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1. CCA Wire
2. Copper Clad Aluminum Wire
3. Copper: 10%
4. Type: annealed
5. Certificate: SGS, ISO 9001:2000

Copper Clad Aluminum Wire

CCA has its own features of density equality of copper layer, high compactness and fine en-longing capacity,which  carries many characteristics of good conductivity, high strength and strong brazing ability of copper and low density and easily to process of aluminum.  This bimetal compound lead can be used in the coaxial cable conductor with high signal transmitted features, and become the widely-used lead in CATV and other high frequency appliances. CCA is also the best choice materials for the coaxial cable conductor and cable wire of many electric equipment.

CCA Features:
1. DR Resistivity: CCA resistivity is 1.5 times that that of pure copper wire. CCA weight is about 1.2 times than pure copper wire on the same resistivity. According to the skin effect, its resistivity is the same with pure copper wire while above the 5MHZ. So CCA electric capacity is as well as pure copper wire while is used in digital cable and signal cable with high frequency.
2. Compared with pure copper wire, CCA has no value for larceners, because it become impossible to depart the pure copper cladding layer from aluminum heart yarn, so it has special function of anti-burglary.
3. With light weight, CAA is easy to transmit and fixed, on the other hand it can reduce labor cost.
4. CCA has better plasticity than copper wire, and it will never produce insulated oxide like aluminum, so it is easy to tackle with better conductivity.

5.Our products takes the international leading craftwork of cladding welding & drawing method, so even in the strict wringing test, it will never take off, craze or flake, having no harm to human health and environment.

CCA Wire Physical Properties







10% copper



0.02743Ω mm²/m



CCA (copper clad aluminum) wire is now widely used in lots of low voltage cable industries instead of copper wire, becuase of its high performance vesus price ratio. It combines the excellent conductivity of copper with the light weight of aluminum

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