OA Intelligent Network Steel Raised Floor (OA500 Series)

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China Port
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TT or L/C
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1500 PCS m²
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50000PCS Per Month m²/month

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Product Description:

Features of OA Intelligent Network Steel Raised Floor

1. Fireproof class A、moistureproof、dustrpoof、corrosion prevention

2. High dimensional precision, newly patent “ cross strengthening rib ” structure, strong loadability and shockproof

3. Adjustable height for pedestal ( applied patent ) , assembly agility, large wire, good exchangeability

4. Outlet mating trunking at will. Elegant appearance for paving wildly brand top tiles

5. Solve traditional troubles of wire aged、short circuit etc caused by cement、brick、wood floor embedded the wires in advanced.

6. High recycled, convenient removing, saving cost, long performance life

7. Maximum Finished Floor Height:150mm


Structure of OA Intelligent Network Steel Raised Floor

1.panel-Cementitious infill steel welded steel sheel, coner lock hole in four corner ,top tiles could be carpet ,PVC tiles or other tiles as you like

2.pedestal-die casting cross aluminium top,cross rubber gasket on top ,steel structure as base ,height could be 50mm ---1000mm

3.sharp top strews lock the panel coner and pedestal


Applications of OA Intelligent Network Steel Raised Floor

Wide range of the application such as 5 class office, Security Union Plaza ,Futures Trading Building , and the place demand cabling and wiring .

Type & Technology parameter of OA Intelligent Network Steel Raised Floor






Concentrated load

Impact load


Ultimated load





Rolling load(N)




10 times


























































Production of OA Intelligent Network Steel Raised Floor

 production of raised floor


Packing of OA Intelligent Network Steel Raised Floor

 packing of raised floor

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Q:The ground to do anti-static dust, painted with epoxy paint, or with anti-static floor paste? That is affordable
Of course it is good to put the floor.
Q:Will static electricity cause a fire?
Anti-static grounding: & gt; static electricity is mainly caused by the friction of different substances and the production of the electronic plant in the production process, the harm caused by static electricity is multifaceted. First of all, many of the equipment and equipment in the project are more sensitive to the electrostatic voltage, static electricity will affect its normal work or even errors; Secondly, the high voltage generated by static electricity will cause personal shock; In addition, when the static electricity may cause spark discharge, Serious cause of a fire accident
Q:Computer room anti - static floor of the room design standards
Activities under the floor of the space only to use the cable laying, the floor height of not less than 250mm. If used as air-conditioning static pressure box, the height of not less than 400mm
Q:How to clean the room floor
PVC permanent anti-static floor maintenance and maintenance 1, is strictly prohibited with the nail shoes walking on the floor. 2, is strictly prohibited hard objects, hardware on the floor characterization, in particular, equipment transport routes and the installation of equipment around the top of the blessing Lennon locusts Wei Chuan even to cushion plywood, and floor scratches and oil pollution. 3, the floor construction is completed, handling machinery and equipment is strictly prohibited machinery and equipment in the floor drag Sassafras. 4, is strictly prohibited with a solvent spray paint the surface of the floor. 5, the production area should wear soft shoes or feet into the work area, prevent dust into the workplace. 6, is strictly prohibited permeability of the ink, mechanical oil pollution floor surface. 7, to prevent the weight of the trailer on the floor surface pressure, the production of tires selected tires to avoid easy to decolorize the vinyl tires, the proposed use of nylon tires. 8, the surface of the floor there is pollution, with gasoline, wash clean, decontamination powder cleaning the floor surface, and then the surface of anti-static wax light treatment. 9, the floor is generally cleaned once a year, and then on the anti-static floor wax lighting maintenance treatment.
Q:Is the beige flooring nice? A long time will not change color?
Normal will not change color, if you use a long time to use some cleaning agent to float the floor then will change the color of the body of the law, Normal use is not, to the time when the color has been almost changed.
Q:Solder when wearing static ring when there is tingling is how the matter
Since it is necessary to wear static hand ring, it must be anti-static, and should use anti-static soldering iron, ordinary soldering iron must be grounded, for anti-static sensitive devices to wait for the soldering iron temperature after the unplug the power and then welding, When the place to wear static ring will have no sense of tingling is not, it is because the soldering iron is not grounded, the soldering iron on the leakage current through the solder wire spread to the human body, and then caused by electrostatic discharge of the hand ring, if the iron ground comparison Good words will appear this phenomenon, that is, the bracelet is not tight, there is no reliable contact with the skin, dry weather in winter when the anti-static effect is not good, you can wipe a little wrist ring parts of glycerin.
Q:Whether the floor is suitable for flooring on the floor
Suitable for you to see your shop is the sound of the skeleton Gong Fen folder letting locust wind burden even what made of materials, if it is cotton, linen and other fibrous carpet will not work, because with the people's shoes friction will be static. In fact, the market has anti-static carpet, the material is generally PVC, nylon and so on.
Q:Anti-static floor material classification
1, all-steel anti-static floor 2, clean room all-steel anti-static floor 3, protective-type anti-static floor 4, ceramic surface anti-static floor - metal composite activities floor 5, all steel anti-static ventilation plate 1, Anti-static ventilation board 2, aluminum grille plate 3, aluminum alloy blind plate 1, reinforced composite anti-static floor 2, anti-static ceramic steel composite flooring 1, straight pvc anti-static floor, permanent PVC anti-static floor 1, all steel 0A network floor
Q:Basketball floor floor how to deal with static electricity
Reason: any object with a charge, of course, the wood floor is no exception, the object lost electrons with a positive charge, get electrons with negative charge, when the static accumulation to a certain extent, two different objects with different charge, And the interaction with the negative electrons will produce "discharge" phenomenon. In the case of air drying, it is easier to produce static electricity. Solution: air humid can reduce the accumulation of charge, reduce the "discharge" may, drag the ground can also solve the discharge. Wet the floor just fine
Q:Can flooring replace the antistatic floor?
Can not
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Year Established 2003
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