Silicone injection molding machine Screw Diameter

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Can produce all kinds of plastic products


                        MODELUnit          FT- 1600
Injection SystemScrew Diametermm404550
Injection Pressurekg/cm197315591263
Max.Shot Weight(PS)g220280350
Screw Strokemm180
Nozzle Retraction Strokemm300
Number of Temperacture Control-5
clamping systemClamping Forcetons160
Platen Sizemm840×500
Distance Between The Baremm620×280
Min.Mold Heightmm200/250
Opeing Strokemm380
Ejector Strokemm75
Hydraulic power systemMax.Hydraylic Pressurekg/cm2140
Pump OutputL96
Pump Motor Powerkw15
Barrel Heating Powerkw6.5
OthersMachine Weighttons5.6
Machine Dimensioms(L×W×H)m2.4×1.9×3.1




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Q:Plate and frame filter press VS centrifugal oil machine competition, who is better?
As a medium of paper or cloth lining plate oil filter filter plate and the filter frame, with the pressure of the pressing device to filter plate and the filter frame fixed to form a separate filter chamber, tightly pressed between the filter plate and the filter frame of the paper or cloth filtration effect
Q:What is the accuracy of 300*300 oil filter paper for LY-100 plate and frame pressure oil filters?
The filtering accuracy of filter paper is only concerned with the material of filter paper, the production process and the power of fiber weaving of filter paper.
Q:What's the problem with vacuum oil filter? We have a project abroad
Summary: the price of domestic oil filter depends on the specific number of specific models and processing of oil, as well as the structure and function can be roughly determined, also subject to quality, customer service, brand, even to determine the basic configuration, these three factors can also affect the price of the. According to your requirements and budget to choose cost-effective, right, a penny, a sub goods
Q:What is the return of the oil filter?
Do you filter it repeatedly or do you filter it at a time?
Q:Excuse me, what's the reason why the oil is not clear and cloudy after being filtered by the centrifugal oil filter?
[2] in the presence of oil colored substances dissolved in oil, the centrifugal oil filter that can only choose incapable of action, decolorization, if industrial oil can adsorb colored substances through clay, activated carbon and other substances, or by chemical reaction, but the technology is complex.
Q:Which is the best vacuum oil filter?
Imported oil filter prices are expensive, after-sales service is not convenient, accessories are expensive, therefore, the current domestic oil filter to buy the highest ratio of sexual intercourse, the current low-end markets are mainly domestic brands. High end oil filter, also has a few oil filter brand involved. Choose a good one. This depends on what oil you're filtering and the budget you want to buy. To protect the quality of customer service, security, oil filter machine accessories manufacturers certainly cheap machines are more expensive, after all, a penny goods, no company is willing to do business at a loss, the oil filter is not what a huge industry, now the price is substantially transparent.
Q:What kind of scheme is better for the oil filter except the impurity?
2, mechanical separation, the oil-water separator represented as oil-water separator or centrifuge oil filtering equipment, its principle is to rely on water and impurity density difference at high speed under water and impurities out of the device, the utility model has the advantages of large amounts of water filter, the drawback is less moisture the oil when the device does not have much effect, and large amount of maintenance. This kind of equipment is out of date.3, coalescence separation type, with efficient oil filter as the representative, the principle is the use of coalescence and separation filter suction water, using fine filter to remove impurities, the oil filtering equipment to remove impurities of good performance, a lot of water in the oil removal effect is good, the disadvantage is a large amount of supplies. Replace the filter down to tens of thousands, and the removal effect of moisture in oil can reach the verge of failure. The effect of oil filtration is greatly affected by the temperature of the oil.
Q:What is the optimum oil temperature of vacuum oil filter?
3. when the vacuum reaches -0.08Mpa, open the intake valve 15 to make it into the oil.
Q:Can centrifugal oil filters filter sesame oil? What's the filtration effect?
Filter effect is to see what you use the filter, and see you want to filter to what extent, generally need to consult with suppliers ah
Q:My vacuum oil filter doesn't filter. Consult an expert
Vacuum oil filter can not work properly, you should first think of is the direct dial phone manufacturers, the company let oil filter arranged professional and technical personnel on-site to solve, which is the least of the customer service service, but at least you as a consumer rights.

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