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The  home textile product in our company is mainly quiltedcotton, which is seamed by fabric and cotton with vignette.

It has advantages ofthick density, strong tightness, profound warmth, elegant appearance, etc.

It is mainly used in bedding, sofa, handbag, luggage, shoes and hats, clothingand other industries.

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High cost performance
Perfect after-sales service
Flexible and durable
Easy to transport
Fast delivery

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Q:What machine is called a sewing machine?
I used to be, he can adjust the weight of equipment, car, car from the device over dynamic detection, according to the data of adjusting rod, computer display is very good, very convenient, do not pull the trailer ruler, very convincing, not what car rework.
Q:Why does computer quilting machine always break,when quilting quilt?
Synchronous adjustment needle and hook: remove the head guard plate A, sewing head rotation wheel, needle bar down to the lowest point, unscrew the fastening screw rod B, move up and down the needle bar, make the needle pinhole center D and spin Suoneikong garden weekly E homogeneous phase, and then the needle B rod screws tightened, and should pay attention to the correct position of the long needle groove, and needle bar in the point position, the lower end of the rod machine has two lines, the relative position of the two line and the head shell as auxiliary mark adjustment. After the machine needle is installed, the synchronous adjustment of the machine needle and the rotary shuttle is carried out: whether the matching between the rotating shuttle and the needle is accurate is the cause that can directly influence the normal sewing of the machine. Therefore, the operator must adjust very accurately.
Q:Classification of quilting
Quilt in the process can be divided into hand quilting and sewing machine is two. Hand sewing process is more cumbersome, it is impossible to pin like a sewing machine so neat, but the feeling than machine quilting is much better, the price will naturally be higher than sewing machine.
Q:Quilting process definition
Loose fiber bedding, the core structure and shape is not fixed, easy to flow shrink mass, uneven thickness.
Q:What is a seam? What's the process like?
Quilting is textile fabric with a long sewing needle dissection, so that the cotton inside fixed.
Q:Why does computer quilting machine always break when quilting quilt?
Install the machine needle: choose the appropriate needle sewing head, rotating wheel, the needle rod rises to the highest point, unscrew the needle clamping screw. Insert the needle handle toward the left, insert the needle handle into the hole of the needle rod, and then to the bottom of the pin hole, then fix the screw. Note in Figure 1 and B, the needle handle not in the wrong direction, C needle groove is wrong.
Q:What's the production capacity of the quilt quilt? How about practicality?
The utility model has the advantages of good practicability, good product quantity, fast production speed, high yield, etc..
Q:The advantages and disadvantages of quilting
The only computer quilting machine is not flexible and automatic to adapt to the thickness of different processing fabrics, quilting parameters, operators need long-term careful exploration
Q:Why do quilting quilts have a lot of wrinkles?
Second, check if the spindle is rotated smoothly, pull out the bottom line, check whether the tension is loose or replace the shuttle or bobbin. Finally, to see whether the line is too much, adjust the amount of picking.
Q:What is a seam? What is the process like?
Quilting is textile fabric with a long sewing needle dissection, so that the cotton inside fixed.

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