Silicon Dioxide Classification fumed

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1.fumed silica
2.China manufacturer
3.Production capacity 3000 ton per month
4.Third party inspection certificate

Silicon Dioxide Classification fumed silica


  • Microsilica can be used in a variety of cementation products, such as concrete, grouts, and mortars as well as elastomeric, polymer, refractory, ceramic and rubber applications.

  • We collect micro silica from our own 16 ferro silicon furnaces. Monthly we collect approx. 2000 MT micro silica with Sio2 85-94%

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Q:Why SiO2 have two kinds of crystal and non crystal? How do I get it?
The crystal is SiO2 which are each silicon atom and four oxygen atoms around with the formation of four covalent bonds, each oxygen atom and two silicon atoms surrounding the formation of covalent bonds, the spread of it, forming a strong network structure, it is the crystal of SiO2. Non covalent crystal silica in silicon and oxygen atoms with very irregular, with a silicon atom and two oxygen atoms form two covalently combine into one molecule, are also part of the mesh structure, hardness, density and melting point is lower than the non crystal crystal too many.
Q:Which component of concrete contains silica?
Concrete aggregate containing silica stone and sand stone; chemical analysis, most of the stones are limestone, calcium oxide composition in 50%, Magnesium Oxide 3%, 40% silica; chemical analysis of silica sand, accounted for more than 90%;
Q:What is the silica dioxide left after burning?
Amorphous silica is the natural existence of diatomite and other low water plants, diatom remains of the white solid or powder, porous, light and soft solid, strong adsorption, chemical properties are very stable. Not soluble in water or reacted with water. It is an acid oxide and does not react with ordinary acids.
Q:The water table is super silica boiler what causes and corresponding solutions
It has a serious impact on the performance and life of the boiler. To solve this problem, it is better to use a special boiler water release scale inhibitor to neutralize it.
Q:What is silica? What's the function of protein powder?
In fact, SiO2 is the chemical name of sand. Oxygen atoms and silicon atoms are very closely joined together and are hard to break down, decompose, or taste.
Q:Tea tea in the additive silica is what role do harm?
The national standard prescribed food additives with silica anti caking agent for three, precipitated silica, fumed silica, silica gel three kinds. The three kinds of food additives for synthetic silica with high purity silica white powder. Two synthetic silica has high porosity, large surface area, strong adsorption. Very stable chemical properties, non-toxic, tasteless, after eating inside the human body without rational disease. As a food additive anti caking agent with silica, can keep the medicinal powder drying and mobility, a long time to prevent the phenomenon of agglomeration.
Q:What is the role of fumed silica in coatings?
In the powder coating system, due to the small size of fumed silica and high surface energy, which can be adsorbed on the surface of coating powder, and a surface layer formed on the surface of powder to improve powder scattered, so it can be used as the dispersing agent. In the same coating system, fumed silica can be added shorten the dispersion time, improve the production efficiency. It is worth noting that the fumed silica dispersed completely better effect, the amount should not be too much, generally not more than 1%. because of excessive amount of lead system lead to strong thixotropy, loose edge shear dispersion is not enough, and a jelly, influence the dispersion efficiency, special situations such as the need to add 2% zinc rich paint can and other additives used together with rheological host collocation, rheological properties and the use of alcohol solvent to adjust the fumed silica.
Q:How to remove silica from slag
It was crushed by high temperature sodium hydroxide solution impregnation, obtain sodium aluminate solution; remove the filter residue, the filtrate cooling and adding aluminum hydroxide crystal, after long time stirring, sodium aluminate solution decomposition precipitation of aluminum hydroxide precipitation;
Q:The respective uses of silicon and silicon dioxide
1. Silicon dioxide is an important component of glass, quartz glass, water glass, optical fiber, electronic industry, optical instruments, handicrafts and refractory materials, and is an important material for scientific research.2, when the time is perfect crystalline silica crystal; silica gel after dehydration is agate; solidification colloidal silica water; silica grain is less than a few microns, on the formation of chalcedony, chert, secondary quartzite.3, food industry as anti caking agent, defoaming agent, thickening agent, filter aid agent, clarifying agent.
Q:Why is there silica in the additive of milk tea?
Silica is an anti caking agent used mainly for food, anti caking.

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