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  • Product Dimensions: 15 x 9.4 x 4.4 cm

  • Item Weight: 662 g

  • Shipping Weight: 662 g

Texas Instruments ti wireless charger smart chip program
Made in China made in china
Environmental protection certification mark
Input voltage 5v2a output 5v1a low standby power
standby power consumption of less than 1.50kwh in one year, l
charging complete then automatically switch to standby
Pc + ab material mixed material design piano paint technology
Only 0.73cm thin
Suitable for any qi Standard Charger

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Q:Why does my computer keep killing chargers?
Does okorder
Q:Dell latitude D800 will not turn on, charger problems?
flow to the bios and verify your battery prestige if that's below 10% after leaving it plug in all day after it shutdowns while unplug then a sparkling battery ,verify your battery potential administration settings the two on the bios and in domicile windows
Q:Who will win Eagles/Chargers game?
Chargers aren't going to be motivated - they'll be demoralized. The Chargers are in for another LONG season. Don't get me wrong, Rivers looked great. But the defense has many holes.
Q:Will vincent Jackson remain a Charger?
he's asking for too much money and being greedy, I wouldn't sign him if I were them. The chargers have good young receivers. and they will be fine without him. Look at the pats without moss.
Q:Why is everyone against the Chargers?
I'm a Chargers fan and I love the Chargers.
Q:aah, problem with laptop charger :(?
Same thing happened to me and i fryed my motherboard. Go to your local Best Buy and ask Geek Squad if you can try out a new charger right there. I had to buy a new laptop.you can prevent that. Good Luck
Q:Digital Camera Battery charger?
normally it comes together with ur new camera.if u use d old charger,it w'd be slower charging than the new one.
Q:Why wont my charger work?
no its not your charger your fried your phone's charging port you just described the classic textbook case using a non-approved charger on a device for an extended length of time. an approved charger carries the correct amount of current to the device. You can use another charger, no problem but to avoid your issue, the customer needs to know that the output frmo the adaptor is what is requried by the phone AND battery. To much juice and pop!. like in humans, drink to much alcohol especially grade A moonshine, and you'll get brain damage I suggest you call your wireless carrier and get free warranty reaplcement do NOT tell them what you do cause technically you broke the phone and warranty wont cover this, only a $50-$200 insurance repalcement deductible can. just tell them your charging port started to smoke last night when you went to charge it before bed and now it wil never charge just say that. next time, buy / use an approved charger made for your cell phone.
Q:Patriots vs chargers whos gonna win?
Q:How to Make a Portable Cell Phone Charger?
The okorder

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