AA3003 aluminium wire for bending with low price

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2 m.t.
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20000 m.t./month

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Product Description:

1、 Structure of  Aluminium Wire Description

Enameled aluminum wire ,High resistance to heat shock, high temperature and good performace at softening breakdown. Aluminium wire is very popular in South America and Europe.

2Main Features of the AA5052 Aluminium Wire

   suitable for high-speed automated routing, 

able to be direct weld, with no pinhole, 

resistive to high frequency, long service life,

excellent high temperature resistant,

Light weight, good adhesiveness


3 Aluminium Wire Images


4Aluminium Wire Specification


 AA3003 aluminium wire for bending with low price



5FAQ of  AA5052 Aluminium Wire

 a.What is monthly capacity

 ---CNBM is one stated own company and our monthly capacity is about  2000tons.

b. Now which countries do you export your goods?

----Now we export to  South East Asia,Africa, North America,South America  ect.

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Q:Why not use copper, iron, aluminum wire instead of fuse?
Their melting point is greater than or equal to the melting point of the wire, so it can not cut off the current. It burns the circuit or electric appliance. Therefore, copper, iron and aluminium wire can not be used instead of the fuse
Q:Where is the PN junction of point contact diode?
The manufacturing process is like this: as shown in the picture, one end of the fine aluminum wire is attached to the anode lead, and the other end is pressed on the doped n type semiconductor.
Q:Is the wire on the diode a type of P and N semiconductor? Or P semiconductor?
Not semiconductors, but metalsLook, this is not a PN junction. It should be a Schottky diode, a diode made of metal and a semiconductor, and a Schottky barrier
Q:The outside of the frying pan is full of strong and thick layers of grease and stains. How can it be removed easily?
The washing powder or clean water into the pot after the first precise use of cloth dipped in water to wipe it again, after a while and then brushed aluminum. Iron pot of the group of imitation aluminum wire (such as electric wire like) eraser, stained with washing powder, water wipe, no oil pollution. Our kitchen has not been cleaned for 5 years, it's dirty, and we have many ways to do it. Finally, we use this method to clean the kitchen. It is as white as new. You can try it!
Q:How to make the product more bright when drawing the aluminum wire for the special light agent of aluminum wire drawing?
First of all, we use the automatic tilting furnace to efficiently produce the unique aluminum welding wire.
Q:What is the best heat transfer in three objects, aluminum wire, plastic and wood block?
The "W" refers to the thermal power unit, and the "m" represents the unit length per meter, while the "K" is the absolute temperature unit. The greater the value, the better the thermal conductivity.
Q:LED from chip to epitaxial, substrate, and then to the final packaging process
Epitaxial sheet refers to the MOCVD processed film.The basic principle is: in the epitaxial growth of a substrate is heated to a suitable temperature (including SiC, Si, and sapphire), InGaAlP is in the control of gaseous substances transported to the surface of the substrate, the growth of specific single crystal films.
Q:What are the aluminum silk handicrafts?
Make daily necessities. Weave small baskets and weave small boxes.Handicraft (British: art, craft) handicraft products. A product that is processed from raw material or semi-finished products by hand or machine, and is a general term for a group of valuable works of art. Handicraft comes from life, but creates higher value than life. It is the crystallization of the wisdom of the people, and fully embodies the creativity and artistry of mankind. It is a priceless treasure of mankind.
Q:How to distinguish the difference between steel, titanium, zinc and aluminium screws?
Electro galvanized treatment of threaded parts, the surface is not particularly bright bright white, galvanized color zinc will have color lines, but also very good distinction.
Q:Why is it that the steel structure of the bridge is black after spraying aluminum? What hazards do you have after blackening?
You say black, should be closed paint, spraying time later, aluminum was oxidized results. The damage is obvious and accelerates the corrosion rate of the structure.

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