Wood CNC Router 1325

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Product Description:

●With hard steel structure, fit for hard wood working

●With the Vacuum table and dust collector

●Imported high precision ball screw, smooth movement, to ensurehigh-precision.

● Wellknown domestic brands of water cooling brushless spindle, low noise, strong cutting ability, to ensure the long time working.

●High-performance driven motor to ensure that the machine high speed and accuracy.



Travelling size


Repositioning Accuracy

± 0.03mm


X/Y rack and pinion drive, Z ball screw drive

Table structure

T-slot vacuum

Spindle power

3 kw water-cooled spindle

Spindle speed

24000 r/min

Travelling speed


Working speed


Dictate Formate

G code, *.u00, *.mmg, *.plt


Type3 original with Dongle or Wentai , ArtCAM software

Driving system

Stepper motor




Nc-studio or DSP off-line controller





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Q:What is the price of the single spindle rotation shaft of woodworking engraving machine?
Woodworking engraving machine single belt rotation shaft price is based on the level of engraving machine to determine the level.
Q:Woodworking engraving machine can be engraved on the drums?
Woodworking engraving machine is a woodworking machine. Three control modes: one is all the operation control is completed by computer, computer engraving machine at work in the work of the state, unable to carry out other typesetting work, waste may be caused by the misoperation of the computer; two is the use of single-chip control, the engraving machine can work at the same time the layout, but does not turn off the computer and the computer can reduce the errors caused by the waste; three is the use of USB port data transmission system has more than 32M of memory, save the file to be completely separated from the computer, turn off the computer or other layout, can greatly improve work efficiency.
Q:How to operate the woodworking engraving machine can make the engraving process more simple and convenient?
The second is using USB interface to handle or hand wheel control, have a certain capacity of the equipment, can be done with the USB file path in the form of this device, and then operate, so that you can operate from the computer, and this device only palm size, save space, but also can improve the processing efficiency and it also received more attention and love;
Q:What are the engraving document formats of woodworking engraving machines?
CNC CNC woodworking engraving machine users are mostly used for carving relief or flat drawing manufacturing. Regardless of what the customer is before use, CNC woodworking engraving machine, engraving machine must be painted the operation requirements of the document, and the document is operating way of CNC woodworking engraving machine, engraving picture is demand management files, and the pattern is nothing more than the bitmap and vector.
Q:Dry CNC woodworking carving okay?
CNC woodworking engraving machine theoretical basis: training work must begin from the theoretical training, operators must pass the theoretical examination, the actual training can be carried out below. If the theoretical training has not been adopted, it is very difficult to conduct operational training.
Q:Woodworking engraving machine drive red light, how do?
Some woodworking engraving machines may show a red drive indicator after the machine has been used for a period of time, and the red light remains red after the machine is turned off
Q:Can woodworking engraving machine punch and open?
Woodworking engraving machine is fully qualified, batch production, it is best to carry fully automatic disassembly and layout optimization software, which can greatly shorten the production cycle and improve production efficiency.
Q:When did the woodworking engraving machine start?
CNC woodworking engraving machine, is probably the last century the beginning of 60s, the beginning of Longmen CNC milling machine, at the beginning of 80s, Italy and Germany do batch used in this and later, Japan, followed by Taiwan Province, in fact, many of those called domestic woodworking engraving machine is advertising engraving machine PRO version.
Q:1325-2 weight and handling method of woodworking engraving machine
The installation of Thailand, carving and other mapping software - selected graphics - according to the set size selection tool -- Nc -- tool path selection of machining methods (carved ENG format conversion)
Q:How do woodworking machines look good or bad?
Customers should select the type of engraving machine and the size of its power according to the needs of the business and the funds.

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