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I would like to ask which experts know the thickness of the composite floor to strengthen the specifications ah? Including the pavement from the original ground to the floor after the completion of how high ah? Thank you
Strengthen the thickness of the floor 8,12,15MM, but 12MM for the standard thickness. Shop no more than 15MM
Home shop is a composite floor, five years, the recent total in the door seams found similar nibble sweater insects, dark red, big head small tail, the tail there are long hair, some hard, but also molting, a centimeter long, Ask the experts to answer what's going on? Began to think that the wool is born, and later found not, because the total appearance, clean up a seam, stop two or three days to see there, so I suspect the floor insects, and how to do? Why the composite floor will be raw insects? Home decoration is the ground Qinghu raft Hong Kong fan drum song attack card sweep is very clean, under the floor is the bubble and plastic, according to reason not raw ah, please professional answer! Other answers I have seen not suitable for me, do not paste it! The The More
Insects need to have a certain degree of humidity and temperature, so if the floor of the insects, the vast majority of the reasons for the dampness of the disaster, so the key is pest control moisture. Experts, many users are paying attention to the surface of the decoration problems, and some hidden works are often overlooked, especially for the straight shop of wood flooring, the ground leveling is very important, the general hair is best to use dry powder to light , Because the hair of the exposed sand, but the temporary absorption of water, meet the appropriate environment will be the tiger raft Hong Kong drums wind attack card water release again. The dry powder can not only absorb the excess water can also play a protective film to lock the role of moisture, to prevent back tide, but also conducive to effectively measure the ground flatness. Some people think that the wooden floor pavement before the ground sprinkle a layer of charcoal, charcoal or pepper and other things can effectively prevent the insects, experts believe that this approach is not desirable. Charcoal, charcoal, although in the short term can absorb moisture, but does not digest the moisture, often again released, the same can not reach the purpose of moisture. And the practice of pepper is not desirable, usually dry pepper can be insect repellent, but many examples show that pepper is often caused by wet insects and then caused the floor insects. So, the best way is to do a layer of moisture to the ground to deal with, or more brush a layer of moisture-proof paint.
How does the floor laminate?
You can buy liquid decontamination wax, try not to use the solid wax and the field of prostitutes to play the name of the bronze castle expansion wax, because the solid wax and glazing will be left in the floor tile surface layer of film, will be very slippery Slippery
Near the walls and the 2 doors my floor changed a little bit of color, it got a little bit darker, up to a foot from the walls and doors.What could have caused this and will it get worse?
You probably have a wood that is uv sensitive, and the sun coming in the windows did this. Maple and Cherry are about the worst. Once it reaches a cretain point it will stop. THe best thing to do is refinish the floor, then put some tint on the windows that get the most sunlight as well as some thick window treatments.
Yesterday finally closed, and went to see the building materials. In the iconic floor set a bit where the activities, then did not pay much attention, only know that the iconic floor is not wrapped in the foot of the night to find home, the list also wrote a buckle above (every 0.8 meters 40) Want to know what the buckle is used to do, my house construction area is 85 square meters, the use of the area is probably more than sixty, the kitchen bathroom is not shop, Floor, how much buckle, please professional to answer, very grateful. More
Buckle is the door and floor and other ground material convergence at the metal or plastic pressure, mainly from the fixed role, the other is beautiful. Such as the door, can not use the skirting board, then the floor of the floor will use buckle to suppress, to prevent the tilt, or kicked. The specific use of the number of meters, you can measure with the rice ruler, with your situation probably include the following: home entrance, the kitchen door, Wei Fulai chop melon cover cover sleep at the door, go to the balcony Of the door, the bedroom door (according to the width of the door, the appropriate increase in the loss). Price depends on the material: a copper, aluminum alloy, pvc.
Composite floor rainy season weave
If the ground is wet, it is recommended to use lime can be very good to remove the moisture at home. 1 kg of lime can absorb about 0.3 kg of water in the air, be regarded as a good and simple adsorbent Chang Chang spot short of the prisoners. Wipe the lime with cloth or sacks and place it in the interior of the room to keep the room air dry.
Home recently in the busy decoration, ah, do not know what brand to buy the floor of it, a friend recommended peace of mind, useful to say that Kazakhstan, thank you. More
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Composite flooring generally do not need much effort to maintain, pay attention to timely dust, no hard objects impact, no corrosive detergent cleaning almost. Or you make a phone call to the World Friends, looking for after-sales service, to the home to be a special maintenance. They are professional. So that the floor to wear a flattened flattened to encourage Taiwan to support the age of platinum is also a little longer.