Truck and Bus Radial Tyre 1000R20 18PR TT

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Product Description:

1,Pattern of Truck and Bus Radial Tyre Description:


The tyre's classical pattern of all steel radial tyre and suitble mainly for general road and differenct and road conditions.Unique deepened and widened pattrn progides strong driving force and good Breaking performance.


Optimized and reinforce tyre bead design.Tyre shoulder groove design ensure the good heat dissipation.


Large groove on tyre shoulder provide quick heat dissipation,strong driving force ,high mileage,good traction and handing performance.



2,Main Features of the Tyre:

All steel readial

Suitble general road condition

Good heat dissipation

High mileage


3,Truck and Bus Tyre Images:

Truck and Bus Radial Tyre 1000R20 18PR TT



Truck and Bus Radial Tyre 1000R20 18PR TT

Truck and Bus Radial Tyre 1000R20 18PR TT

Truck and Bus Radial Tyre 1000R20 18PR TT



4,Truck and Bus Tyre Specification:


Truck and Bus Radial Tyre 1000R20 18PR TT





We have organized several common questions for our clients,may help you sincerely:


1,How to guarantee the quality of the products?

We will give clients compensition if the tyre has manufacture defect.Clients just provide tyre NO.and some pictures.


2,How long can we receive the product after purchase?


It up to sizes you order.We can delivery immediately if the size is available.About 30 days after receiving down payment if it should be arrange production.


3,How to get the sole agent?


It up to the market.It should be 3-4 containers per month is small market ,like UAE.But 15-20 containers are requested if you from USA market.






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Q:What's the difference between 91V and 91W on a car tire?
Each tire side mold speed symbols engraved with this tire (also known as speed level), the corresponding speed symbol can know the maximum speed, the tire for example: 195/65 R15 91V speed symbol tire size is V, and the speed of the corresponding symbol table lookup speed that the high speed of the tire is 240 km / H. Michelin tire on the paste label inside has the highest speed of symbols and specific information.
Q:Can the car tyres change from side to side?
Front of the car's front wheel wear is more serious, after the drive of the car's rear wheel wear more serious - so, cross change will be deviation, but also more damage to the tires, four-wheel drive car wear is not exactly the same. So I suggest: the same size before two on the two, or directly before two or after two when at the same time. Smart car
Q:What does "lt" mean?
According to the air pressure in the tire, the inflated tire can be divided into three types: high pressure tire, low pressure tire and ultra low pressure tire. Low pressure tyres are widely used in all kinds of cars.
Q:How are the tires classified?
The section can be divided into narrow base tire, wide base tire, ordinary section tyre, low profile tyre and extra low section tyre.
Q:How many kilometers can the lorry tire be scrapped properly?
Severe wearEach tire tread groove has an identification of the wear limit, which is about 2mm thick. It is recommended that the tyre thickness be worn to the limit 4mm, that is, when the distance is about 6mm of the groove, it should be replaced.Severe agingObserve the tire tread and the tread on the tire wall. If there is a common crack, it shows that the tire has been aging seriously. At this point, although the mileage is not long or the use of time is not long, but still need to change in time. Otherwise, the aging tires due to the strength of the tire wall weakened, in high speed driving due to temperature rise, prone to blowout risk.
Q:How much mileage does a car tyre need to be replaced?
The replacement of automobile tires, on the one hand, depends on mileage and service life. On the one hand, it also depends on the actual use. The following indicators for tire change, specific reference.
Q:Why are the outer tires behind the car worn?
Within 20000 kilometers, the front wheels are interchanged (about to the opposite) every 5000 kilometers. The rear wheels are the same. 20000 km, front and rear wheel down, and every 5000 kilometers of front wheel swap, the same rear wheel. In this way, each tire runs 20000 kilometers in front and back, during the period of reciprocal pouring. The normal life of tires is about 6~8 kilometers, generally speaking, the driving wheel wear will be more. Under normal circumstances, every twenty thousand kilometers of tire transposition, choose the same side before and after transposition or transposition transposition is more commonly used, in order to achieve the purpose of uniform use of tires.
Q:Does the car tire come within or without
Some tire no balance marks, glue it with red, yellow, white, light blue color, mouth, and made a arrow shape, etc., in the side of the tire vulcanization, it says here is the lightest parts of tyre. When installing the inner tube, the valve face shall be directed against this mark to keep the balance of the tire running at high speed.
Q:What is the shelf life of ordinary freight cars?
Through scientific experiments, that no matter what brand of new tires placed three years later, by oxidation and other factors, physical properties will change, wear resistance, strength and other indicators will be significantly decreased. International tire companies are aging tires for three years, three years have not yet sold tires will be degraded or scrapped treatment. So the owners in a car or in replacement tires, but also must pay attention to the tire production date, so as not to buy inventory tire for a long time, profiteers Kengpian kept for a long time, because it will affect the performance, and even lead to serious accidents such as tire.
Q:Hydrogen can on truck tires inside ah, if it can charge a truck wagon not light, Dora goods
The problem of how hydrogen has been used as a source of energy has not been resolved

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