinary room floor, a single color, a better decorative 5. Anti-aging: ceramic anti-static floor quality , Hardness of Mohs 7 degrees, the service life of more than 60 years.
Q:Composite anti-static floor with an empty one square meter how much money
Now in the use of such anti-static floor is very small, the price is also expensive and also divided into different types of law for fear of forging ding kicking fist and quality, the highest to more than a thousand, the most expensive to three Hundreds of bars
Q:Do you have a grounding grid for your own anti-static floor?
The so-called anti-static floor is actually the conductive floor, people walking on the floor above, the friction generated electrons, the ground is conductive, the electrons through the floor into the bottom of the floor of the conductive glue and copper foil, copper into the underground conductor into the earth , So that the surface of the floor there is no charged electrons, there will be no adsorption of dust in the air. If not grounded, the electronic can not enter the earth, the floor will not play the role of conduction. Antistatic flooring, also known as a dissipated electrostatic floor, is a floor that, when grounded or connected to any lower potential, allows the charge to dissipate, with a resistance of 10 in the order of 10 to 10 Between the characteristics. "GB-2008 electronic information system room design specifications" provides: anti-static floor or floor surface resistance or volume resistance should be 2.5 × l04 ~ 1.0 × 109Ω.
Q:How to install anti-static floor
Step: 1, floor cleaning; 2, carefully check the surface flatness and perpendicularity of the walls, such as found not to meet the construction requirements, the departments concerned party; horizontal pull, the well floor mounting height with elastic ink line on the wall, ensure that the laying of the floor at the same level, the measuring chamber length, width, and appropriately select the laying reference position to reduce the cutting floor. the installation grid lines bracket the ground; to be mounted bracket is adjusted to the height of the same needs and the stent Ling Li and Gu pad pedicle cutting jig placed slightly bite into the ground of the cross grid lines; 3, with the screw secured to the frame beams, and with a spirit level n beams, perpendicular to each other and so that on the same plane ; with a suction plate is placed on the transom in the assembled floor: the square by four, if the size is less than the remaining wall length of the floor itself, the available methods for cutting floor fight Lee; 5, Edge; 6, clean up the site, completed; note 1, when the laying of the floor, with a bubble level leveling, the height adjustment bracket on the floor; 2, placing heavy apparatus at the room, the device should be in the base The lower plate installation bracket to prevent deformation of the floor; 3, when the floor needs to be cut or opening, the application opening in the corner drill hit Φ6mm-Φ8mm circular, veneer prevent breakage.

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