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1、 Structure of  Aluminium Wire Description

Aluminium wire  is made from prime material,  not recycle material. 

We have more than 25 years experience in manufacturing resistance heating alloys.All our aluminium wire is widly in Electricity.


2Main Features of the AA5052 Aluminium Wire

  (a) Good conductivity

(b) Directly soldering

(c) High ductility,good colorability

(d) Good chemically resistance

(e) Excellent thermal stability            

3 Aluminium Wire Images




4Aluminium Wire Specification

  (a) Diameter range:0.15mm-6.00mm

(b) Standard: IEC, NEMA,JIS,GB

(c) Thermal Class: 130/155/180/200/220 degree

(d) Competitive price

5FAQ of  AA5052 Aluminium Wire

 a.What is monthly capacity

 ---CNBM is one stated own company and our monthly capacity is about  2000tons.

b. Now which countries do you export your goods?

----Now we export to  South East Asia,Africa, North America,South America  ect.




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Q:What are the processes for LED production?
A: the LED tube core (wafer) bottom electrode prepared on silver colloid after expansion, will expand after the tube core (wafer) placed in the thorn crystal on the stage, will die a pad installed in the PCB or LED support corresponding with thorn crystal pen under the microscope, then the sintered silver glue curing.
Q:What material (iron plate? Aluminium plate? Aluminium plate? Plastic board? Stainless steel plate? Can prevent the radiation of routers and light cats?
I do not know what time, and really have a wireless router unwarranted radiation radiation into the light of a badly frightened person router and cat, wireless router tens of milliwatts so worried, but the hair dryer on the phone all day and every day has turned a blind eye, that after the strong radiation than hundreds of thousands.
Q:How do the radiator from the Water Leakage
If the first is trachoma, heating switch off, let the water inside, then use soap to plug the blisters Water Leakage, and then use plastic glue (glue, a bit like plasticine) to Water Leakage, after the glue dry. I use this method, so that it is convenient and effective.
Q:Can the wire on the computer be exposed to electric shock?
Now, with the rapid development of the electronic industry, data lines have become an integral part of our lives.
Q:What type of cable should be used for direct buried lighting cables?
Commonly used armored forms are: steel tape, aluminum tape armored, steel wire, aluminum wire armored, steel and steel wire composite armor, etc., according to the protective characteristics of cables, choose different forms of armor.
Q:The outside of the frying pan is full of strong and thick layers of grease and stains. How can it be removed easily?
The washing powder or clean water into the pot after the first precise use of cloth dipped in water to wipe it again, after a while and then brushed aluminum. Iron pot of the group of imitation aluminum wire (such as electric wire like) eraser, stained with washing powder, water wipe, no oil pollution. Our kitchen has not been cleaned for 5 years, it's dirty, and we have many ways to do it. Finally, we use this method to clean the kitchen. It is as white as new. You can try it!
Q:How to choose argon arc welding machine?
Adjust parameters accurately. Some wire machine by adjusting knob, is not accurate. If you want to adjust the time, the 1 knob does not indicate a second, there is no real meaning, most of the time only 0 seconds, it is difficult to adjust knob. To use a variety of time adjustment, can be accurate to 0.01 seconds wire feeder. Transfer to 0.01, it represents 0.01 seconds. This wire transfer machine is more accurate, faster and more convenient!
Q:There are several aluminum wires in the high voltage 50mm aluminum cable
So the high pressure 50mm - aluminum core cable inside each aluminum conductor of not less than 19 of aluminum wire.
Q:Which is the best wire, a few thin copper wires and a thick single aluminum wire?
A thin copper wire and a little bit of a single aluminum wire
Q:Why copper wire instead of enameled wire can cause short circuit?
Copper wire can replace the fuse, but there is a big premise, that is, must pay attention to the current value of the circuit and copper wire allowable current and fuse current.

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