Woodworking Engraver CNC Router XK-1224

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woodworking engraver cnc router machine

1.X,Y,Z axial:1200*2400*120mm

2.Adsorb power:3kw

3.spindle speed:24000rpm/Min

Door making cnc router woodworking machine  XK1224-Z

widely used in solid wooden door ,craft wooden door,panel furniture processing,door,carbinet,hollowing,milling. 



1. using imported straight quadrated rail ,which imported from TaiWan.Two rows and four lines_rolling block devices that ensure it is high loading capacity and moves steadily.the imported screw rod  from Germany is very precise.

2.The use of advananced dual gear shaft of the y-axis rotation rack,intergration of control cabinet and the cabinet.,not occupy the space.

3.software has good compatibility and is compatible with several design software,such as type 3/artcam/castmate/weitai and variety of CAD/CAM design software generate code which is processing.Ensure that the design  barrier free.

4.has a power outage continued carving ,power failure recovery,processing time prediction function ,the real humanism design come true.

5.improve the auto-lived oil lubrication system for extended service life of the body.

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Q:I would like to ask plastic mold insert needle, thimble, barrel, used for what, thank you
The needle is mounted on the top of the mold to remove the mold or to make it easier for the mold to be processed.Thimble - after the product is ready, it needs to be pushed out of the mold. These pins are the thimble.Cone - for some slender and long thimble, for which the needles are not easily broken, put a coarse coat needle on the needle.
Q:What is the thimble of machine tool parts?
It is the pivot of the axis of rotation. In general lathe grinder head or tail tail sit sit.
Q:How many degrees are the tailstock of a lathe?
60 degrees, no problem. Please trust me。
Q:How is a lathe pin mounted on a lathe?
The top insert thetailstock spindle taper, standard rod end at the top of the main shaft end of the other end of the top end of the tailstock, the dial gauge is fixed on a middle carriage.Contact with the standard gauge rod, sliding carriage, adjust the headstock, tailstock, after adjustment can guarantee the processing precision of coaxiality etc.. Between the lathe tailstock and the axis of the main axis of the coaxial degree is a lathe factory strictly calibrated, in turn over clamping when how to ensure the concentricity, this type of parts are generally double top position, strictly for example engine crankshaft, at both ends of the central shaft is in balance hole processing machine. To ensure the concentricity of the center hole two.
Q:How can plastic die be afraid of thimble collision?
The die with a row position slider is a moving slider in the opening mode. The slider moves backward first, and then the ejector pin moves. In the closing of the die, the ejector pin returns the ejector pin to the front of the block when the slider is advancing. On the adjusted die, there should be no interference with the collision.
Q:Plastic mold bite surface, thimble printing reasons, specifically how to deal with?
1. The bite flower is usually on the female die surface and the thimble is in the male mold face. If there is a trace, it is necessary to reinforce the corresponding place.2, plastic mold, a kind of plastic molding, extrusion, injection, blow molding and low foaming molding of a combination of plastic mold short.3, such as die with variable cavity composed of concave mould substrate, die components and die combination board, die with variable core is composed of a convex mold substrate, punch assembly, punch card, combination cavity blocking assembly and side cutting plate. The coordinated change of die, punch, die and auxiliary forming system. Can be processed in different shapes, different sizes of series of plastic parts.
Q:Plastic die without thimble, injection of ABS parts, demoulding more difficult, plus what additives can solve ah?
I do not know what is your product, the product itself is not allowed with the thimble, and if so, you can consider the use of gas cap or outside of the product as a thimble, just rely on the effect of additives is small, if the previous methods are not considered, then join in the material release powder try!
Q:Dry high temperature thimble grease
Our company has sales of Japan mountain chemical SP dry thimble lubricant, will not produce any oil pollution, if you need to consult, please feel free to contact us at Dongguan mountain a lubricant Co., Ltd. (Baidu)
Q:Die thimble ejector can not be restored, how to solve?
If the thimble is not tight, try to increase the force reset for reference only
Q:Structure of resetting mechanism for ejector pin of injection moulding machine
A kind of electric hydraulic machine is such, some do not push plate, but the structure principle and function setting and the push plate is the same, are used to set the nut fixed on the push rod and the push rod synchronous operation, the push plate device and iron pin for touch or induction top back two stroke switch jacking, some sensor switch, as long as the interest in this line, we should see more thought, more questions, more practice, don't be afraid of being talked about
Our products are widely applied in the wood engraving,mould making and drilling and non-metal engraving fields. Our company covers an area of 2,000 m2 with 15 assembling lines,and has more than 30 experienced workers,well trained R&D and after-sales staffs.Each year,1000 sets of machines and excellent service are provided for different demands.

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Location Shandong,China
Year Established 2010
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Western Europe
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2000

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