2014 Factory Supply, New Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Oem Bluetooth Mini Speaker

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3000 Piece/Pieces per Day pc/month

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2014 Factory supply, new wireless bluetooth speaker, oem bluetooth mini speaker


Prodt Description

1. Factory supply directly, welcome OEM/ODM order, moq 50pcs

2. Competitive mini bluetooth speaker, support bluetooth phone call, micro sd card mp3 music play 

3.High quality purely, high-fidelity music player, super bass pure sound quality


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multi colors available


bluetooth phone call, loud speaker, TF card mp3 player




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Q:Speaker Help! (BASS SPEAKERS)?
This Site Might Help You. RE: Speaker Help! (BASS SPEAKERS)? Hello Ive cleared out my room and want to make it into a music room, Im not a dj or anything but i love music i want good speakers which CAN HANDLE VERY DEEP BASS can anyone recommend any? Im going to put my tv in the room aswell so i can connect my speakers to them also whats the difference
Q:Show not to insert a speaker or headset
The first step, click the Start menu, open the control panel! Then click on the "hardware and sound"
Q:Can blown TV speakers be fixed?
Blown speakers cannot be repaired. They must be replaced. Otherwise, connect the audio OUT ports on your TV to your stereo, and use its speakers. You may need to use the TV remote to disable the TV speakers to enable the audio-out feature.
Q:New speakers void Nissan warranty?
It is always a good idea to put factory equipment in vehicles whenever possible when it is still under warranty. However, aftermarket speakers are fairly safe. I hate to admit it but you can get better speakers for half the price! The reason I say they are fairly safe is because they would only void warranty on any problems caused by the speakers. Seams pretty safe to me since it's hard to see any major issues cause by a set of speakers.
Q:Whats the difference in speakers?
For $500 here are a few options you may really enjoy. These are all active speakers that could be connected directly to your iPod, Computer, or TV etc. No external Amp necessary. For your iPhone/iPod I would pair one of these speakers with an Airport Express to be able to stream your music to your speakers wirelessly. You can usually get an AirportExpress for about $50 refurbished. AudioEngine A5+ Speakers ($399-$469 per pair). NHT SuperPower Speakers ($199 per speaker) NHT SuperZero 2.0 ($99 per speaker) The other option is passive speakers with a simple 2-channel amp, or a receiver that could eventually be used for home theater. 2 Channel Amps. Dayton Audio APA $150. AudioSource Amp100 $100 AudioEngine N22 $199 Receivers, pretty much anything from a name brand (Denon, Pioneer, Onkyo etc). A simple 5.1 should run $150-$250. Here are a few passive speaks, and or brands that have good reviews. Pioneer SP-FS52 Cambridge Audio S30 and S70 AudioEngine P4 NHT PSB Lastly if you like bass you may also want a subwoofer. Which is a whole different conversation. I personally would put most of your money into really good speakers, then add the subwoofer later. The best thing to do is to find a local audio shop that caries good brands in your area and go take a listen to some of the offerings in your price range. If there aren't any good shops in your area, you will need to rely on speaker reviews on the net.
Q:Nissan Altima Stock Speakers?????
Front speakers Dash : Tweeter factory speaker note Front Door : 5-1/4 factory speaker note Rear speakers Rear Deck : 6x9
Q:whats consider a good speaker for pc?
Only the uninformed buyers will look at watts. You can have a high watt output speaker and it can sound worst than a lower watt output speaker. Why? Because of quality and the way the speaker handles the low, mid and high frequencies. Yes, you can go to a store and listen to all the speakers. Still an untrained ear will probably still not be able to distinguish a good from a great speaker. Anyone should be able to tell the difference between a good and bad speaker. Bad speakers will have distortion, sound flat, and look cheap. First, you need to set a budget. If you want to buy the best computer speakers, you are going to be spending around $400. I personally like and have the Logitech 5.1 5500z THX speakers. They have been ranked the best speakers for the past 1-2 years. They retail for $400, but I bought them for $200 after a sale and coupons. I like them because of the fancy control, digital inputs, great bass, awesome audio quality and cool looking speakers. BTW, this is a 1000 watt system. I would recommend Logitech because you get the best bang for your buck. Yes, the Klipsch sound great, but you will spend $100-$200 more for the brand. Bose and Cambridge Soundworks are two other brands that you will pay a premium for. Creative Labs is another okay brand. Stay away from the off-brands because while they will boast high wattage output, they will sound like crap.
Q:car speaker and stereo speaker?
Car speakers are not DC or direct current, if you run a direct current on any speaker you will destroy it because it has inductive properties. Car speakers tend to have a nominal 2 to 4 ohms rating while home speakers are 4 to 8 ohms. You can use any speaker wires , either for home or car, the only just make sure the + and - is lined up to the corresponding + or- connector for correct Phasing. Speakers, being made to work with alternating current waveforms, don't have a positive or negative polarity per se. A single speaker will work just fine connected to an amplifier without regard to polarity. Multiple speakers, on the other hand, must be phased correctly to work in unison properly. This is true for multiple speakers within a single enclosure, or a set of speaker connected to multiple amplifier channels. By correct phasing, what's required is that all the speaker cones move in the same direction when the source amplifier(s) apply a voltage of a given polarity. This synchronization ensures that when the amplifier produces a positive voltage, all the speakers compress the air in front of them. If care is not taken in this regard, some speaker cones are compressing the air while others are expanding the air -- effectively, the speakers are working against each other.
Q:Whats wrong with my Computer speakers?
You need to check one place before you go on. Plug your working speakers into the back of your computer. Do the speakers work? If the speakers work, then your sub-woofer is the problem. If the speaker does not work then your sound card or mother board is the problem. Check anywhere that you have sound properties and check the balance. If speakers work in back of your computer, there is a couple of things to do. Is the sub-woofer under warranty? Take it back to get it fixed or replaced. If not, here is the last step. Unplug any power source going to the sub-woofer. Next, gently loosen the screws holding the plate where the connections are located. Gently pull the plate out so you can look at the back of the plate. Is there any loose wire/s? If there is and you are good with your hands, you can re solder the wire/s back in place. If there is no loose wire/s, then the cross-over circuit is your problem. I hope this helps. Post additional info if something comes up.
Q:Can i connect any speakers to a home theater?
If your stereo is one unit(all in one) and the speakers are hot wired to that unit, then no. If your stereo speakers and your new receiver are separates, then yes, move the speakers to your receiver. Then set your receiver's speaker setting to large. Real stereo speakers are always the large type.

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