Single - Side Climbing Formwork System

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1. Structure of Single - Side Climbing Formwork System

The M30/D20 climbing cones have been designed especially for single-sided concreting using SCB180 in dam construction, and to allow the transfer of high tensile and shear forces into the still fresh, unreinforced concrete. Without wall-through tie-rods, finished concrete is perfect.Typical applications for the SCB 180 system are dams, locks, cooling towers, pier heads, tunnels, and bank vaults.

The formwork is simply tilted backwards when striking takes place. The 1.80 m wide bracket requires only a minimum of space.

It is with the advantages of standard design, excellent applicability and interchangeable.


2. Main Features of Single - Side Climbing Formwork System

A) Stable and cost-effective for high loads.

Generous bracket spacing allow large-area formwork units with optimal utilization of the bearing capacity. This leads to extremely economical solutions.


B) Simple and flexible planning

With SCB180 single-sided climbing formwork, circular structures can also be concreted without undergoing any large planning process. Even use on inclined walls is feasible without any special measures because additional concrete loads or lifting forces can be safely transferred into the structure.


3. Single - Side Climbing Formwork System Images



4. Single - Side Climbing Formwork System Specification

Single - Side Climbing Formwork System



5. FAQ of Single - Side Climbing Formwork System

1) What can we do for you? 

We can ensure the quality of the vinyl banner and avoid extra expenses for customers.    

We can provide you the professional design team.    

We can provide fashionable and newest styles for you.    

We can design the artwork for you.    

Please feel free to customize.  


2) What promises can be done by us?

If interested in Single - Side Climbing Formwork System, please feel free to write us for any QUOTE.

If printing required, please advise asap because the whole set need much more time to complete.

Please DO check goods when courier knocks your door and contact us asap if any issue.


3) What about of our after-sale service?

Response will be carried out in 24hours  after receiving any complain or request.

If the products are not based on the requirements, there will be the relevant compensations made for you.  


4) What about the package and shipping time?

Packing:  As Customer's Requirements

Shipping: We have various shipping ways for our customers, such as express which including TNT,  DHL,  FEDEX, UPS, EMS, etc. ; by air/ sea, and we are VIP of these express.  

Shipping time:Normally small orders, it just 10-15 business days to arrive your hand; When comes to the customs declaration, it may need 7 days. Other mass qty of Single - Side Climbing Formwork System, we send them out by sea or by air to sea port or air port to save some shipping freight for our customers. By ocean, it may need 45~60days, by air, it may need 25~40days.  

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Q:How to install the cantilever bracket
Cantilevered, the common practice is to install the pieces, the length of each section in the operating platform to allow the scope, and then use the cantilever bracket itself to build the cantilever platform, step by step to pick out.
Q:How is the microphone audio cable connected to the cantilever stand
There is something called a card, with a good clip just fine
Q:A logistics program designed to use more cantilevered shelves, I would like to ask what the characteristics of the storage object.
Cold-rolled steel or H-shaped steel, cantilever and column between the use of plug-in or bolt connection, between the base and the column bolts connected to the base using cold-rolled steel or H-beam. Cargo access by forklift, driving or manual. Shelf height is usually within 2.5 meters (such as by forklift access can be up to 6 meters), cantilever length of 1.5 meters, the load per arm is usually less than 1000KG. Such shelves are used for machinery manufacturing and building materials supermarkets. Plus the shelf, especially for small space, low warehouse, easy management, wide field of vision, compared with ordinary shelf shelves, the utilization rate is higher; according to the carrying capacity can be divided into lightweight, medium, Type three.
Q:Isk bm-800 with cantilever bracket and Lenovo one machine connected
Lenovo one machine can also it, big brands, you can go to see other brands one machine, a lot more ah, Dell, HP one machine can also. Dell this year out of the AIO Ins 2020, AIO Ins2330, AIO XPS 2710 and several other models, just fine.
Q:Cantilevered shelves is what material to do ah
What is the material, side inconvenience also sent me a mailbox, my mailbox
Q:Hurry, Shenzhen shelf factory have what shelf?
Heavy, medium, attic, cantilever, fabric cage, warehouse two-tier shelves, etc., Rao Long can be customized according to your warehouse
Q:Microphone bracket: cantilever bracket and the role of desktop stent What is the difference
Cantilever type without the above problems, but need to be fixed on the ceiling, inconvenient to move.
Q:What is the working principle of the cantilever brackets
Static balance principle, said the details can refer to the engineering materials of theoretical mechanics, elastic mechanics and material mechanics of the basic part.
Q:How to put the microphone line to the cantilever bracket
Unless you remove the plug and go through. And then install the socket.
Q:To make a LCD TV cantilever, with five thick 304 stainless steel plate, 1 meter long, bear the weight of 20KG TV, I should take the number of H
You say the H value is high, it is best that you sit there to be able to flat, in your eyes vertical, because the LCD TV has a drawback, is to watch the angle is relatively small! Deviation from the General Assembly has a feeling of uneven light!

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