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About Panel Lifter / Floor Puller

1.Description of Panel Lifter / Floor Puller
The double/single cup lifter can help to lift the raised floor panels quickly, easily and safely without damaging any of adjoining raised floor panels.


2.Where to use
Double/single cup lifters are designed for use on all access floor panels, including steel bare/ laminate panel surfaces. Woodcore panel and calcium sulphate panel.


3.Easy to use
The double panel lifters double suction cups are a press down activation suction cup which instantly holds and supports the access floor tile. To release simply pull on trigger and suction is released.


4.How to use
When underfloor access is required, only those panels directly over the area of work should be removed. To remove the first panel, place the panel lifter in the centre of the panel, secure both suction cups and lift vertically. The surrounding panels can then be removed by placing a hand under the panel and lifting.


Product Description of Double Suction Cup Panel Lifter:
The very best way to remove panels in a raised floor environment is by using an industry-standard double suction cup panel lifter. Not only it is easier and more efficient than other methods, having the proper lifting device available eliminates the use of improper, makeshift tools to raise panels (screwdrivers, plungers, knives). This prevents damage to expensive panels and vital understructure, extending the life of a floor system while also lowering the risk of injury.

Our standard double suction cup panel lifter has two black 4” rubber cups mounted on a solid aluminum die-cast handle. The suction cups are replaceable, meaning that this lifter will last for years. All woodcore and steel raised floor panels can be with this lifter, however, we recommend using a Heavy Duty 5" Lifter to lift panels that are concrete-filled. Please note that this lifter is only designed to raise the panel out of the understructure so that it may be manually handled. Do not attempt to completely move a panel or walk with a panel attached to this lifter.

Having a designated place to store your lifter makes it far less likely to be misplaced or lost. With that in mind, we recommend one panel lifter and one Panel Lifter Holder for every 500 square feet of flooring.

double cup Panel Lifter

Panel LifterPanel Lifter

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Q:The anti-static floor of the engine room with any suitable baseboard
Ceramic, aluminum and stainless steel can be a smooth pull spring spring to help Tong turtle to. Ceramics with bright black, stainless steel at that time look good, but a little longer will be a bit of corrosion. You said the wood is generally made of wood, aluminum plastic attached to the surface of the board.
Q:Anti-static floor with what foot line
It is best to lay the anti-static static storage of the wing fat Yan Chou Chou Chou Chuan Chuan Chuan porcelain texture of the foot line to do a lot of ceramic have to buy the color specifications by the owners Dongpeng crown beads Mona Lisa have to do, you can ask , There are technical parameters of the test report to adopt
Q:How to do with pants?
Hello gold spinning (a brand) it has a clothing care agent very good can also be used to remove static electricity
Q:The use of anti-static board
The role of anti-static floor is to allow personnel to ground, so that personnel and other equipment at the same potential, so as to prevent the occurrence of electrostatic discharge. Mainly used in the production of integrated circuit workshop nail Fu teeth Huangjiao Hao reward ketone hides, to Samsung, intel and other production chip workshop. There are electronic assembly plants, because these electronics factory assembly used in a lot of static-sensitive parts. The other is the computer room. But their principles are the same, so that personnel and the operation of the equipment or parts in the equipotential.
Q:All-steel ceramic antistatic floor on how to open the hole
The pistol is drilled with a diamond drill and can be drilled out of the hole. This is the case, to say in detail. If it is on the wall, as long as the wall in the open slot on the line, do not need to cut on the floor so much trouble. Piston drill (Note! Not the impact drill!) The impact of the force than the portable cutting machine much smaller, only saw the cutting machine will be cut off the floor, have not heard of pistol drill to drill floor drill. In the case of a general site construction, the worker can drill the hole into the hole with a pistol. You can also go to the metal processing plant (angle iron processing or aluminum alloy doors and windows processing plant) with industrial bench drill, with a diamond drill bit will be able to drill holes, but also to the floor to spend more money, more trouble. I'm not going to sell ads, it is downloaded from the Internet pictures. Buy 3cm aperture drill to use, to buy some good points, do not even a hole did not drill on the rotten.
Q:Weak motor room anti-static floor installation process, lightning protection grounding method Satisfied to 100 points.
Weak mine grounding: copper belt laying method There are several cases, 1, if the whole shop is 600 * 600 grid, 40 square will be 140 meters, so the cost is too high, the general project will not do so. 2, you can use the copper machine around the room is about 26 meters, the middle of a thin copper foil instead of doing electrostatic copper network, so a lot of low cost, but also in accordance with the norms to do this is more commonly used method. 3, can also be made "day" field head, so you can save a lot of material costs. Copper tape laying in the vicinity of the electrostatic floor bracket, copper belt and bracket, equipment to make a good connection between. These methods are useful to the project, the specific use of which method, this should be based on the design side or your material engineering offer. Insulators are mainly fixed, insulated copper role, the cost is cheaper. Horizontal ground and electrostatic floor between the helium for the reclamation of the old rush 15cm height enough. The main role of the busbar is to connect all the equipment ground, copper, pooled on the busbar, and then connected to 50 square bus, bus can be connected to the building public ground, the specific needs of how many meters, this should be based on distance. Probably this way. I hope I can help you
Q:Do the best anti-static flooring brand which?
The elephant floor of the brand should be the boss of the bar, sales have been very good, especially the old man prostitutes 薨 magic weapon for its quality, environmental protection is also good, as if the recent news that the elephant floor by the State Forestry Administration Awarded low-carbon competitiveness of the leading enterprises.
Q:What is anti-static floor? Where do I need to install anti-static floor?
Electrostatic floor are generally power distribution room / weak room / with the fire control room only use
Q:Is there any level of anti-static floor?
No level of the points, and some do anti-static floor of the company's own classification, the attack on the investigation Ji Ji panic reed lost two really is no basis. Only anti-static and static electricity of the points, ten of the five power is the following static electricity, ten of the five power to eleven times is anti-static.
Q:How to properly regulate the installation of pvc plastic anti-static floor
First, the mobile installation: between the floor and the floor with the manufacturers supporting the special connection with a bonding tape, floor and floor surface is not bonded, you can freely roll up or remove the PVC floor, easy to move. Second, the fixed installation: 1. Semi-fixed: special double-sided tape, between the floor and the floor with the manufacturers supporting the special double-sided adhesive tape with one, while the floor and the ground is also connected together, can effectively prevent The floor due to strenuous movement and the occurrence of movement, opening, but also facilitate the future because of the need to do the entire site to move. 2. Local bonding: on the ground to the edge of the floor as the reference inward brush 20cm adhesive. 3. Full Adhesive Adhesive: All the brushes are to be laid on the ground. [Grass-roots requirements]: construction ground floor must be clean, durable clean, high flatness, and no cracks. The concrete surface moisture content can not exceed 2.5%. Gypsum floor moisture content shall not exceed 0.5%. Before the floor laying. Floor after dust, you can lay PVC plastic sports flooring. Such as the original rough surface can also be built about 2mm self-leveling. If it is non-absorbent ground, such as mineral grassroots, stone, tiles, etc., can be directly pavement. 【Note】: If the basement and other wet ground, the floor must be waterproof layer to isolate water vapor.
Established in the 1980s is an enterprise specialized in producing and marketing the anti-static all-steel raised floors. It had been focusing on technical development and scientific management. It has a strong working team of research, production marketing and management.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Changzhou, China
Year Established 1991
Annual Output Value Above US$ 50 Million
Main Markets Mid East; Western Europe; North America; Oceania; Eastern Asia
Company Certifications ISO9001-2008

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Shanghai
Export Percentage 100%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 30-50 People
Language Spoken: English; Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 150,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 5
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered
Product Price Range Average