aluminium wire AA5052 0.05MM-0.95MM for mesh

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 Descriptions Of Product Aluminum Wire

ProductPure aluminumCorrosionresisting aluminum alloy
Standard and steel gradeGBS301S331S5356S311
Gauge Φ(mm)0.8-5.00.8-5.00.8-5.00.8-5.0
Welding wire chemical composition(%)Cu0.05~0.20≤0.10≤0.10≤0.30
ApplicationYH-301Good plasticity,primarily used for gas welding and argon-arc welding of corrosion-resisting pure aluminum
YH-331High strength,good corrosion resistance,primarily used for argon-arc welding of aluminum alloy
YH-5356Outstanding corrosion resistance,high strength,exceptional versatility,,primarily used for argon-arc welding of aluminum alloy,especialy for 5083 aluminum alloy
YH-311Outstanding corrosion resistance,exceptional versatility,primarily used for welding and MIG welding of aluminum alloy,especially good for 4043 aluminum alloy ,Not recommended to use for welding of magnesium alloy. 

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Q:Which industries use carbide wire drawing die?
Wire, cable, wire rope, wire need cold drawing die.
Q:Aluminum wire through the mold, why not bright?
Suggest you use BW-500F aluminum acid degreasing agent, and BW-286 aluminum chrome free passivation agent collocation, the treatment of aluminum wire surface bright and form a layer of conductive passivation film, the effect is good.
Q:Why does the reaction between aluminum wire and copper sulfate solution lead to the upper layer of aluminum wire?
The solution of the lower layer, because of the slow diffusion of copper ions, does not react and still retains the blue color
Q:Is the resistance of metal wire plastic increased when it is plastically deformed?
When the steel is cold working, the plastic deformation will increase the dislocation and the resistance will increase slightly. Aluminum wire and copper wire processing at room temperature is also hot processing, will not increase the resistance, for reference purposes only
Q:There are several aluminum wires in the high voltage 50mm aluminum cable
So the high pressure 50mm - aluminum core cable inside each aluminum conductor of not less than 19 of aluminum wire.
Q:How do you make the faucet HOSE?
Furthermore, adjust the pressure to take machine embossing mold elastic, put a head to the embossing (embossing hose is six cap and braided hose connection the stainless steel cap). Not too tight not too loose as copper core, embossing mold need to reset, just like the other end in embossing. The hose will be fine. It's only packed. Pointed hose (single hole, hot water hose) 40CM, 50CM, that's hard to say. It's entirely cut by the length of the pointed tooth. Pointed teeth have 28 heads, 32 heads, 38 heads, 42 heads and 100 heads. Others are the same as above
Q:What material (iron plate? Aluminium plate? Aluminium plate? Plastic board? Stainless steel plate? Can prevent the radiation of routers and light cats?
Grounding does not take into account time and reliability, any metal is OK, but in home it is necessary to protect the radiation of routers and light cats
Q:How to properly install fuse
If the installation and use of improper, or thickening fuse, or even replaced by aluminum wire, it can not play a protective role, so that buried the accident potential. The correct way to install fuse is: (1) the fixing fuse shall be flat shim. (2) the end of the fuse head should be aligned with the direction of rotation of the screw, and the end of the fuse does not overlap.
Q:Oneself DIY a charging treasure, the drawings are poor, the final welding, copper wire also has, that master taught me, welding, do not burn dissolved aluminum water?
You'd better take the small circuit board off the board, or it will conflict with the circuit above, and will not play the biggest role of the electric board
Q:Can aluminium wire be used as an electric stove wire?
Pure aluminium wire cannot be used as an electric furnace because of its low melting point.

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