AC/DC Led Driver CE RoHS 5V 50A 250 Watt

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5 Piece pc
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20000 Pieces per Day pc/month

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Product Description:

Output Power

201 - 300W

Output Type


Input Voltage

110 or 220VAC

Output Voltage


Output Frequency


Output Current






Detailed Product Description

Good quality with good price

Built-in EMI filter

Low output ripple noise

Protection:Over load.Over Voltage.short circuit



1.Low price and high reliability

2.Built-in EMI filter

3.Low output ripple noise

4.2:1 wide input range

5.Protectio cirns Over load.short circuit

6.1500VDC I/O isolation

7.DC adjustment range,less than 10% rated output voltage

8.Line regulation (full load)>0.5%

9.Output over load protection 1055~150% hiccup

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Q:What is the working principle of the power switch?
What is the working principle of switching power supply?   Switching power supply is used to control the switch through the circuit for high-speed pass and cut off.   The conversion of direct current into high-frequency alternating current is provided to the transformer for transformer, resulting in the required group or groups of voltages! Turn to high frequency pay The reason for the flow is the high frequency AC in the transformer transformer circuit efficiency than 50HZ Much higher. So the switch transformer can be done very small, and Work is not very hot!
Q:Switching power supply TL431 what role, I did not find the circuit in 431 the corresponding circuit
TL431 is used as a voltage sampling drive optocoupler, if the output voltage Vout changes, TL431 the reference side by the R1 and Rlower partial pressure control, making the TL431 regulator value changes, so optocoupler light-emitting diode (negative) Voltage changes, the current in the LED changes, making the optocoupler output photoelectric transistor conduction changes, Vfb output voltage also changes, to achieve the feedback output voltage changes and isolation, the output voltage Vfb sent to the switch control circuit, in order to achieve closed-loop Regulation. Here Vout increases - VFB drops.
Q:Charger, switching power supply, power adapter these three different?
Switching power supply is 220V voltage into a low-voltage DC method, he is different from the traditional power frequency transformer. The use of this switching voltage technology is called switching power supply, charger and power adapter are currently used in switching power supply technology. Charger specifically refers only to the battery charge thing, generally with charging indicator, such as battery car charger. He can not be called an adapter. An adapter is something that provides power to a device. Such as a power adapter for a liquid crystal display, and a power adapter for the printer. Can not be called a charger. There is another thing. For example, the phone that stuff or laptop that is used, now called the adapter. But we call him a charger. And the top two names have appeared. So when he called the charger when charging, if finished over
Q:Switching power supply how maintenance
1. No output, the fuse is normal This phenomenon shows that the switching power supply is not working or into the protection state. First to measure the power control chip boot pin whether there is a starting voltage, if no start voltage or start voltage is too low, you have to check the starting resistor and start the foot of the external components of the leakage, this time if the power control chip is normal, then the above check You can quickly find the fault. If there is a starting voltage, then the output of the measurement control chip in the boot moment whether there is a high, low level of the jump, if no jump, indicating that the control chip is bad, peripheral oscillator circuit components or protection circuit problems, Chip, and then check the external components; if a jump, the switch is generally bad or damaged. 2. Insurance burn or fry the main inspection 300V on the large filter capacitor, rectifier bridge diodes and switch tubes and other parts, anti-jamming circuit problems can also lead to insurance burn, black. It should be noted that: due to the breakdown of the switch lead to insurance burns will generally be the current detection resistor and power control chip burned. Negative temperature coefficient thermistor is also easy to burn together with insurance. 3. There are output voltage, but the output voltage is too high This failure is generally from the regulator sampling and regulator control circuit. In the DC output, sampling resistor, error sampling amplifier such as TL431, optocoupler, power control chip and other circuits together constitute a closed control loop, any problem will lead to an increase in output voltage. 4. Output voltage is too low In addition to the regulator control circuit will cause the output voltage is low.
Q:What is the component stress in the switching power supply?
Component stress is the element in the worst working conditions of the environment, for component reliability, the actual consideration of the main voltage stress and thermal stress. General companies set their own derating standards, the use of components in the stress can not exceed the established standards in order to obtain improved reliability.
Q:Switching power supply maintenance methods can be divided into several steps
 2, the first step is completed, after the power is not working properly, and then to detect the power factor module (PFC) and pulse width modulation components (PWM), access to relevant information, familiar with the PFC and PWM module each foot function and Its modules work properly prerequisites.
Q:Find the correct use of this constant voltage constant current switching power supply, and the current adjustment method
Constant current switching power supply load regulation should be the same as the output current, the load (constant current type power supply is allowed to short circuit, short circuit output current should be its rated current) from the short circuit to the output voltage to the rated value , The percentage change in the output current. Usually the short circuit in the case of current will be too large, when the voltage close to the rated current when the current will be small. Only on behalf of personal views.
Q:What is the role of a transformer in a switching power supply?
The transformer in the switching power supply is basically the same as that of a conventional power transformer, except that it has a feedback winding that provides a positive feedback signal to the PWM IC to cause high frequency oscillation along with the primary winding, Winding DC with a large AC component, the high-frequency AC components through the transformer core isolation in the secondary form of a pure high-frequency AC, rectifier filter after the supply of electrical equipment. Because the frequency is very high, compared to ordinary power frequency, switching power supply in the transformer and filter capacitor are greatly reduced.
Q:Switching power supply transformer inductance and air gap, energy storage, the specific relationship between the three?
You are not a flyback transformer only done once the air gap concluded that there may be two of your core wrapped around the loose is not the same, anyway, it is impossible under the same conditions, the air gap to increase the amount of inductance but large.
Q:Two-wire NPN near switch, switching power supply, and how to connect with Mitsubishi PLC?
You can not use the switching power supply, direct use of PLC input point
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1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Zhejiang,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2011
Annual Output Value Below US$1 Million
Main Markets Southern Europe 4.57%
Domestic Market 28.13%
North America 22.50%
South America 12.31%
Eastern Europe 1.76%
Southeast Asia 9.85%
Oceania 0.28%
Mid East 9.00%
Eastern Asia 0.84%
Western Europe 8.65%
Northern Europe 2.11%
Company Certifications gistration of a foreign trade operator; BUSINESS LICENSE; Custom Import & Export licence

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Nearest Port Oakland,Buenos aires,BOGOTA
Export Percentage 51% - 60%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 3-5 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese
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Factory Size: 1,000-3,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 5
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Average