Tinplate Metal Cutting Machinery

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tinplate metal cutting machinery


1) High quality best service


2) Lower price One year warranty


3) Speedy precise cutting 




GT1B5B Plate Cutter with Round Knife is used to massively cut tinplate or other sheet iron.


2. Main technical index:


Scope of application:


Maximum thickness of sheet iron(mm) --------------------------- 0.5 


Maximum width of sheet iron(mm) ------------------------------ 1050 


Minimum width of sheet iron(mm) ---------------------------------- 55


Power of motor(kw) -------------------------------------------------- 1.1


Size(mm) ----------------------------------------- 1500 × 1600 × 1105 


Weight(kg) ---------------------------------------------------------- 1200

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Q:How to use a spot welder so that it is not welded at one point and one point, but multiple points welded together?
There is a special spot welder for wave net, which can be welded at 78 points at a time. If you have more solder joints, you can use longer points. By the way, if you want to buy equipment or change the equipment, you can call me.
Q:Can a spot welder weld five points?
If it is convex welding, if the power is enough, the welding point is not a problem. If it is a spot welding process, it is better to weld one point of a cylinder, unless it is multi-point welding.
Q:What's the difference between a die laser welder and a spot welder?
Laser spot welding is current through short circuit two electrode moment and became the temperature and pressure are very high, the steel is melted, will produce crystallization during the cooling process, the two plates together, the advantage of this method is to make a lot of layer steel plate welding, but also combined however, because of deficiencies are not in good control in the welding process of generating heat and pressure, so after welding steel plate in cooling time takes longer, it is easy to change the thermal stress, it is in order to avoid the occurrence of thermal stress change and reduce its pressure and heat it is easy to generate welding penetration status.
Q:Mobile spot welder
1 beryllium cobalt copper or chromium zirconium copper.2 general suspension type spot welder has a certain range of movement, power more than 125-250KVA, SCR 300-800A range.There are 3 integrated welding machine, welding tongs and integrated power transformer, 25, 40, 60KVA, 80-150A, scr.
Q:Without welding spot welder welding head is what reason?
Mainly includes the following aspects: 1, 2, welding material; welding structure; 3, welding material structure of the workpiece; 4, spot welding power supply technology level, such as the discharge stability, welding time adjustment; 5, the maintenance of spot welder welding head grinding, including methods and frequency. Maybe these. The 1-3 point is decided by the welding material, structure, welding effect and so on. Generally, the workpiece is fixed, and the material and structure are right. So there is nothing to change. Fourth consider using inverter DC welding machine, energy concentration, welding stability, short cycle time, the long-term benefit of welding head life. Fifth, the formulation of standard grinding, correction frequency and method of guidance, how many points welding, grinding once, with what grinding and so on.
Q:Spot welding is not stable, how to adjust?
The power is sufficientAdjust welding time, welding current and pressure accordingly
Q:What type of welder or spot welder uses an annular iron core?
Spot welder has seen the use of C core, but did not see the use of ring iron core.In theory, you should be able to use the ring core AC spot welding machine, but not too good around the secondary (secondary general use of copper). Pulse spot welding and energy storage spot welding machine is not suitable, because it is easy to cause the magnetic saturation.The electric welding machine itself is based on the lengthened magnetic circuit to limit the output current, so it is not suitable for the use of toroidal iron core.
Q:Pedal type spot welding machine, why is it not sticky?
1, some of the metal itself is difficult to eliminate, titanium and nickel welding is hard to eliminate, Aluminum Alloy with spot welding is not good when you need to add solder welding, welding. I wonder what metal you're welding!The 2 and second may be that your time is too long, the current, the welding time and the pressure are not properly adjusted.
Q:Why does spot welder explode spark?
Welding machine is to use the positive and negative poles in an instant short circuit when the high temperature arc to melt welding electrode on the solder and welding material, to achieve the purpose of combining them. The structure of the electric welding machine is very simple. To speak plainly, it is a high-power transformer. It can change the 220V alternating current into low voltage, high current power supply. It can be DC or AC. Welding transformer has its own characteristics, that is, a sharp drop in voltage characteristics. The voltage drop in the ignition electrode, adjusting working voltage in electric welder,... In addition to a 220/380 voltage conversion, there are two secondary coil tap changing voltage, but also useful to adjust the core, adjustable iron core... Electric welding machine is generally a large power transformer, the Department made the principle of the inductor inductance, will produce a huge change in voltage is switched on and off, resulting in high voltage arc when sudden short-circuit the use of positive and negative poles to melt the solder wire. To achieve the purpose of combining them. A voltage is applied between the electrode and the workpiece. By welding or contacting the ignition arc, the electrode is welded and the parent material is heated with the energy of the arc.
Q:How is the spot welding machine tripped during use?
You should use the welding machine current is too large, and you use the switch, rated current is less than the current of the welder, change a larger switch will be good.
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1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Jiangxi, China
Year Established 2000
Annual Output Value Above US$100 Million
Main Markets Southeast Asia1.33%
.Mid East0.38%
.Eastern Asia0.63%
.South Asia0.79%
.Domestic Market95.09%
Company Certifications Honesty and High Quality Enterprise;

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Nearest Port Jiujiang port,Shanghai port,Guangzhou port
Export Percentage 41% - 50%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 3-5 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 10,000-30,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 10
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered
Product Price Range Average