aluminium wire AA1050 3mm from China mill

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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:No oil high purity aluminum wire 1.Inner packing: in different plastic spools according to your aluminum wire diameters 2.Outer packing:wooden spooland and wooden case or according customers' special requirement
Delivery Detail:7-25 days

Advantages of our high purity aluminum wire

♦ The surface has no oil, even if there is only a thin layer;

  There is no glitch, very smooth;
  The product surface is very bright and clean

  Our line is not easy to break, and thus resulting cost savings.
  The line is very clean, customers do not need processing surface again, saving manpower, material and         financial resources, thereby saving costs.
  The color is very uniform,  Easy to prepare very nice network


Application of  high purity aluminum wire

  Electronic guide pin (diode)

  LED lights

  Aluminizing: Grade packaging, Counterfeit mark, Invoices coating, RMB safety line

  Spraying: Anticorrosive surface coating materials, luxury cars, equipment, cell phones, etc.


Production process

1. Pull the Pole fine

A) from 9.5 / 10.5 / 12mm pulled 3.0mm. (2.5mm above the finished product, with wooden shaft packing up each axis 700kg)
And then further stretched to a line 0.6 ~ 2.0mm.
B) reel machine can control the length or weight, based on customer requirements, in accordance with the length or weight per axle for precise control. (Length may be 250,500,800,1000m / axis)
C) from 0.5 / 0.6 to pull to 0.12mm.


2. Cleaning Aluminum surface 

Scrape the oil of the surface , so that theproduct can be bright clean and smooth.


3. Annealed according to the requirements

The line wrapped around the iron shaft, Into the annealing furnace for annealing, which can control the hard and soft state lines.












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Q:Which is the best wire, a few thin copper wires and a thick single aluminum wire?
Of course, the multi strands are good, the electrons have surface effects, and the surface areas of the strands are large. Copper conducts electricity more than aluminum does!
Q:Aluminum wire 20 meters long, speed has no impact?. How many megabytes is the Internet speed?.
Relatively small impact. General copper wire, but 100. Aluminum has seventy or eighty handles
Q:Computer power cord outside of a layer of aluminum wire used to do what?
It is coated with copper braid, shielding, anti-interference, and this kind of things that the power cord quality is good
Q:Aluminum wire through the mold, why not bright?
Suggest you use BW-500F aluminum acid degreasing agent, and BW-286 aluminum chrome free passivation agent collocation, the treatment of aluminum wire surface bright and form a layer of conductive passivation film, the effect is good.
Q:How to tell how thick the wire is?
The so-called 1 square wire mm, refers to the single stranded (BV) core sectional area is 1mm - line, which is based on the relationship between PI and the diameter of the calculation to.
Q:Is the wire on the diode a type of P and N semiconductor? Or P semiconductor?
One end of the fine aluminum wire is connected to the anode lead, and the other end is pressed on the doped n type semiconductor. After adding the voltage, the fine aluminum wire melts at the contact point and penetrates into the melted part. In this way, the contact point is actually a p type semiconductor and attaches to the N type semiconductor to form a PN junction.
Q:Stainless steel soup bucket leaking how to do?
You can find a better welder to repair it.
Q:How many coarse aluminum threads does a 4 kW single-phase motor require?
Specification of cable selection 1. is determined using the specifications of wire and cable (conductors), should consider fever, voltage loss, economic current density, mechanical strength and other conditions. According to the experience of low-voltage power line due to the load current is large, so generally according to the heat conditions section, and then check the voltage loss and mechanical strength; 2. low-voltage lighting line because of its high requirements of voltage level, can according to the allowable voltage loss section, then checking the heating conditions and Mechanical strength; 3. on high voltage lines, first according to economic current density section, and then check the heating conditions and the allowable voltage loss; 4. high-voltage overhead line, its mechanical strength is also fulfilled. If the user does not have experience, you should consult the relevant professional units or people.
Q:Manufacturing process of LED device
Microscopic examination: mechanical damage and pitting pit or material surface (lockhill chip size and electrode size, electrode pattern should comply with process requirements is complete.
Q:How short is the high definition data line?
The high definition wire is broken. The copper wire and copper wire are connected. The outer aluminum wire and the aluminum wire are connected. The aluminum wire is twisted directly into one piece. The copper wire and the aluminum wire are separated, and the circuit can not be shorted.

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