2014 Factory Supply, New Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, Oem Bluetooth Mini Speaker

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50 Pieces pc
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3000 Piece/Pieces per Day pc/month

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2014 Factory supply, new wireless bluetooth speaker, oem bluetooth mini speaker


Prodt Description

1. Factory supply directly, welcome OEM/ODM order, moq 50pcs

2. Competitive mini bluetooth speaker, support bluetooth phone call, micro sd card mp3 music play 

3.High quality purely, high-fidelity music player, super bass pure sound quality


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multi colors available


bluetooth phone call, loud speaker, TF card mp3 player




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Q:What is the different between satellite speaker,subwoofer and center speaker.?
satellite speakers are really small but powerful speakers that can be placed virtually anywhere. it fits in to ur palm and also can be moved about. ideal for a person who has a party and wants great looks as well as acoustics. subwoofer is a loudspeaker device which reproduces sub-bass frequencies below about 60–150 hertz, where the feeling of punch and energy tends to be located in music and movie soundtracks. It is difficult for small loudspeakers to produce these frequencies, particularly at high output levels, and so it is often advantageous to use a separate speaker dedicated to this task. used for good video viewing experience. central speakers are ideally the speakers that come with a lot of other speakers and acoustically placed in the centre. it also has the main power connections from which other speakers are connected.it is usually a subwoofer. this is common and you'll get it with any spkr set that says 2.1 or more.
Q:Surround sound speakers?
Duct tape? Surround speakers are too heavy to mount to the wall without using screws.
Q:2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Speakers?
2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Speakers
Q:Help on finding speakers?
I don't know much about speakers and khz but i have ipod speakers made by logitech, they are loud enough for me and are really good quality
Q:what means ohm in speakers?
Well, I've never heard of 6 ohm speakers, so I'll stick to the traditional speakers of 16ohm, 8ohm, and 4 ohm. Ohm is the the speaker's resistance to power. The lower the ohm, the more power it will let through. This isn't exact, but a rule of thumb is half the ohms double the power. That has more to do with the amp. The speaker doesn't change what ohms it is. The amp will change it's output to match the ohms. So in real terms, an amp that runs 50 watts at 8 ohms will be 100 watts at 4 ohms. Some amps are specifically made to run at a certain ohm rating, so watch out for that. Try to replace the speakers with as close to the original ones as possible.
Q:Home speaker??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
This okorder
Q:What are channel speakers?
The speakers or the box should definitely state if they are wireless. The term channel could mean several things, as in left or right stereo channel or it could be a model name or the brand name. A wireless speaker will need a power cord on it. This is to power the wireless receiver and amplifier to make the speaker work. It will not need (but I suppose it could have) any audio connections on it.
Q:how to setup my speaker?
need to use a 5.1 or 7.1 dts card
Q:Speakers 101?
It depends on what your looking forare you looking for a home theater set up or is this for you car? Bose is a quality brand but spends a LOT of their money on marketing and due to this has declined in quality. I'm nto saying they aren't good speakers, they are very small and produce a good amount of sound. However, Onkyo and Yamaha are better speakers for the money (in my opinion). CNET gives good reviews on products like speakers, check it out and read around. I'm looking at buying the onkyo home theater in a box (sr600) right now.
Q:5.1 surround sound speaker volume?
Rear speaker volume is rarely loud. Mainly background sounds and noise is channeled there. They will not have nearly the volume of the main front speakers. Not only because they are usually smaller, but because less sound is sent there.

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