XLPE Insulated Power Cable XLPE Insulated Power Cable

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XLPE Insulated Power Cable is usually called as cross-linked cable, has the characteristics of high operating temperature , big transmission capacity, perfect electric performance, no limit for placing dropping variance and easy to be installed and maintenance convenience, which is directive product of the power cable develops.     The product is manufactured according to international electrician committee standard IEC60502-1997 and the National standards GB/T12706-2002, also defer to other national standards or the user requests to carry on the design and the production. and may produce being flame-resistant, fireproof, against mouse and the termite-proof, does not have uses and so on halogen low smoke environmental protection in the different situation serial products.

The product voltage level, amount of cores and section area 
voltage level::0.6/1-26/35KV 

Note: the first category applies to the three-phase system in  which the fault in every grounding process lasts less than 1 min; the  second category to the three-phase system in which the fault in every  grounding process lasts generally less than 2 hours, with a maximum of 8  hours. 

2,Notes: ① as for models of  single-core cables in brackets used for AC system, the single-core  cables are shielded with non-magnetic materials.
       ② “ZR” before the models stands for flame-retardant products and “NH” for fire-resistant products.

3,The main technical indicators and the laying of the requirements
(1) DC resistant: every kilometer product core DC resistant should be no more than provision
(2) Voltage text: At ambient temperature, the cable conductor bring to bear 3.5Uo to ground , time 5min does not breakdown.
(3) Partial  discharge text: 3.6/6KV and above on the products between the conductor  and the metal shield voltage imposed 1.73 Uo, partial discharge does  not exceed the amount 5Pc.
Maximum conductor work temperature of  90℃,  250℃ short time is not more than 5 seconds, when the cable laying  the temperature should be less than 0℃. Cable minimum bend radius.

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Q:I just had a power outage and now my comcast cable wont work?
Reset your cable box. See if there is a reset option, if not, unplug your box and wait 30 seconds. Plug it back in, but do not turn it on until it boots all the way up. When it is booted up, the clock on the front will display with the correct time. At that time, turn it on, and see if it works.
Q:how to run amp power cable from trunk to battery?
think of exterior the container. actually. you do no longer could desire to bypass for the period of the passenger compartment...you could run the wires below the automobile. only be valuable to tie them up nicely. stable success.
Q:i need help on where to run my amp power cable from the battery to the amp on a 2006 f150 i cant find any?
steering rod boot or drill a hole
Q:Car amplifier power cable?
Try a new power cable, if i were u, I WOULD def. go with 0 guage Memphis wire, which is 95% pure copper. Its very good wire, top quality. Your old wire just burned out cuz it was probably around 10% copper.
Q:How can I power on my hardrive without the main power cable?
Disconnect the power cable to the CD or DVD drive for a while and use it on the hard disk for now if you have no money. That way you can use it.
Q:How many amphs does the us ps3 slim's power cable have? It should be #A?
i don't know why youre trying to find this out but heres a chart. The power cable has different electricity usages depending on what youre doing but the average is 87 ish
Q:Lost power Cable for scanner: HP Scanjet 3400C. Replace with?
The power cable and adapter will probably be unique to the scanner. You'll have to order the right one from HP, or through a computer store. The USB cable should be standard. Most printers and scanners use a USB cable with a Type A connector (flat) on one end, and a Type B connector (squared-off) on the other end. They're easy to find at Staples, as well as at computer stores.
Q:What is the difference between data cables and power cables?
What do you think? Data cables are used to power up the device, and the power cable is used to transfer data.
Q:how to test the power output of a usb cable?
The max power you can draw from a USB port is 2.5W (500 mA at 5V)
Q:is 400V submarine power cable available?
the current will be about 87 Amps.You can use 3ph,4 or3 1/2 core, 400V,35 sq mm copper marine cable

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