Woocore Panel with HPL / PVC / Ceramic finish

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50000 m²/month

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Woocore Panel with HPL / PVC / Ceramic finish

Model: HMD600

Dimension: 600×600×30/32(mm)


Woodcore panels consist of high density composite wood core glue to and encased in hot dipped galvanized formed steel sheets. These panels have a class A flame spread rating and provide excellent rigidity, durability, and acoustic performance. 


TYPE SIZE(mm) Concentrated Load Impact Load Ultimated Load Uniform Load Rolling Load Remark
LB N KG N N N/ 10passes10000passes
HMD600-Q 600*600*32 ≥668 2950 300 550 ≥8850≥15000 40003000Particle Board Core Top covering :HPL,PVC,Ceramic Tiles,Galvanized Steel Plate,
Aluminum Plate and so on.
Bottom covering:
Galvanized Steel Plate,Aluminum Plate and so on.
With four PVC edeg.
HMD600-B 600*600*32 ≥1000 4450 453700 ≥13500≥220005000 4300Middle Density Board Core
 HMD600-Z 600*600*38   ≥15006660680800≥20000≥3330055005100Middle Density Board Core
600*600*40≥20000≥3330055005100 Particle Board Core



·     High strength to weight performance.

·     Full range of factory laminated finishes.

·      Class A flame spread rating rating.

·       Internally grounded.

·       Excellent rolling load performance.

·       Excellent acoustics

·      Available with FSC Certified Woodcore board.


·    General Office

·    General purpose equipment applications such as data centers, telecommunication, and mission critical facilities


            Woodcore Raised Floor with Aluminum Plate                                              Woodcore Raised Floor with Ceramic Tiles


Pedestal and Stringer


Installed Example

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Q:What is the quasi-static floor cover?
First, the set of fixed wood flooring section with anti-static floor sub-head. Second, the amount of set of methods: 1. The condemnation. What works set what the amount of fixed, first find the amount of work you need to set the amount of content. 2. Understand the composition of base prices. The base price in the quota is the labor + material + machinery, (the need to note that the unit is required) are now consumption quota, consumption is the loss, the fixed book has a clear that the loss of each different material, material price * loss Is the fixed price of this material. 3. Base price conversion. If the labor, materials, machinery, a price change in the need for base price conversion, the original price of a change from the base price deducted, and then added to the composition of the new price.
Q:Would you like to use anti-static flooring for room decoration?
Must be installed, the engine room static will not only make the computer running a random failure, malfunction or operation error, and electrostatic hazards may also lead to some components, such as CMOS, MOS circuit, two-stage circuit breakdown and destruction. In addition static electricity on the computer's external equipment also has a significant impact. With the cathode ray tube display device, when subject to static interference, will cause the image disorder, blurred not please. Static electricity will also cause Modem, network card, Fax and other work disorders, the printer is not normal printing and other failures. Static problems caused by the hardware is not only difficult to detect, and sometimes the software staff mistaken for software failure, resulting in confusion. In addition, static electricity through the human body when the computer or other equipment discharge (the so-called ignition) when the energy reaches a certain level, will give people the feeling of electric shock (such as sometimes touch the helium cycle of the bacon The chassis has a significant sense of electric shock).
Q:Why is the weak anti-static floor, which is the specification?
1) Since it is weak, certainly need to prevent current interference
Q:Solder when wearing static ring when there is tingling is how the matter
It is not clear, we fool the bar ão ão child care utility unit useless electrostatic ring, electric iron temperature control on the line, grounding does not matter, if you are welding the sensitive components so the best or ground. The general parts of the use of electrostatic pad shop and the ground on it.
Q:What shoes do not have static electricity
Anti-static shoes, you Google anti-static shoes to know, that is, the general electronic factory to wear the kind of shoes
Q:Ordinary anti-static flooring is only the surface anti-static, in the floor surface damage
Anti-static floor is insulated floor, insulated floor is not necessarily anti-static
Q:Which anti-static floor is the best quality?
Domestic strength and brand strength are several: Shen Fei, Huatong, East China ah generally small room are only supplied with no muscle Shan crown catch 攉 non-Kyu stone helium will be installed, how much area is you? Need to leave a message
Q:Anti - static floor height
Of course! The height is related to the material of the electrostatic floor
Q:Is it possible for ordinary household ceramics to be anti-static?
Can not it!
Q:Whether the floor is suitable for flooring on the floor
Do not shop the carpet on the antistatic floor....

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