AA5052 aluminium wire for package and bending

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1、 Structure of  Aluminium Wire Description

   Aluminium wire is widely used in ballasts automotive electronics, refrigerator and air 

conditioner compressor motors, television sets, electric stove, microwave ovens, various transformers, and other kinds of electronic coil motors, electrical appliances.


2Main Features of the AA5052 Aluminium Wire

   Core number:one
Shape materials:Round
Tensile strength:110MP-130MP


3 Aluminium Wire Images


4Aluminium Wire Specification


 AA5052 aluminium wire for package and bending



5FAQ of  AA5052 Aluminium Wire

 a.What is monthly capacity

 ---CNBM is one stated own company and our monthly capacity is about  2000tons.

b. Now which countries do you export your goods?

----Now we export to  South East Asia,Africa, North America,South America  ect.


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Q:The difference between aluminium wire and tin wire and zinc wire
Lead solder is lead (the EU ROUHS standard lead to a 0000PPM in the standard 500PPM) like tin lead solder, silver or copper metal elements use: lead solder is used for welding lead products for components are lead soldering tools used in components set by hand wipe lead area for lead company home products: lead left hand black marks lead yellow traces of lead solder like copper containing gold
Q:LED from chip to epitaxial, substrate, and then to the final packaging process
The substrate refers to the sapphire, crystal rod, or silicon, which is sliced and cleaned, and there is no other process. Also called substrate.
Q:Silver and aluminum wire how to identify? There are several options?
Find a small amount of sulfur, wipe on silk, a smear is not black, silver, aluminum wire. If blackened, the fire will turn silver again. The advantage is that it hardly hurts the material.
Q:The outside of the frying pan is full of strong and thick layers of grease and stains. How can it be removed easily?
The washing powder or clean water into the pot after the first precise use of cloth dipped in water to wipe it again, after a while and then brushed aluminum. Iron pot of the group of imitation aluminum wire (such as electric wire like) eraser, stained with washing powder, water wipe, no oil pollution. Our kitchen has not been cleaned for 5 years, it's dirty, and we have many ways to do it. Finally, we use this method to clean the kitchen. It is as white as new. You can try it!
Q:What is the best heat transfer in three objects, aluminum wire, plastic and wood block?
Here are some common metal heat conductivity coefficients: silver, 429 copper, 401 gold, 317 aluminium, 237 iron, 80 tin, 67 lead, 34.8
Q:What are the processes for LED production?
A: the LED tube core (wafer) bottom electrode prepared on silver colloid after expansion, will expand after the tube core (wafer) placed in the thorn crystal on the stage, will die a pad installed in the PCB or LED support corresponding with thorn crystal pen under the microscope, then the sintered silver glue curing.
Q:What can not be used for fuse?
When the current flows through the conductor, the conductor will be heated because of the resistance of the conductor. And heat follow this formula: Q=0.24I2RT; Q is the heat, the 0.24 is a constant, I is the current flowing through the conductor, R is the resistance of a conductor, T is the current through the conductor time; so the formula we can see that the principle of simple fuse. A fuse that determines the resistance of a fuse when its material and its shape are determined, regardless of its resistance temperature coefficient (R). As the current flows through it, it heats up and increases with time. The size of the current and the resistance heat generating speed, fuse structure and its installation condition to determine the heat dissipation rate, if the speed is less than the heat generated in the heat dissipation rate, the fuse is not fuse. If the rate at which heat is produced is equal to the rate at which heat is dissipated, it will not fuse for a considerable length of time. If the rate of heat generation is greater than the rate of heat dissipation, the heat will increase. And because it has a specific heat and mass, the increase in heat is reflected in the rise in temperature. When the temperature rises above the fuse point, the fuse will fuse. That's how the fuse works. You should know from this principle that you must study the physical characteristics of your chosen materials carefully and ensure that they have the same geometric size when designing and manufacturing fuses. Because these factors play an important role in the normal operation of the fuse. Also, you must install it correctly when you use it.
Q:The difference between traditional resistance welding and aluminum wire welding
Mainly used for welding large modules,Resistance welding is the use of current through the base material, because the parent material resistance and heat generated by welding methodsMainly used for higher precision, more stringent appearance of the workpiece,
Q:How about the difference between aluminum wire and copper wire?
The color is different. The aluminum is white and the copper is yellow or red
Q:My family always switch zero line insurance burning is going on?
Are you sure the burning line is zero? I can responsibly tell you: zero line is not insured! Because we use voltage is 220V, once the breakage of zero line (fuse) then the voltage by line voltage (voltage between the live wire and zero line) to phase voltage (voltage between two FireWire), which is the 220V voltage multiplied by the square root of 3 times = 380V

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