XLPE or PVC insulated power cable25mm2,35mm2, 70mm2, 50mm2,95mm2,120mm2

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Product Description:

1.Application :


XLPE electrical power cable is with the excellent thermal mechanical properties,excellent electrical properties and resistances to chemical corrosion. At same time XLPE is also with the simple constructure,light-weight and no drop restrictions in laying,which is widely applied in the urban power network,mine and factory. XLPE is a kind of latest electrical power cable.


2.Product implementation standard:


Above products types fits for GB/T12706-2002,GB/T18380.3-2001,GB/T17650-1998 and GB/T17651-1998 National standard,at same time meet the requirements of international standard IEC60520-1997,IEC603323-2000,IEC61034-1997 and IEC60754-1994.


 GB/T12706-2002 rated voltage 1KV (Um=1.2KV) to 35KV (Um=40.5KV) Extruded insulation power cables and accessories


3.Operational performances:


   (1)Working temperature:

 Working temperature:   Conductor Max.Rated working temperature 90 .   Conductor short circuit temperature:   The Max.highest temperature should not be over 250 ,the longest time is not over 5 second.



The min.bending radius of cable installation :


Table 1 :


ItemSingle core Power Cable3 Cores Electrical Power Cable
No ArmourWith ArmourNo ArmourWith Armour
The Min.bending radius of cable installation20D15D15D12D
The min.bending radius near connecting box & terminal cable15D12D12D10D
Note : "D" refers to outside diameter of electrical power cable.



Cable installation laying temperature not less than 0℃ Cable current-carrying capacity laying mode & basic parameters: Air laying: enviromental temperature : 40℃ Soil laying: enviromental temperature : 25℃ Soil Thermal resistance coefficient : 1.0.m/W Cable laying arrangments:

Single core calbe arrangment :Flat type. (adjacent space equals to cable outside diameter);  


XLPE or PVC insulated power cable25mm2,35mm2, 70mm2, 50mm2,95mm2,120mm2

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you can but its always best to run them apart for the least possible interference.
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Power cables for optical and hard drives are provided by the PSU. Just ensure that when you pick your PSU that it has the correct SATA drive power ends that will meet your needs.
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Q:is 400V submarine power cable available?
the current will be about 87 Amps.You can use 3ph,4 or3 1/2 core, 400V,35 sq mm copper marine cable
Q:When installing an amplifier in your car, can the power cable cause interference with any speaker wires?
No, just run it through the middle of your car, not through the sides. My runs right under the cup holder area under the seats and right to the back. You cant even see it lol, my pros did a great job putting it in
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