Most popular Die-casting Aluminum flooring

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50000 m²/month

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Die-casting Aluminum Panel/Flooring

Dimension: 600×600×40(mm)

Raised floor panels are die-casting with aluminum ingot which are light and handy and with strong anticorrosion.

Raised floor panel is designed with construction theory,which breaks through traditional thought and is with stronger loading performance.

In order to meet various needs of clean room,we supply Die-casting Aluminum Perforated Panel.Pedestal bute is designed with rib inside.

Outlet cover which wiring path is adjustable is beautiful and dignified.Its aperture is manager flexibly and easily too.  


Die-casting Aluminum Perforated Panel

Dimension: 600×600×40(mm)

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Q:Anti-static floor of the room.
You have to take into account the color of the floor to buy and support the brackets, each manufacturer's production of electrostatic floor of the stent and the surface layer will have some differences in the number of laying of the old OKorder guilty of profiling arrogant anchor when there will be large gap Situation, is not conducive to the post-maintenance of electrostatic floor, the more the gap will be bigger. The best way to use ceramic electrostatic floor, this floor anti-static effect is superior, durable, use for decades do not have to replace, carrying high, maintenance is very simple. Usually with a wet cloth mop on the line.
Q:What kind of chair will not damage the anti-static floor
Anti-static floor damage to the main surface wear and floor depression, to solve these 2 points, only to increase the chair and floor of the force surface, reduce wear and depression
Q:Which anti-static floor is the best quality?
Domestic strength and brand strength are several: Shen Fei, Huatong, East China ah generally small room are only supplied with no muscle Shan crown catch 攉 non-Kyu stone helium will be installed, how much area is you? Need to leave a message
Q:How to lift the UPS static electricity
The UPS is static because the ground is not connected because of the sinking of the socket. The role of anti-static floor is to prevent people walking on the floor when the human body to produce static electricity, and the role of different ground.
Q:How to clean the room floor
PVC permanent anti-static floor maintenance and maintenance 1, is strictly prohibited with the nail shoes walking on the floor. 2, is strictly prohibited hard objects, hardware on the floor characterization, in particular, equipment transport routes and the installation of equipment around the top of the blessing Lennon locusts Wei Chuan even to cushion plywood, and floor scratches and oil pollution. 3, the floor construction is completed, handling machinery and equipment is strictly prohibited machinery and equipment in the floor drag Sassafras. 4, is strictly prohibited with a solvent spray paint the surface of the floor. 5, the production area should wear soft shoes or feet into the work area, prevent dust into the workplace. 6, is strictly prohibited permeability of the ink, mechanical oil pollution floor surface. 7, to prevent the weight of the trailer on the floor surface pressure, the production of tires selected tires to avoid easy to decolorize the vinyl tires, the proposed use of nylon tires. 8, the surface of the floor there is pollution, with gasoline, wash clean, decontamination powder cleaning the floor surface, and then the surface of anti-static wax light treatment. 9, the floor is generally cleaned once a year, and then on the anti-static floor wax lighting maintenance treatment.
Q:Anti-static floor hdg.600.35.q.d what is the meaning
Specifications: 600 * 600 * 35mm Service life: 10 years Surface resistance: 10 7DD10 9Ω impact resistance open Kouzhuang Kenjiqian Bang Bao Bo strength: 1000 kg g Material: steel filled with cement Wear resistance: high thickness: 30,35 ,,, mmmm
Q:The anti-static floor of the engine room with any suitable baseboard
Generally do not have the baseboard it has to install optional PVC or tile, can not choose the wood
Q:Do you have a grounding grid for your own anti-static floor?
As long as the grounding network can do a good job without another grounding
Q:Can flooring replace the antistatic floor?
Can not
Q:Is the computer classroom anti - static floor professional qualification?
As long as the regular manufacturers to buy, with a good anti-static effect, is not needed

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