TCP6013C Topless Tower Crane- 8T

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· Customer can tell Masan the detailed specifications and Masan can make the suitable products for customers. This is topless tower crane, it can meet the different construction hoist.

· Manufacturing Year: 2014

·   Jib Length: 60m

·   Free Height Under Hook: 45m

·   Max. Load:  8T

·    Tip load: 1.3T

·   Mast Section Dimension(m): 1.83x1.83x3

·  Hoisting Speed(m/min) & power: 25/50/100 30Kw

·  Slewing Speed (r/min) & power: 0~0.8 2x4Kw frequency

·  Trolleying Speed (m/min) & power:10/30/60  1.1/3.7/5kw

·  Cable specification: 3x25+2x16

·  Power Supply: 400V(+6% -10%)50HZ

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