Z1J-SG-1304 Impact Drill

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Product Description:

Type: Impact Drill Model : Z1J-SG-13
No-load speed : 0-2600 (r / min) hole diameter : 13mm Power Type: AC

Power supply voltage : 220V Rated output power : 800 (W) Rated speed : 0-2600 (r / min)

Technical Parameters
Model : Z1C-SG-13 Order number : 61304
Voltage : 110 / 220V Frequency : 50 / 60Hz chuck diameter : 13mm

Rated speed : 0-2600r / min Rated power : 750W

Standard configuration:
Chassis: Red + soft core height : 40mm copper motor
Cartons 2 m standard cable
Packing Size : 50X40X30 10 units / piece 20KG / 22KG

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Q:What tools are used to install the ceiling lamp?
You can use an electric drill, electric hammer drill is relatively heavy, best not to use the
Q:How do you identify an electric drill, a lithium battery and a nickel hydrogen battery?
The working principle is different: the lithium battery is equal to a charge container, work basically do not rely on the electrochemical reaction, when charging the battery, lithium ion battery cathode is generated, the generation of lithium ion movement through the electrolyte to the cathode. As the anode carbon is layered structure, it has many micropores, and the negative ion is embedded into the micropores of the carbon layer. The more the embedded lithium ion, the higher the charging capacity. Similarly, when the battery is discharged (i.e., we use the battery), the lithium ions embedded in the negative carbon layer are removed and moved back to the positive electrode. The more lithium ion is back to the positive electrode, the higher the discharge capacity. Nickel cadmium battery work needs the electrochemical reaction, charging electronic along the wire to the cathode, and the cathode of the two water reaction of nickel oxide and nickel hydroxide and sodium hydroxide solution in the formation of hydroxyl ions, chemical energy into electrical energy; discharge cathode in cadmium (Cd) and sodium hydroxide (NaOH) in hydroxide ion (OH-) the synthesis of cadmium hydroxide, and attach to the anode, but also emit electron, chemical energy into electrical energy;
Q:How do you change the screwdriver and the drill chuck?
Without matching tools, find a screwdriver or other flat mouth tool, with the head of the vertical thread percussion can be removed, after the completion of the demolition, change the new can.
Q:Torch drill head leakage
It can be judged that the rotor leakage of the electric drill is caused by the analysis of the reason that the rotor winding is connected with the iron core of the rotor, and the rotor core is electrified by the rotor shaft and the transmission gear. When the utility model is idle and the insulation is dry, the leakage switch does not move because the earth does not generate leakage current. When drilling the non insulating material connected to the ground, the leakage current will cause the leakage switch to trip immediately.
Q:The maximum diameter of the hammer is fixed up? Can I open the hole? How does an electric drill screw in? How big is the drill bit?
If the opening is often marked with the vertical line, then along a circle hole, knocking out the middle can.
Q:How can I use an electric drill to punch holes in the wall?
Cement wall drilling:This small hole is less than 30mm, using impact drill, see big hole, big trumpet, percussion drill and drills of different diameters.This large 50mm about to use the core machine, according to the size of the core machine of various specifications and depth.
Q:I have an old hand drill. Would you like to change it into a reversible one? Specific how to change, please help tell
The theory is feasible, but the actual operation is very difficult and not practical. I have changed it.Speed control can be connected with a variable resistor, but it is bulky and inconvenient to operate.
Q:Circuit diagram of speed regulator for electric drill
Electric torch (pistol drill) -- a tool used for drilling metal, wood, plastics, etc.. When equipped with positive and negative reverse switch and electronic speed regulating device, it can be used as electric screwdriver. Some models are equipped with rechargeable batteries, which can work normally within a certain period of time without external power supply.
Q:Can a cutting piece be mounted on an electric drill?
There is a special transfer chuck to sell, or with a suitable size of screw tightening slice, electric drill reverse work
Q:Can a torch drill a brick wall?
If not impact drill, drill hole effect is not ideal. But can do, especially the brick wall is not strong enough to feed.

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