3.6/6KV Shielded Mining Cable rated voltage 3.6/6KV underground portable transformers

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Mainly used for the rated voltage 3.6/6KV  underground portable transformers and similar equipment power  connection. The  cable work in the environment, not only required to have a good electrical properties, flame retardancy, but also has a high resistance to bending performance.Working temperature is from -20 to +90,the minimum radius of bend is as 6 times as diameter of the cable.The cable can not be exposed working in the sunshine for a long time.


Type and Description
TypeDescriptionApplicationsUYP-3.6/6Portable shielded rubber sheathed flexible mining cableFor Rated voltage 0.36/6KV, for various mining equipments  connected to power supplyUYPT-3.6/6Portable shielded rubber sheathed  flexible  mining cable UYPD-3.6/6Portable shielded rubber sheathed flexible mining cableFor rated voltage 0.36/6KV, for various mining equipments  connected to power supplyUYPTD-3.6/6Portable shielded rubber sheathed  flexible mining cable

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Q:Apple mobile phone does not support this charge when charging this thing how to charge
People say is right, double heat is not good, line loss big
Q:I don't have any IDE power cable in the computer, just sata.?
You need a 4 pin molex. Yes most video cards have either a 6 pin PCI-E or 4 pin molex connector. What he doesn't have is a 4 pin molex from the power supply. His power supply only has SATA connectors on it. The only thing you can do is order one online. That shouldn't take too long to get in. I attached a link to one below. You can also just try replacing the power supply as most new power supplies come with a 6 pin PCI-E connector as well as SATA and 4 pin Molex.
Q:Can I attach an 8-pin power cable to a video card with a 6-pin port?
It really depends on the what the connector is. If it is a 8 Pin CPU cable, it is a definite no no. However, if it is a 8-pin PCIe cable, then you are safe to plug it in your GPU. However, keep in mind one rule, never force a plug into pins that do not fit.
Q:Why is the power cable thick and the speaker wire thin?
it has to do with voltage, the higher the voltage the greater the push behind the electricity flowing through the wire. a low voltage, like a car 12 volt battery doesnt have as much push so in order to get the amount of power you need for an amplifier a lot more electrons need to flow which is why you need a bigger wire. a high voltage will push more electrons so you dont need a bigger wire. think of it like a water pipe. A small pipe with a large pump will move a lot of water. In order to get the same amount of water flowing with a small pump, you need a large pipe to allow more water to flow. speakers work using a range of voltages to produce sound. voltages that are higher than 12 volts. Also amplifiers are never 100% efficient. meaning they do not use all the electricity they receive to power speakers. a certain percentage of power will be lost in the form of heat. so it takes a bit more power in than it puts out
Q:Why my power supply gives a squeezing noise when i plugged in the power cable and computer does not turns on?
ROFLMAO What's a squeezing noise?!?
Q:How much amp does an ordinary power amplifier cable might have?
Yes many people use welding cable as long as its sufficient size, its usually the exact same thing as car audio power wire. 200 amps for how long? The longer the run of wire, the thicker you need. What gauge is it?
Q:How to know if power supply has the right cables?
you need to consider 2 things. 1. check the pin-out. the cable should match the connector on your mother board. 2. make sure you have atleast 600~750Watts power on the new power supply.
Q:Does a graphics card need a PSU PCI-e power cable?
No maximum mom forums are huge-spread in they want the ATX 24pin significant plug. The could also want the 12v AUX too. regularly there's a mixture of molex and SATA connectors. maximum production unit machines do not use a extreme end video card so the wont have the PCIe video card connectors you should actually get a PSU that has extra skill than the cardboard needs AND that it comes with each and every of the connectors you want.
Q:Is it safe to connect the case fans in line with the hard drive, or should I use a separate power cable?
All of those power cables are connected together in the power supply anyway, and neither a fan or hdd uses much power relative to what the wire can carry. I've always paid more attention to a neat physical layout for good airflow and never had a problem with what was on the same power lead as what. The hard drive should have it's own EMI filtering in it, and a brushless fan doesn't generate noise like a regular dc motor.
Q:With the patch panel how to deal with the line corresponding to the crystal line of the line order is what
The The The The The The The ; The fifth 5 pairs are purple blue, purple orange The The The The The The Purple gray The last 5 to see the next line marked on both sides of the corresponding on the line

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