Z1J-SG-1002 Impact Drill

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Product Description:

Type: Impact Drill Model : Z1J-SG-13
No-load speed : 0-3000 (r / min) hole diameter : 13mm Power Type: AC

Power supply voltage : 220V Rated output power : 550 (W) Rated speed : 0-3000 (r / min)

Basic technical parameters
Standard models : Z1J-SG-10 Order number : 41002
Voltage : 110V / 220V Frequency : 50 / 60Hz
Rated speed : 0-3000r / min Drilling Direct : 10mm

Rated power : 500W

General Configuration
Motor : 30mm casing colors: Bosch Blue ( 500 or more can be customized)
Packaging: carton packaging accessories: drill chuck key , manual
Packing Size : 50X40X30 Number of units : 10 units / piece 14KG / 16KG

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Q:How long does it take to drill a 12V lithium battery?
Rechargeable hand drill, unlike mobile phones are often used, this tool is used to work when you need to work, so now rechargeable rechargeable flashlight drilling faster, especially 30 minutes ~ 1 hours of the most.But you did not provide a hand electric drill, brand model, battery capacity and other parameters, cannot provide accurate charging time for you.
Q:How many power consumption does an electric drill work for an hour?
How many power consumption does electric drill work 1 hours, want to see the power of electric drill is how old?.
Q:Rechargeable flashlight is not the greater the voltage, the longer the time ah!
Rechargeable flashlight drill voltage is standard, can not be increased casually. If you want to use more time at one time, you can change the original voltageThe same capacity as the original battery, that is, a large number of Ah batteries. Some batteries are not marked as Ah. They are included in the model,No, just look at the instructions.
Q:How to choose the double function drill of live electric drill and impact drill?
Drill (drill): drill and drill drilling wood, iron brick, but can not drill concrete, some impact drill that can be drilled concrete, actually is not feasible, but the tiles and bricks that drill out a very thin layer of cement is no problem. Take indoor for example, the ceiling is reinforced concrete, with impact drill is very laborious.
Q:What's the maximum power of the BOSCH electric drill W?
The biggest thing that a flashlight has ever seen is 1200W.A flashlight is a drilling tool powered by alternating current or direct current batteries. It is a hand-held electric tool.
Q:What brand is a rechargeable drill?
According to the use of rechargeable electric drill, if the parameters are satisfactory, the price must be more expensive than plug in, because you should consider the cost of battery box charging equipment.
Q:The difference between BOSCH electric drill gsb16 and gsb16re
The GBH2-26E is a professional grade drill hammer, concrete wall, fast, good effect,Which is good to see what do you do, a lot of hit the wall, concrete, GBH2-26E, just a small household pendant can be used in front of the three, but if you use the GBH2-26E, not as a direct buy GBH2-26DRE, multi function
Q:Can the starting machine be an electric drill?
The transformer and the rectifier that can drive the starter motor will be relatively expensive, unless you use a DC welder to drive it, or if you burn a transformer or a rectifier, you can buy an electric drill
Q:What's the difference between a flashlight or an electric screwdriver?
Equipped with torque regulation and restriction mechanism, electric tool for screwing and unscrewing screws, the electric tool, mainly used for assembly line. Is one of the necessary tools for most manufacturing enterprises.
Q:545 motors or 555 motors for small drills?
The proposed use of 555, the same configuration, 555 motor power than 545 motor large, but low speed, and low speed, does not affect power. 545 is worse than 555

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