Antistatic Steel Raised Floor

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1500 PCS m²
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50000PCS Per Month m²/month

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Antistatic Steel Raised Floor is made of good quality cold-rolled steel sheets,which are punched,spot-welded,coated with epoxy powder after has been phosphoreted.Inside of the panel is filled with foamed cement.The top steel sheet of the pandel is stuck with high anti-wear and fireproof high-pressure laminate(HPL)or conductive PVC tile.The borders of the panel are trimmed with conductive PVC edges.
Specifications of Antistatic Steel Raised Floor
Full aluminium ,die casing , top with HPL / PVC,excellent antistatic with the high capacity

1. The best base material of the raised floor , 100% recycled

2. Full aluminium ,die casing ,top with HPL / PVC,excellent antistatic

3. light and high loading capacity High dimensional precision

4. Adjustable height for pedestal , assembly agility, large wire, good exchangeability.

5. convenient removing,long performance life.

6. Air-flow panel suitable 15%--55%ventilation


Applications of Antistatic Steel Raised Floor

Wide range All manner of computer room, network service room monitor control center, electronic workshop, clean room, dustlessness chamber etc, and occasions which require on antistatic and air conditioning.


Type & Technology parameter of Antistatic Steel Raised Floor






Concentrated load

Impact load


Ultimated load





Rolling load(N)




10 times




















































Production of Antistatic Steel Raised Floor

 production of raised floor


Packing of Antistatic Steel Raised Floor

 packing of raised floor

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Q:Anti-static floor of the room.
You have to take into account the color of the floor to buy and support the brackets, each manufacturer's production of electrostatic floor of the stent and the surface layer will have some differences in the number of laying of the old OKorder guilty of profiling arrogant anchor when there will be large gap Situation, is not conducive to the post-maintenance of electrostatic floor, the more the gap will be bigger. The best way to use ceramic electrostatic floor, this floor anti-static effect is superior, durable, use for decades do not have to replace, carrying high, maintenance is very simple. Usually with a wet cloth mop on the line.
Q:Is there any difference between anti-static flooring and insulation mats or anti-static floor insulation?
Anti-static floor is insulated floor, insulated floor is not necessarily anti-static
Q:Weak motor room anti-static floor installation process, lightning protection grounding method Satisfied to 100 points.
Weak mine grounding: copper belt laying method There are several cases, 1, if the whole shop is 600 * 600 grid, 40 square will be 140 meters, so the cost is too high, the general project will not do so. 2, you can use the copper machine around the room is about 26 meters, the middle of a thin copper foil instead of doing electrostatic copper network, so a lot of low cost, but also in accordance with the norms to do this is more commonly used method. 3, can also be made "day" field head, so you can save a lot of material costs. Copper tape laying in the vicinity of the electrostatic floor bracket, copper belt and bracket, equipment to make a good connection between. These methods are useful to the project, the specific use of which method, this should be based on the design side or your material engineering offer. Insulators are mainly fixed, insulated copper role, the cost is cheaper. Horizontal ground and electrostatic floor between the helium for the reclamation of the old rush 15cm height enough. The main role of the busbar is to connect all the equipment ground, copper, pooled on the busbar, and then connected to 50 square bus, bus can be connected to the building public ground, the specific needs of how many meters, this should be based on distance. Probably this way. I hope I can help you
Q:What is the anti-static floor made of material?
Also known as dissipation of static floor. Since it is the floor, there should be a wooden bar, the specific also to consult to say
Q:Anti-static floor to do when the height from the ground whether there are relevant norms
This is based on customer requirements. Some anti-static floor with a bracket, this height can be adjusted, the higher the bearing capacity lower.
Q:Anti-static floor price
Antistatic flooring is also called dissipated static flooring. Its advantage is: the floor as a whole seamless, smooth and bright, up to the mirror effect, easy to clean and easy to maintain, tough, wear, corrosion resistance, strong adhesion, impact resistance, construction fast. Can be designed to be a flower lamb jiaji governance cut public dust floor, moisture floor, anti-corrosion floor, anti-static floor. This type of floor is more durable than ordinary floor paint, longer service life.
Q:How does the winter car have static electricity?
This is the car's tranquil porridge Ganzhuang imitation wet storm splash does not matter, mainly dry winter weather, coupled with more clothes, friction between them from the static, you have not encountered in the summer electric hands...
Q:Network room anti-static floor, how to do grounding
Look at your project requires no special high engineering grade requirements, in the anti-static floor of the outer ring supporting feet around a circle of copper and then access to the outdoor underground lightning protection grounding. The supporting feet of the electrostatic floor can be connected by wire or copper. Engineering level requirements on the need for each floor at least one support feet are directly connected with copper to the outdoor underground lightning protection grounding copper and copper rods.
Q:PVC pipe with anti-static performance?
Pvc tube is not anti-static but there is anti-static pvc tube
Q:Do you have a grounding grid for your own anti-static floor?
The use of the floor of the machine floor of the ground floor of the use of the floor below the trace of grams of Yao Yao long-chiun super-magic copper plate on the line, the room lightning protection grounding, anti-static grounding, equipment, metal shell grounding and so on the use of the bus, the formation of the engine room Local equipotential, and then the bus with the machine room of the local equipotential bonding terminal can be connected.
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