sunscreen fabric design with valance sun shade

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Product Description:

 Specifications of the sun shade

max size240W*300Hcm
openness factor average 1-20%
top, bottom rail and cassette valance materialaluminum alloy
roller tube size28 or 38 mm just depends on your window size
flammabilityclass 1
MOQ500 pcs
bead chain stress  heavy8kg
sample lead time2-3 days
easy to cleansimply rinse with water and soap and scrub with a soft brush


Varous systems for your choice

1) The roller blinds can be of chain controlremote control, bluetooth control.

2) If with electric motor, mains power and battery power both are available.


 Sunscreen / Blackout


30% Polyester,70% PVC




NFPA 701-2004 TM#1, California Administrative Code, Title 19, BS 5867 Part2 TypeB




Home, office, cafe, school,etc.


Can be mounted on the wall or ceiling


1. Plastic dense chain bead:

  The friction and break between chain and clutch are little,  equal load-carrying, smooth and steady running, Long service time.


2. Plastic thin chain bead:

The usability of thin chain bead is as similar as the dense. Slight low strength, the drape property is much better.


3. stainless chain bead:

High strength, better drape property, lower influence of circumstance, more durable, a little expensive, used in high and heavy blinds

sunscreen fabric design with valance sun shade

sunscreen fabric design with valance sun shade

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