Specifications Complete Used Tubing Straightening Machine

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1. Overview

Tubing straightening machine is practicability, dependable performance, high-throughput, low labour intensity, easy safe fast operation. It is an ideal equipment in the oil fields at present.


The machine adopt electricity, hydraulic pressure, mechanism WAC section construction. It is firm clamping, great friction force, micro-adjustment rolling angle, particular stability. About bend parts near coupling and blind area which can not be straightened by other machine, the machine is a turks head.


The space between of rollings above and below  is adjusted according min-pipe diameter. The rolling reduction should be in 0.3mm. The machine adopts 24V DC Voltage  operating system, easy and safe operation. It also adopts 46# anti-wear common hydraulic oil, that will ensure progressive production work, wide oil temperature critical surface( among 5 ℃-60 ℃±5 ℃). The hydraulic power supply uses a variable low noise vane pump, The reversing valve, the overflow valve, the solenoid valve and other types of oil seals of hydraulic system adopt sino-foreign joint venture and national quality products. The fuel tankage is 750L, the scope of work oil mass is 540L-750L±10L.


The machine can straighten the drilling rod of outside diameter 73mm.Its main payload is double bearings. You may choose the work surface button with rotary and joggle together. Its advantages are easy opration and maintain, self-operated control, self test, allegro power failure and so on.


2. Technical parameters


Applicable scope: Φ60--Φ114 mm

Nonstraightness before straightening: ≤50 mm/ m
Tube bending limit: 550×10N/ m
Straightening precision: ≤1.5 mm/ m
Straightening speed: 0.2--0.7 m/s
Hydraulic working pressure: 5--8 Mpa
Total power of equipment(kw): 53KW

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