Popular Raised Floor with Ceramic finish(Steel Panel)

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Product Description:

Raised Floor with Ceramic finish(Steel Panel)

Model: HBD600

Dimension: 600×600×35(mm)   



1) Cover materials: 10mm ceramic tile

2) Color: as required

3) Tolerance:

    a) Width and length: -0.4mm - 0.0mm

    b) Panel thickness: +0.30mm

    c) Level:<0.6mm4) Sizes: 600 x 600 x 40mm


a) Surface is treated with static painting with good corrosion resistance

b) High precision for dimensions, good interchangeability

c) All steel structure with high strength and strong anti-impact capability

d) Antistatic, fireproof, waterproof and dustproof

e) Floor can be cut randomly, easy installation due to accessories

f) Space under floors can be used for air conditioning ventilation

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Q:How to properly regulate the installation of pvc plastic anti-static floor
First, the mobile installation: between the floor and the floor with the manufacturers supporting the special connection with a bonding tape, floor and floor surface is not bonded, you can freely roll up or remove the PVC floor, easy to move. Second, the fixed installation: 1. Semi-fixed: special double-sided tape, between the floor and the floor with the manufacturers supporting the special double-sided adhesive tape with one, while the floor and the ground is also connected together, can effectively prevent The floor due to strenuous movement and the occurrence of movement, opening, but also facilitate the future because of the need to do the entire site to move. 2. Local bonding: on the ground to the edge of the floor as the reference inward brush 20cm adhesive. 3. Full Adhesive Adhesive: All the brushes are to be laid on the ground. [Grass-roots requirements]: construction ground floor must be clean, durable clean, high flatness, and no cracks. The concrete surface moisture content can not exceed 2.5%. Gypsum floor moisture content shall not exceed 0.5%. Before the floor laying. Floor after dust, you can lay PVC plastic sports flooring. Such as the original rough surface can also be built about 2mm self-leveling. If it is non-absorbent ground, such as mineral grassroots, stone, tiles, etc., can be directly pavement. 【Note】: If the basement and other wet ground, the floor must be waterproof layer to isolate water vapor.
Q:How does the machine have static electricity?
Put their own electricity do not put the computer on the wall rubbing hands
Q:Computer room anti - static floor of the room design standards
Activities under the floor of the space only to use the cable laying, the floor height of not less than 250mm. If used as air-conditioning static pressure box, the height of not less than 400mm
Q:Which anti-static floor is the best quality?
Domestic strength and brand strength are several: Shen Fei, Huatong, East China ah generally small room are only supplied with no muscle Shan crown catch 攉 non-Kyu stone helium will be installed, how much area is you? Need to leave a message
Q:How about the floor?
We have just set the Xin Yan floor, sales staff to sell the floor very good, natural, natural, this tiger tiger antipurpose warp knuckle busy waiting for every thing you will say, but the style I like, Not used, can not give the quality of the reference, I am still quite looking forward to.
Q:Room design requirements anti-static floor standard height is how much
10 centimeters or 15 centimeters, if necessary, I do this
Q:PVC anti-static floor of the anti-static index is how much
1.0 × 106-10Ω (static dissipative type) Conductive static R <1.0 × 1 child Fan powder is neither amp hwan mad freewei 06 For advice on anti-static floor can be private letter me
Q:Brief description of anti-static floor function and construction practices?
Brief description of anti-static floor function and construction practices?...
Q:How to avoid damage to electronic products by static electricity
Assemble the wrist of the worker with an antistatic bracelet.
Q:Is the computer classroom anti - static floor professional qualification?
As long as the regular manufacturers to buy, with a good anti-static effect, is not needed

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