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Description of Raised Access Floor Outlet Box:

Compared with traditional raise-style Outlet Box, what our company produces are most reasonable and have more prominent advantages. For traditional Outlet Box, when opening its raised cover, it is easy to stumble one's feet or makes somebody fal down and becomes hidden danger. What our company produces have the panel flushed with the floor in normal use and only the wire exit is a big higher than the floor ,therefore the disadvantage mentioned above is solved. In addition there is the support at the wire exit. Even it is trampled no wires can be damaged.


Features of Outlet Boxes:

1. The Outlet Box can be arbitrarily combined to suit both strong or weak power supply.

2. The up-external wings of the bottom case can be used to fixed on the steel floor, and can be adjusted accordingly as per thickness of the floor therefore it can be easily installed. Even all steel floors are laid, it can be still flexibly installed through preserved hole.

3.The director of the panel can be rotated within 180. arbitrarily

4.The opening handle and the wire exit on the panel are designed separately, so ti is flexible for use.

5. There is the support at the wire exit of the panel, It can be effectively protect cable wire in normal use. In addition the sponge layer is set the wire exit to prevent dust in use.

6. The wire exit is 10mm higher than the ground, therefore it is more reasonable, safer and more humanized than that of traditional one .even it is trampled nobody shall be stumbled or fall down .Meanwhile cable wires are protected.


Usage of Outlet Boxes:

Get power where you need it, when you need it with our Outlet Box. These versatile boxes are specially designed for office and equipment room applications of all sizes, providing unsurpassed flexibility for power connections through raised floors.

Durable galvanized steel box is UL listed, providing superior strength and protection for cabling

Fits into a standard cutout

Easy installation in all brands of floor panels; box drops in and attaches from the top

Small size is a 2 gang box, with plates for two standard duplex outlets

Solid Lexan lid does not have a depression for a carpet insert

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Q:Anti-static floor also used shop insulation rubber it?
According to the rules, high pressure changes need to shop, the general room is not needed
Q:How to properly regulate the installation of pvc plastic anti-static floor
First, the mobile installation: between the floor and the floor with the manufacturers supporting the special connection with a bonding tape, floor and floor surface is not bonded, you can freely roll up or remove the PVC floor, easy to move. Second, the fixed installation: 1. Semi-fixed: special double-sided tape, between the floor and the floor with the manufacturers supporting the special double-sided adhesive tape with one, while the floor and the ground is also connected together, can effectively prevent The floor due to strenuous movement and the occurrence of movement, opening, but also facilitate the future because of the need to do the entire site to move. 2. Local bonding: on the ground to the edge of the floor as the reference inward brush 20cm adhesive. 3. Full Adhesive Adhesive: All the brushes are to be laid on the ground. [Grass-roots requirements]: construction ground floor must be clean, durable clean, high flatness, and no cracks. The concrete surface moisture content can not exceed 2.5%. Gypsum floor moisture content shall not exceed 0.5%. Before the floor laying. Floor after dust, you can lay PVC plastic sports flooring. Such as the original rough surface can also be built about 2mm self-leveling. If it is non-absorbent ground, such as mineral grassroots, stone, tiles, etc., can be directly pavement. 【Note】: If the basement and other wet ground, the floor must be waterproof layer to isolate water vapor.
Q:Is there any level of anti-static floor?
There is material of the points, the resistance parameters of the points.
Q:The room and shop the floor and the use of static wiring on the bridge wiring, scientific and reasonable?
Yes ah this is nothing is unreasonable is a practical request Many telecommunications room are used, Hengtong Xin Hong anti-static floor
Q:How to remove the clothes static, so that clothes do not close
Hang some metal on clothes ...
Q:Overhead anti-static floor height of the general bracket is how much
The system consists of floor, beam, bearing. To provide high load anti-static work surface and the lower laying of various lines of space. The floor with a cable box, for a variety of electrical equipment, office equipment to provide electrical appliances, data outlets, alignment port. The height of the beam and its height adjustable support screw into a solid support system, the floor mosaic, such as cross-beam within the box, the bracket height of 10,15,20,25 cm more commonly used, such as: room, computer room , Dust-free workshop, command room, etc., the actual situation, according to the requirements of each room set.
Q:How to do with pants?
It is better to wear a velvet than to wear velvet
Q:Anti-static floor price
The price is for the anti-static flower lamb liaoji curiosity hit the public floor is quoted, anti-static floor is only a general term, a lot of products, in detail can go to ask the local vendors, you can ask the manufacturers, The United States and the floor, their own manufacturing, low quality and excellent quality
Q:Anti-static activities of the floor by which the map set
What are your atlas Anti-static activities of the floor first in accordance with national standards and customer requirements for raw materials mixed ratio.
Q:Is it necessary to set up a gas fire extinguisher and a detector under static floor?
Gas fire extinguishing device do not understand, look at.
Established in the 1980s is an enterprise specialized in producing and marketing the anti-static all-steel raised floors. It had been focusing on technical development and scientific management. It has a strong working team of research, production marketing and management.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Changzhou, China
Year Established 1991
Annual Output Value Above US$ 50 Million
Main Markets Mid East; Western Europe; North America; Oceania; Eastern Asia
Company Certifications ISO9001-2008

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Shanghai
Export Percentage 100%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 30-50 People
Language Spoken: English; Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 150,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 5
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered
Product Price Range Average