undercounter basin white16-inch and 15.5-inch

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Material: ceramic countertops

Type : Circular basin

Single washbasin faucet hole : no holes      

Style: Circular basin

Color : Square Counter Basin Origin: Chaozhou

processing methods: sample custom

Specifications : 390 * 330 * 190MM

Color: white Whether the trade : Yes


The new product , the whole surface of the glazing pots , so that the inner wall is smooth hand basin , enhanced cleansing effect. Combined effluent design , excellent performance splash of water ; the overall structure is fully in line with national standards, full of water from the overflow of suitable design , effectively avoid emission, flushing faster, cleaner at the same time , has a good performance Splash .

1. The use of antimicrobial technology , stylish, durable, no radiation , easy to stick dirt, corrosion , clean and always care for the family's health

2. The self-supporting leader, combined with practical home fashion ideas , highlighting the high- grade

3.1270 ℃ temperature firing , fully vitrified , make sure the toilet bright glaze thorough , easy to scratching , cracking and other common brand common phenomenon

The ultra-smooth glaze , the glaze layer thickness of 1.2mm or more, crystal clear and full, easy to clean, look as new

5. Set ergonomics, aesthetics , mechanical design , practical in an interpretation of the extreme achievement

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Q:How much is the washbasin in the bathroom? The kind of magnetic
If a small pot on the tens of dollars can be, there are the following iron stent to sell, need to punch on the wall to install the bracket, a small pot on top. The edge of the last white glass glue on the gap. If you buy a frame with a washbasin, hundreds of dollars can be bought, there are directly on the ground, but also with screws fixed on the wall
Q:Wash basin faucet water hose hose, I removed the end of the connection angle valveis not to remove the faucet
This is usually the case.
Q:Ceramic washbasin bad how to do something leaky
First it should be checked whether the ceramic washbasin is part of the ceramic crack or broken. If the ceramic part is not obvious cracks or damage, you can check the ceramic basin water leakage part of the use of a long time because of aging, damage, poor airtight. If this is the case, it is very simple to replace the same specifications of the water leakage can be. If the ceramic basin body cracks or damage, you need to repair the basin body. The specific method is as follows: (1) temporary emergency law. You can use 502 glue, Wan Nengjiao, glass glue, hot plastic gun, and even candles (cracks are very subtle) to fill the cracks, can be applied directly before the solidification, with the tools to clean the surface of the basin can be clean. This method can be temporary emergency use, but the effect is not ideal, often every time the filler again fall off. (2) professional repair law. Please have a professional repair technology master, the use of metal mosaic repair, the general use of molten metal filled with hot melt into the gap, this situation is often patched very fast, no longer appear water leakage problems, but after repair because of metal and Ceramic color difference, it will be clear that the repair of the place, affecting the appearance. (3) There is also a way of their own operation, I used to buy, is called the "golden soup does not leak" quick-drying cement, this kind of cement is used for waterproof plugging, a few minutes can be dry. After flooding the basin, with gold soup does not leak smear damaged, so that the soup does not fill into the cracks, play the role of plugging. Recommendation: the general ceramic basin are double hollow structure, a place often affect the other parts of the water leakage, there is a crack after the force becomes large, until all the cracked the situation. In view of the current ceramic pots of the market price is moderate, it is recommended to buy a new basin to replace.
Q:One sink basin pushes water into the other?
the clog is in the main line
Q:Why does cold water only trickle into my washing machine basin?
Take off your panel and use your camera to photograph the internal parts. Then go to the repair store that services your brand of washing machine...tell them everything you've checked, and what was the result and then ask them if they have a clue what might be wrong? Then pull out the camera and show it to them, and have them point to the possible bad part. Then order one. You can switch parts yourself, just unplug the appliance, have rags and a small pail handy for water spillage.... good luck.
Q:Wash the basin inside the water that stuffed down to get out of how to do it
Hard to buckle out, or get down from the following out
Q:How is this reverse discrimination, can only Muslims use the wash basins??
Thanks...I am pretty brilliant....I was pointing out that it was only discrimination if only Muslims could use the basins. Christians don't respect anyone that is non-Christian....you're nothing but a bullsh*t artist.
Q:Hotel washbasin with two faucets, one of the finer ones is what?
Is the hand sanitizer.
Q:After having a meal, I rinse my mouth using the wash basin in the washroom. Is this considered to be rude?
You can brush your teeth, or rinse them, both won't harm the teeth at al and if you have the mouth full of water you can spit it in the basin as always, this isn't rude at all..
Q:How to use the wash basin to raise the turtle
5, on the temperature of the turtle With 25-28 degrees of water temperature is the most appropriate, feels not cool and not cool, as the summer drink boiled water and swimming when the same water temperature. With this temperature of the water temperature, it is very suitable for the turtle Daily activities and eating. It is forbidden to rinse small turtles with warm water, hot water or very cold water, which can cause pathogenic diseases such as pneumonia and stress reactions. Do not put turtle in the air-conditioned room , On the balcony, the temperature difference will consume it dead. Every year from October to May next year when the temperature dropped below 13 ℃, the turtle began to hibernate until the temperature rose to 18 degrees. Hibernation The turtle does not eat, only sleeps. The easiest hibernation method is to move the turtle into the room dark and quiet place, shallow water (water just over armor) hibernation, once a month. In addition to changing the water, try not to beat the turtle The Note that the temperature should not be less than 6 degrees, or endangered tortoise. But it is recommended in the winter is best to use heating rods, because the natural hibernation mortality rate is high. Heating bar is the kind of tropical fish, the temperature set Set at about 30 degrees. Heating rod can not start when the use of off, so that no effect of constant temperature. Power can be through the electricity can be. To the temperature it will automatically power off, less than the specified temperature it will open on its own Before the electric heating, must be completely immersed in water, and in deep water, so as to ensure that the heating rod temperature control in place and safe use. Cylinders are added to the lid.

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