Tin Sheet Cutting Machine Manufacturer

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Tin Sheet Cutting Machine Manufacturer

This tin sheet cutting machine is used to cut tinplate ,silicon steel and other metal with high accuracy and high efficiency,  


1.Main technical parameter: 


Applying range


Thickness of plate: 0.14-0.5


Width of plate: 40-1050mm


Production capacity




Type of Moto



Rotate speed




Power consumption






15oo ×1100 ×1200mm




About 1000kgs


2.Main application:  

This Tin sheet cutting machine is applied to cut tinplate ,silicon steel and other metal with high accuracy and high efficiency, it's the necessary equipment in tin can making factory. This machine also include a knife sharpener to sharpen the knife and a handle to adjust cutting size at any time.

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Q:Spot welding when there is no current, what is the matter, ask the experts to help! Thank you Online, etc.!
Welding, has the switch been turned on? Is there an alarm signal?
Q:Can I use a battery as a spot welder? How to do it
This must use an inverter. Inverter 220V to use.
Q:How to prevent the welding spot welding workpiece
1, foot type spot welding machine is a simple function, low price, poor control accuracy and stability of the old welding machine. Even when the workpiece parameters and electrode conditions are the same, the welding quality will be different due to the difference of the network voltage and self temperature.2, the electrode condition is normal.3. Can the consistency of the work itself be guaranteed?.4, welding machine specification selection, for welding your product is appropriate.5 、 whether the power supply system matches.
Q:How does the ring iron core wound around a spot welder or an electric welder?
Whether it is an electric welder or a spot welder, its power is relatively large, at least 3 to 5KW power!The power is mainly related to the sectional area of the core of the transformer and the number of turns of the winding!But your core cross section is only 40*50 = 200mm2, so it is too small to be a common welder! Only do other power transformers, such as power amplifier transformer!
Q:What happens when the capacitor spot welder charges and discharges at the same time?
The transformer will overheat, then overheat, protect, or burn out.Because the capacitance energy storage spot welding, should be the first to the capacitor charged charge can discharge, process, there will be a set voltage, the setting voltage, charging will automatically disconnect, if you've been on the discharge is the discharge loop through, no alarm state, would have been charging... But our welding machines all carry this function. There's no need to worry about this kind of problem.
Q:Why is there any spatter in spot welding machine? How to solve?
In the process of welding, the interface of the welding rapidly melts in a short time, the metal heat increases instantaneously, and the molten liquid can not be cooled,Under the action of pressure, the liquid ejected from the nugget and produced a splash.Produce heat publicity Q=I2RT, we know that when the heat is too high, easy to splash. Therefore, the spatter can be controlled from the angle of current and resistance.Current density: the workpiece surface has dirt or gap between the workpiece, the current density increases, splash increasesThe electrode cap is asymmetrical or worn, the current density is increased, and the spatter is increasedElectrode pressure: electrode arm prevents electrode misalignmentReasonable welding stress controlled by electrode pressureWelding parameter: current control, reasonable welding currentPower on time, reasonable timeFluctuation of power grid prevents fluctuation of current caused by fluctuation of power supply
Q:Can a spot welding two or three points, 100kW welding machine, terminal welding 3 mm enameled wire with 1 mm, a welding piece.
It depends on several spot welders. If 2 spot welders can do that. Obviously, what you want is 1 spot welding machines to discharge at the same time, that depends on the structure and welding requirements, low requirements, you can. As a spot welding equipment manufacturers certainly do not agree to do so, the welding effect is unstable, is the first big. To be efficient, welding quality requires more investment in equipment. Why not? In the case of 1 sets of spot welding machine, it is difficult to achieve the design of solder joints consistent.
Q:Spot welder can weld several points at the same time
According to the thickness of the material and the distance between the solder joints to be determined, the most computer chassis to do one-time welding 11 points, as well as one-time welding 16 points, this is convex welding process, and more than multi spot welding different
Q:Welding machine welding nut is not firm, how to adjust the parameters? The nut has changed color, but it still falls off easily.
Two reasons. Welding parameter adjustment is unreasonable. The parameters of preheating time, pressure time, welding time, holding time and tempering time should be reasonable. Two, if the above parameters are not the main reason, it is recommended to buy a higher power resistance welding machine.
Q:Welding spot welding is not firm, the beginning of welding is possible, to the welding after 50~60 pieces will appear shaky, partition time will be good, how to adjust?
After welding the 50~60 parts of the resistance spot welder, the welding is not stable because of the following:1: welding capacity is too small. Continuous high current exceeds the rated capacity requirements of welding machine, welding machine overload leads to insufficient welding current, weld lead caused by unstable welding.2: welding machine rated output welding current is too low. According to the workpiece material, thickness, welding machine rated output current, machine capacity and other factors, choose the appropriate welding parameters, welding pressure and welding process.3: welding machine load rate is too low. It can reduce the working time of welding machine and increase the time of welding machine break. Of course, replacing high-power welders is the only solution to the problem.4: welding loop bad contact. Lead welding after a period of time, at the junction of heating workpiece. Check loop contacts and secure securely. Click or other contact points appear oxidation, timely cleaning, polished clean.
In area of technic, research and development, We have a batch of professional and technical personnel in product development and manufacture and production management, some of our products have applied patent, so we believe our high technology and high quality products can meet the updating requirements of customers. We always keep "good business by sincerity and honesty, client's profit in first position" as our management principle. And we have been appraised as a corporation that "pay importance on contract, and keep sincerity" by local government for many times.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Jiangxi,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2010
Annual Output Value Below US$1 Million
Main Markets South America 1.04
Southeast Asia 3.26
Africa 7.92
Mid East 8.81
Eastern Asia 0.54
South Asia 2.25
Domestic Market 76.18
Company Certifications Consumer Trustworthy Company;Member of Chiese packaging technology association;Trust-worthy Company

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port
Export Percentage 41% - 50%
No.of Employees in Trade Department
Language Spoken: English, Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 5,000-10,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 6
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Average