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Commercial Truck Tyre Dealer: 


1.The quality is warranty. The company has throughISO9001-2000International Quality System certificate and CCC, EMARK,INMETRO,CIQ ,SONCAP certificate. So the quality is warranty. 


 2.Tread design to reduce road noise in high way use but resists off-highway custs and tears.


3.Reinforced all steel construction with four full steel cap plies to protect against punctures and impact break.


4. We can assure you of both the price and quality are the best.   


6.We have more than 4 years  experience in this field.



Why Choose Us? 


1. EMPIRE TYRE is the one of biggest specialized manufacturer of motorcycle tires, and inner tube ,wheelbarrow tires and inner tube, electric bicycle tires and inner tube , as well as other rubber product. 


2. Prompt Delivery time: We are located in the west coast of Qingdao, there is only 120km to Qingdao Port, so we are with superior geographical and convenient transportation .one day we can produce 3000 pieces tires and 20000 pcs inner tube.  


3. Moreover, we can satisfy your large and urgent order  There are more than 200 workers and including 40 technicians, covering the land of 20000 sq meters. We can supply the product as your design. 


4. We are a company with strong strength, we not only have the Alibaba platform being a golden supplier, but also have Made-in-china . 


5. Our products are well received at home and abroad, Mainly exported to more than 100 countries and regions in Asia, south America,Europ,Middle East, South East Asia, Africa. 



Payment terms:


 1.T/T (30% deposit in advance, 70% balance according to copy of B/L) 


2.L/C ( irrevocable confirmed sight L/C ) 


Delievery time :


In 15 working days, after get deposit.

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Q:How to check the production date Bridgestone tire
All tyres produced before 2000 and their tire identification number (TIN) are three digit numbers rather than four digit numbers
Q:Do you need to change the gas nozzle at the same time? How about the replacement of the old tyres?
Types of valve nozzles:1, according to the use of points: bicycle valve, motorcycle, electric car, valve, car valve, truck, bus valve, agricultural engineering vehicles, valve, special valve.2, according to whether there are tubeless: inner tube, valve tube, valve and tubeless valve tubeless valve.3, according to assembly points: screw mounted valve screw-on, universal, valve
Q:A rubber wheel guided trolley for guided buses
Today, there are two manufacturers of rubber tyred guided cars, namely, Raul, heavy industries in France, Translohr, and Canadian Bombardier's light rail transit system. Both of the conductive modes are overhead cables, collector poles or pantograph. The guide rail is arranged in the groove of the road surface, and does not affect the operation of other automobiles, and the guide wheel of the trolley car moves the guide rail in a different form. Translohr holds the guide rail with a guide wheel with two blocks of 45 degrees tilt. The bombardier uses a pulley wheel as the guide wheel and is attached to the rail vertically. Although there is no evidence to prove which rail technology is dominant, but both have occurred in the operation of several derailment accident.
Q:What's the mix in the bus tires?
Ordinary compressed air. But there are many high altitude buses that are full of nitrogen. The reasons are as follows.Car tires with nitrogen can prevent puncture1., to improve the stability and comfort of tire travel. Nitrogen is almost inert diatomic gas, chemical inertness, gas molecules than oxygen molecules, not easy to thermal expansion and contraction, deformation of small amplitude, the penetration of tire wall speed more slowly than air is about 30~40%, can maintain stable tire pressure, improve the stability of running, ensure the driving comfort; nitrogen the audio is equivalent to the ordinary air conductivity is low, the 1/5, the use of nitrogen can effectively reduce tire noise, improve the degree of quiet running.
Q:What is the safe mileage of the big truck and the domestic tire of the bus?
The safety mileage you ask represents the time traveled continuously?Tires, like people, work long hours to rest, continuous driving for 3-4 hours or 300 kilometers or so, it is necessary to stop checking tires,
Q:What's the mix in the bus tires
2. prevent tire burst and air shortage. Tire blowout is the number one killer in highway traffic accidents. According to statistics, 46% of the traffic accidents in the expressway are caused by tire failures. Among them, a flat tire accounts for 70% of the total tire accidents. When the car is running, the tire temperature will rise due to friction with the ground, especially in high speed and emergency braking, the gas temperature will rise rapidly, tire pressure surge, so there will be a possibility of a flat tire. But the high temperature causes the tire rubber aging, the fatigue strength drops, the tread wear is fierce, is also the important factor which possibly the tire burst. Compared with the general high pressure air, high purity nitrogen for anaerobic and almost free of moisture without oil, its low thermal expansion coefficient, low thermal conductivity, slow heating, reducing the tire heat accumulation rate, but also can not help but not other characteristics, so it can greatly reduce the chance of puncture.3. extend tyre service life. The use of nitrogen, tire pressure stable volume change is small, greatly reducing the possibility of irregular tire friction, such as crown grinding, shoulder grinding, eccentric wear, improve the service life of the tire; rubber aging is due to the oxidation of oxygen molecules in the air, after the aging of its strength and elasticity, and there will be cracks one cause of the phenomenon, then shorten the life of tire. Nitrogen separation device can greatly eliminate the oxygen in the air, sulfur, oil, water and other impurities, effectively reducing the tyre liner oxidation degree and rubber corrosion phenomenon, no corrosion of the metal rim, prolong the service life of the tire, but also greatly reduce rim rust situation.
Q:Kindergarten large class art bus lesson plan
The 4. bus came and drove to the road at the entrance of the kindergarten. What kind of graphics does the big bus consist of? What do you need to add to the big bus?Summary: graphics can make up the outline of the big bus, and then add doors and windows. The big bus is coming. With a bus driver, it is more convenient to go out.Two, appreciate creationValue analysis: try using a circle, square, triangle combination of graphics to show the object features, and simple painting, showing the front of the kindergarten road around the scene.Transition language: there is only one big bus in front of the kindergarten. It's really cold. What else can I do? (PPT)Summary: you can still have so many things. Now, please be a little designer and let the front of the kindergarten become lively!Design requirement:Please ask each child to choose a design planFigure out the objects on the side of the road by combining and adding pictures• return the design drawings to their original place after the designKey guidance:Square body, round for wheelsTwo small rectangles combined into a wall
Q:What are the differences between vertical and horizontal patterns in automobile tires, especially heavy truck tires?
Longitudinal pattern:Advantages: this kind of pattern has good stability, small resistance to rotation and difficult lateral sliding. The rolling resistance is small, so it has little friction with the ground, and has better driving guidance, so it is suitable for high speed driving. Moreover, the longitudinal tire has excellent drainage performance, and it is not easy to skid in the wet slippery road and has less noise in the running.Disadvantages: the longitudinal pattern of tire brake performance is relatively weak, easy to clamp stone, and driving force is not as good as the strip pattern of the tire, in the load prone to cracking.Use: usually on relatively clean, good, hard road, such as highways or urban roads. Not suitable for roads such as sand or roads. Used for guiding wheels.
Q:Why do you sometimes see car wheels reverse?
We see the wheel is "upside down". Therefore, we often feel more fans, car wheels and other sports more and faster life, to forward more quickly, then slowly to "turn", and then slowly forward. This is the same reason.
Q:Attention to the inflating pump of automobile tyres
3, this machine only uses DC DC12V 14A power supply. If you want to use AC, you must add transformer.4, please do not exceed the unusual use, namely continuously to many tires inflate. Don't charge more than 2 tires each time. Otherwise it will cause the machine to overheat and burn out the internal parts.

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