Magnetic Drill Professional Quality 28mm Drill Capacity

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Item specifice:

Model Number: PMD-28 Rated Input Power: 1250W Max Drill Capacity: 28mm
Warranty: 12 Months Max Stroke: 180mm Max Suction: 12500N
No-load Speed: 250RPM

Product Description:

28MM 1250W Heavy-duty Magnetic Drill

Magnetic Drill Professional Quality 28mm Drill Capacity

Magnetic Drill Professional Quality 28mm Drill Capacity

Magnetic Drill Professional Quality 28mm Drill Capacity

Magnetic Drill Professional Quality 28mm Drill Capacity

Magnetic drill is a kind of electric tool for adhering and drilling on the horizontal level,side face and top face,and widely used in the building,bridge building,and ship building industries and so on.
You can use the magnetic drill when you can not use drill press and electric hand drill to drill huge steel workpieces or in field operation.
They are convenient and small,and can reducing work force and improve the machining accuracy and effiency.

1. Product Characteristics of Magnetic Drill:

With these presses you can efficiently drill large numbers of holes in plates, girders, and other steel fabrication applications. Compact, lightweight machines help you cover a wide range of drilling needs.

2. Technical Specifications of Magnetic Drill:

Product NameProfessional Magnetic Drill
Model No.PMD-28
Rated Input Power1250W
No-load Speed250rpm
Max Cutting Capacity28mm
Max Stroke180mm
Max Suction12500N
Net Weight
Packing WithBee Hive Master Carton
Warranty12 Months

3. Our Factory View:

Magnetic Drill Professional Quality 28mm Drill Capacity

28MM 1250W Heavy-duty Magnetic Drill

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Q:Is the mountain light normal when you work on a flashlight?
A flashlight is a drilling tool powered by alternating current or direct current batteries. It is a hand-held electric tool. Electric hand drillA flashlight is a drilling tool powered by alternating current or direct current batteries. It is a hand-held electric tool. Electric drill is the electric tool industry's biggest selling products, widely used in construction, decoration, furniture industry, opening for objects or objects in the past, also known as hammer in some industries. The main components of a drill are a drill chuck, an output shaft, a gear, a rotor, a stator, a casing, a switch and a cable. Electric torch (pistol drill) -- a tool used for drilling metal, wood, plastics, etc.. When equipped with positive and negative reverse switch and electronic speed regulating device, it can be used as electric screwdriver. Some models are equipped with rechargeable batteries, which can work normally within a certain period of time without external power supply. Special model: right angle drill --- suitable for use in narrow working space. (the nose of the electric drill is 90 degrees and the working space is reduced.)
Q:Connection method of rotor coil winding for portable electric drill
AC220V power tools are generally series excitation method, that is: the stator and rotor through carbon brush, commutator series connected to the power supply, of course, do not forget to switch the middle.
Q:How can you remove the torch chuck?
Stamping shell and bevel gear with static (inner circle is bevel gear taper thread ring) disassembly seams to knock the stamping shell and two flap bevel gear with small flat shovel, out of the drill chuck can be complete disassembly.
Q:What safety problems should we pay attention to when using electric drills or hand-held power tools?
All conducting parts must be well insulated,
Q:How about my world rechargeable backpack?
Combined with MFE MFS's manuscript and impact drill bit birth body charging backpack is automatic how much will give you the number of charge if you hit the 100EU waste of electricity will be advanced from the power button charging backpack backpack to laser gun rushed and nano vibration rod is equivalent to you at all in the East West Hall the backpack is wasted
Q:How do you change the screwdriver and the drill chuck?
Without matching tools, find a screwdriver or other flat mouth tool, with the head of the vertical thread percussion can be removed, after the completion of the demolition, change the new can.
Q:How do you identify an electric drill, a lithium battery and a nickel hydrogen battery?
The charge discharge characteristics of different lithium battery: strict control for charging and discharging current, can not be too large, and when the discharge voltage is decreased gradually, but the change is bigger, the lithium battery charging efficiency is high, and there is no memory effect; nickel cadmium battery large current fast charging, and can provide high current load and discharge voltage change is very small charging, but its low efficiency, serious memory effect;
Q:What brand is a rechargeable drill?
Rechargeable electric drill is also to see the output power and functional applications, such as a charging drill, output power of 850W, the maximum torque 30Nm, and an electric drill plug output power is 850W, but torque is only 20Nm. The plug is certainly not charging electric drill. Electric drill depends on the motor strength, gear structure, gear ratio, speed, gear, and many other parameters can be compared
Q:How to drill holes on a steel tube with an electric drill without slipping?
Or do a sleeve type tooling (half shape, half and half clamping), the inner diameter of the sleeve is slightly larger than the outer diameter of the pipe. The tooling can be used to drill holes on the machine tool, which is slightly larger than the drill bit
Q:The difference between electric hand drill and electric hand drill
The electric drill is mainly end of tight, torsion scissors type high-strength bolts, and its use is to bolt the power switch, until the twist scissors type high-strength bolt plum head interrupted.The electric drill fixed torque drill can be both tight and tight, its use is to adjust the torque, and then tighten the bolt.Electric angle drills mainly belong to fixed torque, and its use is to adjust the degree of rotation, and then tighten the bolts.The electric drill is a kind of electric drill which is specially used to fasten the bolt of the angle of the steel frame. Its use is the same as that of the electric scissors and electric drill

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