aluminium wire AA3003 0.05MM-0.95MM for mesh

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Resistance Alloy Wires is used for electrical heating element. Xingtai produced high-resistance electrothermal alloy products for the high-purity, low impurity resistivity stability, temperature coefficient small, superficial body Sexual good, and the higher intensity and high temperature performance and good processing may welding nature steels varieties specifications complete. Widely used in metallurgy, industrial stoves, household appliances, machinery and electronics manufacturing industries do heat resistance material.


1.FeCrAl Electrictrical Resistance Heating alloys with high electrical resistivity, temperature coefficient of resistance is small, high operating temperature. good corrosion resistance under high temperature, and particularly suitable for use in a gas containing sulfur and sulfides, low price, it is widely used in industrial electric furnace, household appliances, far infrared device ideal heating material.

FeCrAl type:1Cr13AI4, 0Cr21AI4, 0Cr21AI6, 0Cr25AI5, 0Cr21AI6 Nb, 0Cr27AI7Mo2 etc.Series electric flat belt, electric fire wire


2.Nickel chromium alloy with iron resistance electrothermal high resistivity, surface body sexual well. At high temperature and high intensity, and a good performance and processing may welding nature widely used metallurgical, electrical, mechanical components and electrical manufacturing industries for doing heat resistance material. Ni-Cr Type:Cr20Ni80,Cr15Ni60, Cr20Ni35, Cr20Ni30, Cr25Ni20 etc.Series electric flat belt, electric fire wire.

Product size:

wire dia.0.05—12mm; flat strip thickness 0.03—5mm,flat strip width0.2—500mm.



Main property :


Ni composition %≥77.5
Max temperature 1100
Resistance RateμΩ·m(20°C)1.07-1.09±0.07
 Densityg/cm3 7.10
 Extensibility %≥20


Cr composition %23.0-26.0
Max temperature 1250 c
Resistance RateμΩ·m(20°C) 1.42±0.07
 Densityg/cm3 7.10
 Life celerity °C/h ≥80/1300


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Q:How to understand the size of bonsai, the size of the corresponding use of aluminum wire thickness?
The iron wire is mainly used to keep the growth direction of the trees. Therefore, the size of the wire depends mainly on whether it can fix the location of the trunk.
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If you don't understand, you'd better ask an electrician to do it. It's so safe.
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Good resolutionCost savingI can't think of anything else...... Of course, the better theory with silver
Q:Computer power cord outside of a layer of aluminum wire used to do what?
Should it be insulated or insulated?
Q:Is it OK to use 6 square aluminum wire for transformer high voltage wire?
No way! Because of the small current passing through the 10kV conductor, the mechanical strength should be taken into account in the selection of cross section, followed by safe overcurrent, voltage drop, and allowable temperature rise. Current requirements: overhead lines should be greater than or equal to 70mm2, the cable is greater than or equal to 50mm2.
Q:While wearing a mask, a halitus how to not let the glasses?
But the effect is the same), when put up with the right thumb and forefinger gently pinch, bending aluminum wire naturally and paste on both sides of the nose, with the face is flat, breathe when gas could not run up, then a frame at the top, to call an insurance..
Q:What is the material of the toilet with aluminium drawing effect?
There are two kinds of surface drawing, one is PVC film, and the base material is metal aluminum honeycomb panel, this price is slightly higher
Q:What is spraying aluminum wire?
Line spray is the filamentous materials in spraying flame melt, and by high pressure airflow blown onto the other surface technology.
Q:LV how to solder, seek expert advice, please everybody
First of all, strongly recommend the purchase of a dedicated aluminum wire feed tool, a kit will contain the following items:1. non metallic lined tubes - designed to minimize wire feed friction2. U grooved drive roller - used to prevent breakage or deformation of soft aluminum wire. These drive rollers don't scratch aluminum wires like V groove rollers. The use of V groove roller, will make the wire scraping lining pipe plug, causing wire feed failure.3. inlet and outlet guide device - designed to avoid wire scratches.4. contact contacts - use a larger diameter opening in the welding head of aluminum material, because the expansion of the aluminum wire is more expansive than that of the steel. Therefore, the size of the contact head for aluminum wire is small enough to maintain electrical contact and sufficient to allow expansion.
Q:How to judge the quality of aluminium wiredrawing oil / aluminium alloy drawing oil?Industry experts hope to help answer
As the aluminum wire drawing, Aluminum Alloy drawing process in an important auxiliary aluminum wire drawing oil quality, directly affects the quality of the finished products and finished aluminum wire drawing line safety. Many small and medium enterprises, cheap purchase non-standard manufacturers of aluminum wire drawing oil, on the surface looks cheap, the actual use of more expensive! And good aluminum wire drawing oil / Aluminum Alloy pulled out of the wire drawing oil light, good oxidation resistance, not easy to fire, but also conducive to environmental protection factory. As an ordinary cable factory production, technology and procurement staff, how to judge the quality of essential oil / Aluminum Alloy brushed aluminum wire drawing oil. Below I simple to explain

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