Woocore Panel with HPL / PVC / Ceramic finish

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50000 m²/month

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Woocore Panel with HPL / PVC / Ceramic finish

Model: HMD600

Dimension: 600×600×30/32(mm)


Woodcore panels consist of high density composite wood core glue to and encased in hot dipped galvanized formed steel sheets. These panels have a class A flame spread rating and provide excellent rigidity, durability, and acoustic performance. 


TYPE SIZE(mm) Concentrated Load Impact Load Ultimated Load Uniform Load Rolling Load Remark
LB N KG N N N/ 10passes10000passes
HMD600-Q 600*600*32 ≥668 2950 300 550 ≥8850≥15000 40003000Particle Board Core Top covering :HPL,PVC,Ceramic Tiles,Galvanized Steel Plate,
Aluminum Plate and so on.
Bottom covering:
Galvanized Steel Plate,Aluminum Plate and so on.
With four PVC edeg.
HMD600-B 600*600*32 ≥1000 4450 453700 ≥13500≥220005000 4300Middle Density Board Core
 HMD600-Z 600*600*38   ≥15006660680800≥20000≥3330055005100Middle Density Board Core
600*600*40≥20000≥3330055005100 Particle Board Core



·     High strength to weight performance.

·     Full range of factory laminated finishes.

·      Class A flame spread rating rating.

·       Internally grounded.

·       Excellent rolling load performance.

·       Excellent acoustics

·      Available with FSC Certified Woodcore board.


·    General Office

·    General purpose equipment applications such as data centers, telecommunication, and mission critical facilities


            Woodcore Raised Floor with Aluminum Plate                                              Woodcore Raised Floor with Ceramic Tiles


Pedestal and Stringer


Installed Example

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Q:Will the security system cabinet can be installed directly on the static floor
If it is 600 * 600 standard cabinet can be removed directly from the electrostatic floor of the cabinet on top of the general room are doing so
Q:All-steel ceramic antistatic floor on how to open the hole
Network cable buried under the wall and then how to open the floor?
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Q:Antistatic aerial floor how much money a square meter?
Common anti-static floor between 180-240 including the keel ~ ~
Q:Deep anti-static floor where to buy?
Industry has grown rapidly
Q:How does the winter car have static electricity?
This is the car's tranquil porridge Ganzhuang imitation wet storm splash does not matter, mainly dry winter weather, coupled with more clothes, friction between them from the static, you have not encountered in the summer electric hands...
Q:Anti-static floor material classification
Anti-static floor - 3, all-steel anti-static floor 2, clean room all-steel anti-static floor 3, protective anti-static floor 4, ceramic surface anti-static floor - metal composite activities floor 5, Anti-static ventilation board anti-static floor - material Fu storage of the emperor Gao Gao Dian Dian Thorough chicken classification aluminum alloy 1, aluminum alloy anti-static ventilation plate 2, aluminum grid plate 3, aluminum alloy blind board anti-static floor - Composite 1, reinforced composite anti-static floor 2, anti-static ceramic steel composite activities floor anti-static floor - material classification calcium sulfate 1, calcium sulfate anti-static floor - three anti-static floor anti-static floor - material classification pvc1, Type permanent pvc anti-static floor 2, permanent PVC anti-static floor anti-static floor - material classification OA network floor 1, all steel 0A network floor
Q:Room anti-static floor, how much the price of a flat
Huili room anti-static floor more than 200 ---- more than 1,000
Q:What is the overhead floor
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Q:Do you have a grounding grid for your own anti-static floor?
The use of the floor of the machine floor of the ground floor of the use of the floor below the trace of grams of Yao Yao long-chiun super-magic copper plate on the line, the room lightning protection grounding, anti-static grounding, equipment, metal shell grounding and so on the use of the bus, the formation of the engine room Local equipotential, and then the bus with the machine room of the local equipotential bonding terminal can be connected.

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