aluminium wire 0.05mm-0.95mm with high quality

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Product Description:

 Aluminum  wire

 1.5052,5154 aluminum alloy wire




Marketing series:5154,5052,5050,5056

In  common ,5154 ,5052 aluminium wire are widy used as fence ,rivit ,nail,zipper,construction material

We can do  special for you according to your request.


Apply to

1) Aircraft, transport vehicles, vessels, instruments, metal products

2) Processing to the rivets, Zipper, nails, etc

3  Welding Aluminum Magnesium alloy wire which magnesium content is exceeding 3%

4) Sanitary equipment hose braiding materials, automotive and machinery oil hose material

5)  Electronic industries and telecommunications industries

6)  Textile shield for power cable


specification:5050/5052    0.12--8mm

                             5154             0.12--7mm

                             5056             1.20--8mm


Copper, Aluminum, CCA, CCAM performance parameters reference table


parameter performance


Tensile strength


Mainstream resistivity

(Ωmm2 / m)












0.39 * 103






0.88 * 103






0.79 * 103






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Q:Common causes and treatment of LED light flashing
Why would the poor contact soon after and bright: breakpoint near, due to thermal expansion and contraction because of why cause this situation: usually the reason for LED driving power supply circuit is too simple, another point is the factory that the burn time is too short.
Q:The similarities and differences between aluminum wire and copper wire
The unpolished aluminum is black and polished to a bright silvery whiteCopper conducts electricity better than aluminum does
Q:Computer power cord outside of a layer of aluminum wire used to do what?
It is coated with copper braid, shielding, anti-interference, and this kind of things that the power cord quality is good
Q:Aluminum wire through the mold, why not bright?
Suggest you use BW-500F aluminum acid degreasing agent, and BW-286 aluminum chrome free passivation agent collocation, the treatment of aluminum wire surface bright and form a layer of conductive passivation film, the effect is good.
Q:Why does the reaction between aluminum wire and copper sulfate solution lead to the upper layer of aluminum wire?
The solution of the lower layer, because of the slow diffusion of copper ions, does not react and still retains the blue color
Q:There is aluminium on copper, take off caustic soda, can copper why become red?
Aluminum and alumina film easily reacts with oxygen to form dense, the sandpaper polished aluminum wire surface in order to remove the oxide film on the surface of aluminum
Q:Put the aluminum wire into the ferrous sulfate solution. What color changes on the surface of the aluminum wire?
Reason: ferric chloride hydrolysis is acidic, and hydrogen ions in solution react with metal aluminum
Q:What material (iron plate? Aluminium plate? Aluminium plate? Plastic board? Stainless steel plate? Can prevent the radiation of routers and light cats?
I do not know what time, and really have a wireless router unwarranted radiation radiation into the light of a badly frightened person router and cat, wireless router tens of milliwatts so worried, but the hair dryer on the phone all day and every day has turned a blind eye, that after the strong radiation than hundreds of thousands.
Q:What is the phenomenon of aluminium wire immersed in copper sulphate solution?
Reaction note: the aluminum wire has a dense film on the surface, so that the active aluminum can not contact the copper ions in the solution, and then the replacement reaction occurs. Therefore, before the reaction, the surface oxide film should be polished off with sand paper and then reacted.
Q:Oneself DIY a charging treasure, the drawings are poor, the final welding, copper wire also has, that master taught me, welding, do not burn dissolved aluminum water?
The musical instruments shop is sold and used for grinding erhu stringsSolder paste is OK, but it is caustic, hardware store is sold, do not need this not to solder.

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