solid wood bed,double bed,single bed

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Product Description:

1. Name of commodity: Solid wood bed.

2. Material:Solid wood.

3. All our products are garanteed against fault or defects for one year.

4. If your design is more beautiful, we could make it as per your requirements.

5.All products can be provided according to the customer of the size,the combination of special customization.

Model No.          


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solid bed

Special Use

bed room furniture

General Use

home furniture




stock size(single,double)


solid wood

Detachable or not


Foldable or not




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 Our all products are made by experienced workers, which have skillful craft, conscientious attitude,and there are fine workmanship, using environmental friendly painting finish for our products, coupled with stylish design, competitive price, considerate service, prompt and reliable delivery......

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Q:Sleep in our bed or his bed?
The family bed or co-sleeping puts a damper on Mom and Dad's private time and intimacy. Forget spontaneous lovemaking. Some parents use co-sleeping to avoid addressing serious problems in their marital relationship, giving the couple a false sense of security in their marriage. If co-sleeping goes on too long, husbands and wives have difficulty adjusting to sleeping together when the child finally begins solitary sleeping. Many parents think children either don't hear them making love or are too young to know what's going on. Wrong. To children, lovemaking sounds like fighting and inflicting pain. Babies and toddlers who share a room with their parents may need Mom and Dad present to fall asleep long after co-sleeping is discontinued. Because some single mothers are literally afraid to sleep alone at nights, they sleep with their little ones in the bed. This is unhealthy for both mother and child. The constant movement or noise of the baby can interfere with the parents' ability to get a good night's sleep, and they wake up exhausted in the morning. Suffocation and strangulation are real dangers that can be caused by an adult rolling on top of the baby, too much soft bedding (quilts, pillows and blankets) and rigid object that can trap baby's head. Co-sleeping can lead to what some parents perceive as very dependant and demanding sleep behavior at night. Co-sleeping? There's a lot of information out there, both pro and con. For your baby's sake, do your research before you decide. Sleep well - and happy.
Q:Washed cotton or cotton, that material is good?
Washed cotton is made of cotton fabric. After special treatment, it makes the fabric surface tone and luster softer, feels softer, and reflects the feeling of a little old material in slight wrinkles. This kind of clothes has the advantages of easy changing, non fading and non ironing. The surface of the water washed cotton cloth is even with a layer of uniform plush, and the style is unique.
Q:Toddler Bed?
This Site Might Help You. RE: Toddler Bed? Does anyone know where to find a Toddler bed in the shape of a, basketball.....something to do with sports. I thought that little tikes made one but all I can find is car shaped beds. Also what age did you move your kid(s) from a crib to a toddler you think it was...
Q:Where do i get bed curtains for my canopy bed?
Q:Is it safe to use a tanning bed?
i might say as long as you circulate to a tan parlor that's conscious of what they are doing, tanning in a mattress is extra advantageous than tanning outdoors. It additionally relies upon on the styles of creams which you utilize outdoors vs interior and each little thing else. that's considerable to no longer push your self and decide for extra desirable than 8 minutes the 1st time in a mattress. progressively artwork your self as much as twenty minutes.
Q:Which is bigger? King size bed or queen size bed?
King size It is 18 inches bigger than a queen
Q:Anyone with a full size bed...?
Pffft, I wish my parents were cool with me staying at a guys house. bahah. Anywho, I would probably go with full size. Yes, it costs more. Yes, it takes up space. But hey! You'll wanna full size eventually, you're not gonna want a twin size forever. You can get it now and won't have to worry about it later! Just my opinion (: I'm sure whatever you choose wil be fine, hun! :D
Q:twin or full sized bed?
Stay with your full bed, and use a roll out twin under the bed. You don't want to give up your own comfort of a full size bed, and you can hide the roll out twin bed under yours when not in use.
Q:Bed frame for an adjustable bed?
Q:Hypoallergnic Dog Beds?
Most of the beds are pretty hypoallergenic. You want avoid anything with cedar or wood chips. But the ones filled with foam with washable cotton covers should be OK. Is it possible his bed was washed with a soap that is triggering the reaction? Just a thought.

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