16 Dual Core Bass Wireless Speaker , Cheap Bluetooth Speaker

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50 Pieces Bluetooth Speaker pc
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Product Description:

Bluetooth Speaker


Product Description

16 Dual Core Magnetic Bass Wireless Speaker, Bluetooth Speaker                                          




  • Factory direct price, US$3.5-4.5/PC

  • NO MOQ

  • 1020mAh replaceable & rechargeable battery, 4-8 hours playback

  • 16 dual core magnetic horn, bass sound perfect to enjoy music and hands free conversation

  • 5 days fast shipment


Wirelss Bluetooth Speaker Introduction:                                                                                             

This Bluetooth speaker is very popular designed and easy to carry and use. It is a Multi-functional Bluetooth Sound Box with Hands-Free, Wirelessly stream music through this device from Smart phones, Android, Apple, Laptop etc, it will also let control your phone and handle your calls with the built-in hands free.


Wirelss Bluetooth Speaker Features:                                                                                                 


1. 16 dual core magnetic horn bass sound

2. Replaceable and recharable 1020mAh battery, 4-8 hours play 

3. Suitable for kids, lovers and gift market


Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker Specifications:                                                                             


ItemMini Bluetooth Speaker
DesignCube + EDR
ColorRed, yellow, blue, green, black
FunctionTF Card, USB, FM Radio
InputDC 5V
Li-po battery1020mAh
Battery charging time2 hours
Working time4 hours
FunctionBluetooth, hand-free
Package included1 Bluetooth Speaker, 1 USB Cable, 1 Battery, 1 Gift Box


Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker Packing Details:                                                                            


Package method:1pcs bluetooth speaker / gift box
Carton size:45*35*30cm
20' GP:53300pcs
40' GP:110400pcs
40' HP:123800pcs


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Q:guitar amp speaker question?
it shouldn't mess it up but if it does then youre screwed!
Q:are there wireless computer speakers?
In a sence, any speaker can be a wireless speaker. Goto the electronics store and ask for a wireless pair of speakers.
Q:Whats the difference in speakers?
There is many things that determine the quality of speakers, to much to get into on these forums. One thing for sure specifications will tell you virtually nothing about sound quality, they are only helpful when matching equipment to them. On your budget the best thing to get would be a pair of self powered monitors, as most are designed for higher sound pressure levels. There again are vast differences in the sound quality of monitors so you will want to choose carefully based on ether how they sound to you, or if you don't have the chance to audition them go by reviews. The best speakers i can recommend in your budget are the Tannoy 501a, which are $350 for the pair. They are well balanced, detailed, musical all the things that are important to monitor back music with when mixing or recording, or simply listening to music. They are sold as singles so you will need a pair of them. They play pretty darn loud if you need them to, and since they have built in amplifiers, are unlikely to damage them. Kevin 40 years high end audio video specialist
Q:Loudspeaker headset or headset has been unplugged how to do?
There is no yellow exclamation mark) 3, if any then that your sound card driver is lost, reinstall the driver can, be sure to install the correct sound card driver (recommended with master Lu detection) 4, if your audio equipment work
Q:Amp sound and speaker?
Does your amp have adequate output channels to run the audio equipment as properly to the subwoofer? do no longer connect your front and rear audio equipment to the comparable output because of the fact the sub. while you're changing 4 motor vehicle audio equipment, you may prefer a 5-channel or 6-channel amp to apply the comparable amp for all your audio equipment and your sub. you do no longer ought to run your speaker cord back to the trunk, contained in direction of the amp, and back up front. Speaker cord runs rapidly from the amp to the speaker, and nowhere else. while you're connecting your audio equipment to an amp, then do no longer even have them related to the top unit. you will harm your head unit and amp that way.
Q:Stereo speakers outputs mono?
when each speaker of the 2 speakers isnt SEPARATLY connected to each of the 2 separat channels in the stereo plug, then the audio will not be stereo, that can be the problem with that installtion. it needs then a set of speakers where each of the 2 speakers is connected distinct to each of the two channels in the stereo plug of the computer, then the audio will be stereo like in the headphones. what can be done is to simply use another speaker cabel that conducts both channels from the stereo plug sepratley to each of the 2 speakers, if the curent cabel of the speakers can be simply taken off, otherwise it will need to cut the plug of the speaker cabel off to solder on a new plug on the speaker cabel with of course each channel speparatly to each of the speakers, to have actual stereo.
Q:Speakers These parameters represent what
97.33 97 years 33 weeks of production of the speaker
Q:Pioneer Speakers?
Way refers to how the speaker is set up. If it is a 3Way, it means that each speaker actually has three separate speakers. One for bass, one for mid-range and one tweeter which (each handles a different frequency range). If you want the best sound quality, go with separate speakers of each type coupled with a good amplifier and head unit. You could have 600 watt speakers but unless you supply enough power from an amp to properly drive them, they won't sound very good .Since you have already bought these, you could use them with a good head unit (radio/CD player) and amplifier.
Q:What exactly are watts in speakers for?
External amp and speaker, they sell them at Best Buy now. Unless you live somewhere were they don't like loud music( like an apartment complex, I hear the guy next door all the time) or in someone else's home, then I buy something with an output for that setup. Or always buy the one with more watts. It's better to have to much then not enough, and have to return it and buy the other one.
Q:anyone heard of t-rex surround speakers?
Never heard of them, but what I don't' know could fill a warehouseBut what I do know is that if your ears tell you they're good, then go with thatDon't listen to anyone else. There'll always be better speakers in the world to be sureBut what's hard to find is a speaker that gives you the most sound for your moneyIf you shop around and can find such a speaker, then I say buy it.

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