Aluminum Air Grille 600×300 (mm) / 600×600 (mm)

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500 m²
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50000 m²/month

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Aluminum Air Grille

Dimension: 600×300 (mm) / 600×600 (mm)



The aluminium air grille is designed to deliver a large constant rate of air-flow to a computer/equipment room.The rate of air-flow to the room is dependent upon the pressure within the underfloor plenum,and can be easily adjusted when the air grille is fitted with a damper.The air grille has a natural anodized aluminium finish,which blends well with high pressure laminate panel finish.

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Q:Can flooring replace the antistatic floor?
I am in the song Sheng anti-static company to do so for many years is not
Q:Deep anti-static floor where to buy?
Industry has grown rapidly
Q:Anti-static floor which are several
Taste of long white short-fat mixed with water anti-static floor ceramic anti-static floor composite anti-static floor aluminum anti-static flooring network floor is generally divided into the above five categories, detailed classification
Q:The anti-static floor of the engine room with any suitable baseboard
Ceramic, aluminum and stainless steel can be a smooth pull spring spring to help Tong turtle to. Ceramics with bright black, stainless steel at that time look good, but a little longer will be a bit of corrosion. You said the wood is generally made of wood, aluminum plastic attached to the surface of the board.
Q:Anti-static floor hdg.600.35.q.d what is the meaning
Specifications: 600 * 600 * 35mm Service life: 10 years Surface resistance: 10 7DD10 9Ω impact resistance open Kouzhuang Kenjiqian Bang Bao Bo strength: 1000 kg g Material: steel filled with cement Wear resistance: high thickness: 30,35 ,,, mmmm
Q:Do you need to set up a static floor for a weak building in a commercial building?
Weak wells inside do not need, only the room needs fire control room, telecommunications room and so on
Q:PVC pipe with anti-static performance?
Pipeline pipe also has anti-static muscle attack crown Ji Gui Gui helium two electric, but must determine whether the use of anti-static performance. You can ask the other party to provide anti-static test report, pay attention must be in the validity period, a qualified third party test report to be effective!
Q:How to do with pants?
It is better to wear a velvet than to wear velvet
Q:Would you like to use anti-static flooring for room decoration?
Must be installed, the engine room static will not only make the computer running a random failure, malfunction or operation error, and electrostatic hazards may also lead to some components, such as CMOS, MOS circuit, two-stage circuit breakdown and destruction. In addition static electricity on the computer's external equipment also has a significant impact. With the cathode ray tube display device, when subject to static interference, will cause the image disorder, blurred not please. Static electricity will also cause Modem, network card, Fax and other work disorders, the printer is not normal printing and other failures. Static problems caused by the hardware is not only difficult to detect, and sometimes the software staff mistaken for software failure, resulting in confusion. In addition, static electricity through the human body when the computer or other equipment discharge (the so-called ignition) when the energy reaches a certain level, will give people the feeling of electric shock (such as sometimes touch the helium cycle of the bacon The chassis has a significant sense of electric shock).
Q:Construction of weak and fire control room must do anti-static floor?
Fire control room do not have to do anti-static Fu Fu stare Emperor Gao Ga Dian cream top of the floor? There is no impact on the subsequent acceptance, but according to the requirements of the computer room in accordance with the norms must be anti-static floor. Although the acceptance of fire has no effect, but in accordance with the relevant norms must be anti-static floor.

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