OA Bare flooring with Cable Tank very popular

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OA Bare flooring  with Cable Tank

Model: OA500CT / OA600CT

Dimension: 500×500×28(mm)


These are raised floors suitable for use with underfloor wiring for communication and power to computers, telephone, copies and other equipment in the office.

Such floors are installed in business offices as well as schools, hospitals, libraries, and other institutions.

These systems contribute to the most efficient use of underfloor space not only in new structures, but also in renovated buildings. We further more provide comfortable underfloor air -conditioned system.


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Q:Composite anti-static floor with an empty one square meter how much money
Please enter your answer here, each composite anti-static floor with an aerial one square meter how many professional solutions will create your authority image
Q:Ceramic anti-static flooring and PVC anti-static floor which is good wave tripod anti-static floor to tell you
As far as I know, the ceramic is better.
Q:Which anti-static floor is the best quality?
Domestic strength and brand strength are several: Shen Fei, Huatong, East China ah generally small room are only supplied with no muscle Shan crown catch 攉 non-Kyu stone helium will be installed, how much area is you? Need to leave a message
Q:Anti - static floor acceptance criteria
Antistatic active floor general specification (SJ / T-2001) which details how to test and methods. The The Please refer to the standard. The The
Q:What is the effect of static electricity on electronic components?
The basic physical characteristics of static electricity are: attractive or repulsive, with the earth has a potential difference (voltage is very high), will produce discharge current. These three characteristics can affect the electronic device: 1. Electrostatic adsorption of dust, reducing the insulation resistance of components (shorten the life). 2. Electrostatic discharge damage, so that component damage can not work (completely destroyed). 3. Electrostatic discharge Electric field or current generated by heat, so that components damage (potential damage). 4. Electrostatic discharge produces a large amplitude (up to several hundred volts / meter) Spectrum Extremely wide (from tens of megabytes to several gigabytes), causing interference or damage to electronic products (electromagnetic interference) If all components are damaged, If the components are slightly damaged (hidden), in the normal test case is not easy to find, in this case, the case is not easy to find, Often due to multi-layer processing, or even in use, only to find damage, not only check is not easy, and its losses are difficult to predict. Such as microprocessors suffer from electrostatic implicit damage, in the operation will deal with abnormal and crash and other phenomena.
Q:The ground to do anti-static dust, painted with epoxy paint, or with anti-static floor paste? That is affordable
Of course it is good to put the floor.
Q:How to remove the silence of silk clothing
After washing clothes, soaked with clothing softener for 15 minutes, you can eliminate static electricity
Q:Anti-static floor which sub-project
Decoration decoration works.
Q:Anti-static floor anti-static tiles What is the difference?
In the production process by adding special materials, so that products with permanent anti-static properties of ceramic tiles. General ceramic tiles are insulators, but some special places, such as electronic production workshop, computer room and other places, in order to avoid the static electricity will be some small electronic components breakdown and other accidents, so the need to shop the floor tiles or floor Anti-static function. In fact, with a certain conductivity. What is the difference between antistatic flooring and antistatic tiles? So to speak, anti-static tiles is a kind of anti-static floor. But anti-static floor, there are composite material, PVC material, and so on. But anti-static tiles because of the characteristics of its tiles, so more than other materials to wear more, and fire. Is now a new type of promotional products.
Q:What is the difference between an anti-static floor and an anti-static floor?
1, the appearance of the edge of the anti-static flooring in the steel anti-static floor is more common, surrounded by a black conductive tape embedded in the protection of the bitter Huang Hong Puerong Guo bronze Gong expansion. And boundless anti-static flooring as the name suggests is no black strip around, after the installation of the floor between the joints more fine, the overall effect is better. 2, the installation of the edge of the anti-static floor because of the reasons for the black side of the installation of the ground on the flatness of the floor installation requirements are not too high. Unilateral anti-static floor because there is no black side of the ground, the flatness is poor or the installation is not in place are likely to lead to two pieces of the floor between the wrong seam, flatness of the poor situation, so the edge of the anti-static floor requirements for the ground leveling and workers to install the master The level of the requirements are higher than the side, the installation is difficult. 3, the latter part of the maintenance on the anti-static floor pavement is completed, in the latter part of the engine room line adjustment process, the need for special attention in the flip floor when the edge of the anti-static floor prone to edge of the situation, and no anti-static floor Black border also does not exist such a situation, but the boundless anti-static floor because there is no protection of the black side of the floor, when turning the floor, if not careful may lead to the edge of the floor veneer damaged.

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