OA Intelligent Network Steel Raised Floor (OA500 Series)

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China Port
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TT or L/C
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1500 PCS m²
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50000PCS Per Month m²/month

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Product Description:

Features of OA Intelligent Network Steel Raised Floor

1. Fireproof class A、moistureproof、dustrpoof、corrosion prevention

2. High dimensional precision, newly patent “ cross strengthening rib ” structure, strong loadability and shockproof

3. Adjustable height for pedestal ( applied patent ) , assembly agility, large wire, good exchangeability

4. Outlet mating trunking at will. Elegant appearance for paving wildly brand top tiles

5. Solve traditional troubles of wire aged、short circuit etc caused by cement、brick、wood floor embedded the wires in advanced.

6. High recycled, convenient removing, saving cost, long performance life

7. Maximum Finished Floor Height:150mm


Structure of OA Intelligent Network Steel Raised Floor

1.panel-Cementitious infill steel welded steel sheel, coner lock hole in four corner ,top tiles could be carpet ,PVC tiles or other tiles as you like

2.pedestal-die casting cross aluminium top,cross rubber gasket on top ,steel structure as base ,height could be 50mm ---1000mm

3.sharp top strews lock the panel coner and pedestal


Applications of OA Intelligent Network Steel Raised Floor

Wide range of the application such as 5 class office, Security Union Plaza ,Futures Trading Building , and the place demand cabling and wiring .

Type & Technology parameter of OA Intelligent Network Steel Raised Floor






Concentrated load

Impact load


Ultimated load





Rolling load(N)




10 times


























































Production of OA Intelligent Network Steel Raised Floor

 production of raised floor


Packing of OA Intelligent Network Steel Raised Floor

 packing of raised floor

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Q:Anti - static floor height
And the height of the trunking below the anti-static floor. There are 30cm, there are 20cm, anti-static floor of the stent can be adjusted.
Q:All-steel ceramic antistatic floor on how to open the hole
Although the tile is beautiful, but to punch on the tile is not an easy thing. Because the tile itself is easy to bad plus a hole is easier to break along the gap. Method / Step 1 • The position to be punched is pre-calibrated to ensure the level. (Note that the corresponding location of the wall do not have water and electricity lines) 2, with a glass drill hole in the ceramic tile, the first tilt direction to play a pit; otherwise the tile is too smooth and bad positioning; or not all tiles, with nails directly A small pit to come; think about precision, you can also have a hole (size appropriate) plate with the best. 3, set out to play a small mark can remove the positioning of the orifice, and then. Prepare a bottle in advance, drill a hole in the bottle, the bottle filled with water. Then, when the hole to the water at the same time to the drill bit and tile contact parts; especially the whole tile, be sure to have water Oh. 4, there is no need to change the impact of the drill. Open the tile part, continue to play the screw depth. Attention to play a hole, remove the glass drill, the blocked part of the drill bit to clear the hollow. (All the tiles in particular to do this step).
Q:Antistatic floor of the construction skills of what
Room size, floor height difference, floor flatness after installation, straightness, Hengtong Xin Hong anti-static floor
Q:What is the effect of static electricity on electronic components?
The basic physical characteristics of static electricity are: attractive or repulsive, with the earth has a potential difference (voltage is very high), will produce discharge current. These three characteristics can affect the electronic device: 1. Electrostatic adsorption of dust, reducing the insulation resistance of components (shorten the life). 2. Electrostatic discharge damage, so that component damage can not work (completely destroyed). 3. Electrostatic discharge Electric field or current generated by heat, so that components damage (potential damage). 4. Electrostatic discharge produces a large amplitude (up to several hundred volts / meter) Spectrum Extremely wide (from tens of megabytes to several gigabytes), causing interference or damage to electronic products (electromagnetic interference) If all components are damaged, If the components are slightly damaged (hidden), in the normal test case is not easy to find, in this case, the case is not easy to find, Often due to multi-layer processing, or even in use, only to find damage, not only check is not easy, and its losses are difficult to predict. Such as microprocessors suffer from electrostatic implicit damage, in the operation will deal with abnormal and crash and other phenomena.
Q:Room design requirements anti-static floor standard height is how much
10 centimeters or 15 centimeters, if necessary, I do this
Q:How to install static buckle correctly
Yes, you can look at their own anti-static mats, are generally two layers of green (blue, gray) under the black waste 禒 irrigation Pi Piao anti-lion set the upper layer for the anti-static layer, the surface resistivity of 10 ^ 6 ~ 10 ^ 9 ohm, the lower layer for the conductive layer, the surface resistivity of less than 10 ^ 5 ohm lower conductive, no matter how far, as long as a table mat, there is a ground button can be able to connect the whole table mats, of course, you More than a few also may wish, may be due to mechanical reasons, the ground button line may be broken
Q:The anti-static floor of the engine room with any suitable baseboard
Generally do not have the baseboard it has to install optional PVC or tile, can not choose the wood
Q:What is the overhead floor
There is room below the floor. Such as the floor of the stage, keel floor.
Q:Is the computer classroom anti - static floor professional qualification?
Strict need, not strict nobody tube
Q:How to install anti-static floor
Step: 1, floor cleaning; 2, carefully check the surface flatness and perpendicularity of the walls, such as found not to meet the construction requirements, the departments concerned party; horizontal pull, the well floor mounting height with elastic ink line on the wall, ensure that the laying of the floor at the same level, the measuring chamber length, width, and appropriately select the laying reference position to reduce the cutting floor. the installation grid lines bracket the ground; to be mounted bracket is adjusted to the height of the same needs and the stent Ling Li and Gu pad pedicle cutting jig placed slightly bite into the ground of the cross grid lines; 3, with the screw secured to the frame beams, and with a spirit level n beams, perpendicular to each other and so that on the same plane ; with a suction plate is placed on the transom in the assembled floor: the square by four, if the size is less than the remaining wall length of the floor itself, the available methods for cutting floor fight Lee; 5, Edge; 6, clean up the site, completed; note 1, when the laying of the floor, with a bubble level leveling, the height adjustment bracket on the floor; 2, placing heavy apparatus at the room, the device should be in the base The lower plate installation bracket to prevent deformation of the floor; 3, when the floor needs to be cut or opening, the application opening in the corner drill hit Φ6mm-Φ8mm circular, veneer prevent breakage....
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