aluminium wire AA3003 with high purity resistance

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Product Description:

Product Description:

1.Dark green surface, color changed into light green after exposure. Image checked easily.


2.Surface Quality :be free from Oil Stain, Dent, Inclusion, Scratches, Stain, Oxide Dicoloration, Breaks, Corrosion, Roll Marks, Dirt Streaks and other defect which will interfere with use


3.Faithful reproduction capacity, result at clear images.


4.Highly durable, long impression available.


5.Excellent sensitive character.


6.Resolution : 2%-98%




8.Certificate: ISO9001:2000, SGS and ROHS(if client request, paid by client), MTC(plant provided), Certificate of Origin(FORM A, FORM E, CO


9.Packing:First, plastic cloth; Second, Pearl Wool ; Third, wooden cases with dry agent ,without fumigation,wooden pallets


10.Application:Aircraft, automobile, train,Building wall, ceilings, roofing, furniture cabinet, lighting plate,etc 



1000 series: 1050. 1060.1070. 1100

2000 series: 2011. 2014. 2017. 2018. 2024. 2025. 2117. 2218. 2618.2A16.2A06

3000 series: 3003. 3004.

4000 series: 4032. 4043. 4543.

5000 series: 5005. 5050. 5052. 5056. 5083.5086. 5154. 5205. 5252. 5254. 5356. 5357.5454. 5456. 5457. 5652. 5657.

6000 series: 6005. 6011. 6053. 6351. 6061. 6101. 6151. 6201. 6261. 6262. 6063. 6463. 6066.6070.6083.6063

7000series: 7001. 7005. 7072. 7075. 7076. 7175. 7178. 7079.7075

8000 series:8011,8021,8079 etc




Mechanical property:

Aluminum coils

Alloy No.





A1050,A1060, A1070,A1100




O,H12,H22,H14,H16,H18, H24,H26,etc






A5052 ,A5005,A5083,A5754




O,H18,H24,H32,H34,H111,H112 ,etc





T4,T6, T651,etc





O,H12,H22,H14,H16,H18,H24,H26, etc



1.High Corrosion Resistance

2.Excellent machining properties

3.Easy to weld

4.Suited to marine and low temp applications

5.Very good for anodic reaction

6.Particularly suited to structural applications

7.Aerial aluminum



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Q:How short is the high definition data line?
The high definition wire is broken. The copper wire and copper wire are connected. The outer aluminum wire and the aluminum wire are connected. The aluminum wire is twisted directly into one piece. The copper wire and the aluminum wire are separated, and the circuit can not be shorted.
Q:What's the color of the copper core section of the cable?
The common market cable materials are: 4 copper 4 iron, copper coated iron, copper clad steel, copper clad aluminum, copper.The price is different. Oxygen free copper is the most expensive.Silver white is a wire or aluminum wire. Is the copper coated iron or copper clad aluminum.
Q:Which heat transfer is copper wire, wire or aluminum wire fast?
The greater the heat conductivity, the faster the heat transfer
Q:What is the reason for the flashing of the small LED spherical lamp?
In conclusion, the above analysis, the situation will not only this time there will be problems, if you do not want to let people complain to you, or to find manufacturers, or another manufacturer.
Q:Why can't iron solder weld aluminum wire?
Iron wire can also be welded, but the welding surface should be treated well, and then use zinc coating treatment of hydrochloric acid solution, and then welding, aluminum wire can not, because tin does not pass special processing, with aluminum wire melt together
Q:LV how to solder, seek expert advice, please everybody
Set the tightness of the wire brakeTightness only need to ensure that the wire will not loose, but not too tight, otherwise it will cause the welding wire to drag and drop. To correct the setting, first the tightness to the minimum, and then put on the welding wire, let it through the drive roller, if in addition to welding wire roller is moving, and other parts have stopped, that is not tight enough. Be careful when handling, because too tight will cause excessive force on the wire. In addition, do not strain the last few laps of the wire when it is out of use; it is usually difficult to loosen because the wire is too hard.
Q:While wearing a mask, a halitus how to not let the glasses?
But the effect is the same), when put up with the right thumb and forefinger gently pinch, bending aluminum wire naturally and paste on both sides of the nose, with the face is flat, breathe when gas could not run up, then a frame at the top, to call an insurance..
Q:Household insurance box wire generally more thick?
The melting point of lead is very high, even if the load calculation, with wire fuse do is very safe, aluminum wire, copper tungsten wire is not, relatively low melting point, it is safer to.
Q:How to use and maintain straightening and breaking machine
The wire cutting machine is mainly aimed at (0.6-1.5MM) wire straightening and cutting. The broken wire machine can cut off 4 wires with one time, while the straight wire machine can only cut off one; the broken wire machine mainly cuts off the binding wire of the building. To send a few drawings: 1 is broken wire machine, 2 is a straight wire machine
Q:Which is the best wire, a few thin copper wires and a thick single aluminum wire?
Of course, the multi strands are good, the electrons have surface effects, and the surface areas of the strands are large. Copper conducts electricity more than aluminum does!

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