aluminium wire AA5052 0.05MM-0.95MM for mesh

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 Descriptions Of Product Aluminum Wire

ProductPure aluminumCorrosionresisting aluminum alloy
Standard and steel gradeGBS301S331S5356S311
Gauge Φ(mm)0.8-5.00.8-5.00.8-5.00.8-5.0
Welding wire chemical composition(%)Cu0.05~0.20≤0.10≤0.10≤0.30
ApplicationYH-301Good plasticity,primarily used for gas welding and argon-arc welding of corrosion-resisting pure aluminum
YH-331High strength,good corrosion resistance,primarily used for argon-arc welding of aluminum alloy
YH-5356Outstanding corrosion resistance,high strength,exceptional versatility,,primarily used for argon-arc welding of aluminum alloy,especialy for 5083 aluminum alloy
YH-311Outstanding corrosion resistance,exceptional versatility,primarily used for welding and MIG welding of aluminum alloy,especially good for 4043 aluminum alloy ,Not recommended to use for welding of magnesium alloy. 

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Q:Why not use copper, iron, aluminum wire instead of fuse?
Wire is a safety device for electrical wiring and electrical equipment
Q:How about the difference between aluminum wire and copper wire?
Look, the color is normal. Copper is yellow and aluminum is white. Another way is to fold! Generally less than 1mm diameter line, you fold more than ten aluminum wire broke, copper wire constantly.
Q:My family always switch zero line insurance burning is going on?
Are you sure the burning line is zero? I can responsibly tell you: zero line is not insured! Because we use voltage is 220V, once the breakage of zero line (fuse) then the voltage by line voltage (voltage between the live wire and zero line) to phase voltage (voltage between two FireWire), which is the 220V voltage multiplied by the square root of 3 times = 380V
Q:Why can't iron solder weld aluminum wire?
Iron wire can also be welded, but the welding surface should be treated well, and then use zinc coating treatment of hydrochloric acid solution, and then welding, aluminum wire can not, because tin does not pass special processing, with aluminum wire melt together
Q:Petroleum chemical instrument can be used by cable wire lashing it
The alumina is very hard, so you think the aluminum wire is hard. You just need to dip the aluminum wire in a dilute acid for a period of time until the surface is bright.
Q:How to remove the thick dirt on the iron pan?
Although aluminum is easy to use, but it is easy to form black stains, can use the fruit to be cleared. Such as tomato, with boiled cook tomato, then cooked tomato water to wash the pot boil, as long as the repeated several times, bright natural recovery of aluminum. In the same way, lemons can achieve this effect. Add water in the pan, add lemon slices or lemon peel, boil, and then pour out the lemon and hot water, then wash.
Q:How can the soft copper wire of power cord be connected with the hard wire?
Tie the copper aluminum wires together with the same soft copper wire, 30mm, then bend the aluminum wire tightly on the copper wire, wrap it in a plastic waterproof belt, and don't let the water enter.
Q:Why are the microwave tubes of the microwave oven prone to be bad and how to repair them?
Copper is supposed to conduct electricity more efficiently than aluminum, so the pipes are easily broken by large currents
Q:With a broken rod can pine, or drill drilling with curved hair?
Don't change the basin immediately after you take the bend. Die was heard, a middle branch xylem of my pinusthunbergii digging light not only bark alive.
Q:There are several aluminum wires in the high voltage 50mm aluminum cable
So the high pressure 50mm - aluminum core cable inside each aluminum conductor of not less than 19 of aluminum wire.

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