Passage Car Radial Tyre 195R14 LRP138

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Product Description:

Application:The Tire can be used to Car.

Size:195R14 LRP138

Tire Structure:The belt is STEEL,sidewall is NYLON

Tyre Parameter:Play Rate    Tube Type    Standard Rim    Load Index     Speed Symbol      Section Width

                        8           TL               51/2J                  105/103                         Q                        196

Other Available Sizes for LRP 138 Pattern:

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Q:What is the use of tyres, high pressure tyres and low pressure tyres?
Low pressure tire has good elasticity, wide cross section, large contact with road, thin wall and good heat dissipation. These characteristics improve the vehicle ride comfort, steering control stability.High pressure tyres can increase loads, usually for carts.Because of the development of skeleton material and tire design, the tire load increased gradually, and the air pressure increased accordingly, while the cushioning performance was similar to that of the original low pressure tire. Therefore, the high-pressure tire and low pressure tire can not be adjusted according to the inflation pressure.
Q:Car tires usually last a few years
So it's hard to give specific data on how many kilometers a tyre will last and how long it will take. Gentle driving style, proper tire maintenance can also extend the service life of tires.
Q:Can the car tyres change from side to side?
Front of the car's front wheel wear is more serious, after the drive of the car's rear wheel wear more serious - so, cross change will be deviation, but also more damage to the tires, four-wheel drive car wear is not exactly the same. So I suggest: the same size before two on the two, or directly before two or after two when at the same time. Smart car
Q:What are the tyres for the tyres?
Tyres are simply an abnormal acceleration wear on one or more of the inside or outside of the tyres, which is worn more quickly than part of a tire. When checking the tires, it is obvious that the pattern is worn faster than the other tyres or on the other side of the same tire, which soon results in partial wear, resulting in the tire being scrapped.
Q:How do you keep your car tyres in good order?
When the tires and wheels are mounted together, they should be inflated slightly so that the tires can withstand a certain amount of pressure.(4) the tyre should be stored in batches according to the production or storage time in the storage, first in, first out, and in order.
Q:What kind of industry does the tire belong to?
Can be, for example, my tire is the auto rip, I want to publish classified information, I will find the car, then the car supplies, finally is the direct tire.
Q:How many layers are the tires of the car?
It depends on what kind of tyre you are. I've seen tyres up to 18 stories, but that's truck. Cars are generally made of nylon. This is not the level of the group.
Q:Why aren't tires solid?
First of all, the aircraft tires are not solid. Most of the aircraft tires use tubeless, double tire tread structure, there is no inner tube. It doesn't mean solid. Two layers of special curtain are added to the tread rubber of the airplane tire, commonly known as "reinforcing cord ply."". With the ply as the boundary, the tread rubber is divided into the outer tread rubber and the inner tread rubber, and when the tyre is worn to expose the second layer of the curtain towel, the tire tread is scrapped. The rubber surface of the aircraft tire is made of wear-resistant and high temperature special material made of steel wire. It is about 20 millimeters thick and has high strength. The valve of the tyre is both sharp and short. It is made of high temperature fluoroplastic and the air intake is unobstructed. Aircraft tires have no inner tube, mainly for disassembly and maintenance, and they can be filled directly to the tire during flight. At the same time, airlines around the world are using high strength magnesium zinc alloy production hub and rim and hub of activity, and the activity of flange joint seal parts, valve and hub sealing ring, can ensure that the air in the tire up to a number of large pressure does not leak, the performance is ordinary tire can not be compared the cost is quite expensive, it.Ten tons of aircraft landing speed to hundreds of kilometers, the weight of the aircraft and the impact force on the ground, the tire rubber surface per square centimeter to withstand the pressure. Newton nearly no such a tire is not enough.
Q:What brands do you have in truck tires?
The large global enterprises have a production bus card forum products, including HANKOOK, Bridgestone, including Michelin, Goodyear, Germany, Japan, Sumitomo, Pirelli, Cooper wheel etc.. Because the domestic road is more complex, Bridgestone, Michelin, the German horse brand of these imported products in high load still does not fully meet the market Chinese, China truck overload is a common thing, so in the truck in the choice of tyres or choose a domestic brand more suitable when some, but now the domestic international brands like HANKOOK. But it depends on what kind of performance you are concerned about, because the tires are not perfect.
Q:Truck tire pressure is what is the difference between hot and cold weather
A large truck tire wire. Hot air pressure should be a pressure lower than the cold, because of expansion and contraction principle, hot tire temperature, tire pressure due to thermal expansion and increased pressure, easily lead to tire.

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